Dear Parents of PTC,

I'm a college student back here in ptc for a couple days while I try to catch a flight(stand-by Airtran U). My parents home is closer to the airport then mine. Unfortunately, I'm not the offspring of a Delta pilot so I can't just up and go whenever I want . . . There's a million reasons why I dislike this place.

I dislike Peachtree City. I always have. Its the Beverly-hills-of-Atlanta. As soon as I graduated high school I moved the hell out. I moved downtown Atlanta. I couldn't be more happy with my urban lifestyle. What a breath of fresh air! I never fit in in ptc. Everyone was always too busy keeping up with the Jones' and being catered to their every need. I think some parents even wiped their kids #&^$& for them ;-P I think I was the only one of my friends who didn't get a brand new car,a trust fund, or a blank check for graduation. What really pisses me off is how ungrateful the kids of ptc are. They don't' realize that theres more going on in the world then not having the latest outfit from American Eagle. Dafur, the aids epidemic, kids starving right here in the usa, etc! Although I appreciate the memories I have here, just as many are bad as good. I mean no matter where you go its boring,you run into cops,bad people, etc but ptc really knows how to suck the life right out of you. Instead of crackheads we have alcoholic parents, trust fund babies, and materialistic bitches. Everyone knows if your over 15 and your driving a golf cart its because the cops took your lic. away. The parents in this town are retarded. WAKEEEEEEEEE UPPPPPPPPPP! They think their child is sooooo "straight a+,plays a sport, goes to church". Perfect kids my ass. I knew straight a students who did coke. Freshmen girls with college boyfriends. Parents who got weed from their kids. Cops who used their power to their advantage. I wonder if they ever knew what their kids were really doing the parking lot of Starbucks, who they were with, or what hotels around fayette county they got rooms to party in. Parents here are oblivious to what goes on. . . . or maybe they choose to ignore it. They think that PTC is a "nice" "crime free" area to grow up in. Really . . . ? ? ? I was exposed to every drug imaginable at McIntosh(ohh and you Starr's Mill Parents . . . Your kids are doing them too ;-D). In fact if you drug tested the football team we wouldn't' have one. . . . The lacrosse team, baseball, soccer, track, EVEN the girls soccer team. That just proves theirs no stereotype for a pothead or coke head. It can be anyone. I know peoples dad's who beat their kids(you see a lot of that here). I know pilots who drink A LOT and then fly the next morning(I never fly delta for that reason!). I know dads who have two families in different states. I never seemed to figure out how their wives didn't kick them to the curb. Although if my husband bought me a brand new Lexus, had my nails and hair done 24/7, bought me a nice house to live in , and I was having "relations" with my tennis instructor, I would probley choose to ignore my husbands antics anyways. Although I could never imagine living on slim-fast and diet coke! GROSS! Ah! Its a parent's job and duty to care for and take care of their kids, unfortunately most parents in ptc are too busy with their own lives to care about how their kids are. I'm not talking about making sure they have everything they need. I mean teaching them values, respect, loyalty, honestly, appreciation! Luckily for me my mom taught me how to be a strong female. One with confidence and brains rather then just hand me cash whenever I needed something and tell me to bug off. Thank you mom and dad for installing values in me! I have a friendship with my parents. I feel that is what help me survive ptc, to stay away from drugs, and focus on more important goals in life then being popular. When I was 16 I got a job. When I was 18 I moved out. I didn't have a reason other then my sanity. Most of it was with my money and my parents have been great to help me out when I needed it. I'm a poor college kid. I don't have a trust fund and no open check book with my parents. The most common response i get from people who learn that I grew up in Georgia is
"did you grow up on a farm", "do you live in a trailer park?". I politely tell them "no, I'm actually from a suburb outside of Atlanta," and of course they say "oooo wowww do you know outkast, t.i, or the Ying Yang Twins...?" Ummmm No! I'm from ptc. "Ohhh the town with the golf carts" . . . Grrrr yeah! Great! Golfcarts! woooooppieeee ???

I'm glad I've moved on to better things with my life. I'm grateful for my amazing family and only wish my friends had had the same opportunities growing up. Please do me a favor. Go hug your kids. Tell them that you love them. That you are there for them. That god loves them and ask them how their day was. Its that simple. Establish a relationship with your child and they might just turn out o.k. If not your going to be paying their rehab bills, court fees/fines, or medication bills for a long long time. A little love goes a long way. Take your son golfing with you. Take your daughter with you to get your nails done. And for heavens sake HOW HARD IS IT TO PUT A LOCK ON YOUR LIQUOR CABINET!
A Concerned Citizen

[taken from a blog posting in 2005] Peachtree city is a prime example of what happens when you drop a load of yankees in the georgia backwoods with lots of money and construction equipment. i'd always imagined the founding peachtree citizens as a few young parents of kids aged 3-7 who planned on putting their children in a cryogenic sleep state during their teen years, then waking them up as soon as they're supposed to be ready to move out. perhaps things didn't go as planned. there was no cryofreezing technology developed by the time their kids outgrew feeding tha ducks and playing little league soccer. i would imagine every parent looses touch with their kids at some point or another. i think one of tha strangest things about peachtree city is how as soon as i graduated high school, it seemed as though the entire town was trying to get me out of there. maybe it was just me.
While peachtree city is pretty far removed from the Georgia state of mind, the teenager to young adult experience seems like tha same, familiar, twisted, contorted, roller-coaster train wreck of a transition. seriously, it's a mess. Perhaps the first groups of children really were cryogenically frozen until they passed through their teenage years. But then the problem arose when parents from around the nation heard of this miraculous option only available in Peachtree City, GA. People payed exorbitant prices for small plots of land and cheaply made houses. They grabbed up jobs at Delta so they could pay for their mortgages, BMW, and country club memberships. They began their families, but when the children reached their adolescent years, panic began to spread. There weren't enough freezers for the thousands of teenagers they needed to house. Angry mobs stormed the Cryogenic Freezer Storage in a fit of rage, demanding that the facility take their teenagers. As their demands continued to be denied, the mob grew into a frenzy and began destroying the place. All the freezers were damaged beyond repair, and the original group of teenagers were reanimated. They joined the havoc because they are teenagers, and that's what teenagers do; Teenagers wreck havoc and make adults miserable. The "rebellious" teenagers broke into the office and set fire to all the records, instructions, and plans for the facility. Peachtree City was forced to come up with an alternative way to contain the teenage hooligans. They shut down the movie theater and the skating rink. They told kids that hanging out on public property was loitering and threatened arrest. Undercover cops distributed drugs and later arrested the kids for using them. They refused to allow MARTA to extend into their city for fear that their teens would find that there is actually something to do. Boredom was and still is today, their key way of controlling teenagers. Although the cryogenic freezing of teenagers no longer exists, the inhabitants of Peachtree City have effectively covered this fact up. Hundreds of hopeful parents still flock to Peachtree City in the hopes of disposing of their children for many years. It is not until the parents have entered into a 7 year membership at a country club, bought a house, signed a mortgage, and entered into a 5 year contract to work for Delta, that anyone informs them that cryogenic freezing no longer exists.

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Submitted by dacoffeemaker on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 10:43am.

Hey PTCISAJOKE and SkySpy, I grew up in a true "Beverly Hills" of the east coast...Coral Gables, Florida. A place with home values so high that you were considered a "have-not" if your home value wasn't seven figures. The Gables has homes in excess of $30 million dollars today! In The Gables it's all about what you wear, what you drive and what cash you can toss around. You have no clue what it is to be a teen in such a pretentious society as I grew up in. I had friends that were given $100k cars for their 16th birthday (equivalent to being given a $500k car today) and they didn't even have a drivers license yet!! I knew kids that had drivers waiting for them when the school bell rang, kids who were raised by their parents' "staff" and kids whose parents were not only drug dealers but Drug Lords. My best friends were raised by their nannies as their parents were travelling the world and would occassionally "drop in" on holidays or birthdays. My high school, attended by 2300 students - design capacity 1200 - was known throughout the county as "The Pharmacy". I knew kids who "borrowed" kilos, yes, kilos not grams or ounces of coke from their parents so they could host the wildest parties you could ever dream of. You have no idea how tame life in PTC is in comparison. I saw kids steal their parent's $5 million dollar boat and intentionally run it aground, doing over $1 million in damage to it just to get their parents' attention. I know because I was there. I went through must most vulnerable teen years without a father because he died at a very young age, but I was fortunate to have a mother who cared about me and was willing and able to instill (not install) strong family values. I was taught what is right, what is wrong. My mother had to work for a living giving my brother and I much alone time. We both survived and are successful, productive men, fathers, today because of - not in spite of - our experiences. I CHOSE to move my family to Peachtree City. I could have moved any where in the US, but I chose Peachtree City as having the best base upon which to build and raise my family. Family values originate from within the home, not from without. It is up to the parents to teach and nurture, not the community. Your bitterness with PTC is misplaced. Don't blame the community for what may be lacking in some kids' lives due to their parents' shortcomings. Overall, I would much rather raise my kids here in Peachtree City that any other community in Georgia and probably any where else in the US. I have travelled extensively and came to this conclusion after much research. To a teen, it stinks no matter where they grow up! It stinks to be wealthy, it stinks to be poor, it stinks to have, it stinks to want. It is only with maturity that we realize that what we are and have is up to us. We are, afterall, just the sum total of every decision we have ever made in life.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 9:14am.

Stay there. You have issues to get worked out, and I hope things keep getting better for you.

Submitted by ptcjenn on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 8:32am.

I see comments like these a lot here, about how PTC has nothing for teenagers. What's different in other areas? Do other towns have lots more to do for someone with a limited income? I know there are more things to do in downtown Atlanta (or any other large city) but unlike more rural areas, you can easily drive there from here, or get a ride from someone! If you're too young to drive there yourself or to have a friend who can, then really you're too young to go anyway, IMHO.

I think that what a lot of people are complaining about is not that there isn't enough to do here, but that being a teen stinks no matter where you live. Unlike other areas, you can go see your friends or get to a job on golf cart. Other than that difference, I don't see much that's unusual about this area - you can handle your teen years by finding something to do (athletic, a job, volunteering or whatever) or you can spend your time navel-gazing and doing drugs. About the same choices that you'd find elsewhere.

I think that your life got better, ptcisajoke, not because you left PTC but because you're growing up some. Show me a group of freshmen from different areas who have just started college, and some will say "wow, college is so great and different from the horrible capitalistic rich suburb I come from", some will say "wow, college is so great and different from the ignorant redneck country town I come from" and some will say "wow, college is so great and different from the ghetto full of gang violence I come from". Unless you grew up in a college town (in which case you're, like, SO OUTTA this lousy college town when you graduate!) you're going to like it better than wherever you came from, because you're taking the first steps towards living on your own and not depending on anyone.

So my question again - what is there to do in other cities that you can't do here, or within a half hour drive of here? It can't be something made up - if you say 'some kind of teen rec center without drugs where the kids can dance!' please say where one exists somewhere else. I'll start the list:

1. Neighborhood snowball fights in winter - we had those when I lived up north as a little kid, but they're not possible here every year.


Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 5:10am.

Most people move here thinking this is a great place to raise kids. What they don't realize as parents is that they just tripled, no quadrupled their workload as parents. They will have a long hard battle against all of the parents here who use drugs and alcohol as a babysitter. Peachtree City is the perfect training ground for felons. The only thing your kid will learn here is how to use drugs, sell drugs, and cause a lot of vandalism. I'm glad to see you got through unscathed.

Most of the people here are not "rich" at all. In fact foreclosures here are on the rise. Many people here like to think of themselves as rich. Having thousands of dollars in credit card debt and an interest only mortgage to keep up with the "Jones" isn't rich, it's stupid.

Don't be fooled by stupid people with loads of debt.

savethevinyl's picture
Submitted by savethevinyl on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 3:15pm.

Ok, here we go again bashing "Brady Bunch Land". Last time I checked our crime rate was still low, our school system was the best in the state, our church attendance is standing room only at all denominations, our recreation opportunities are first class and our path system is one of a kind. I chose to move here and I have never regreted that decision. My kids are well rounded, involved in plenty of activities, and hang out with the right crowd. The "wrong crowd" is in the minority. It all comes down to parental involvement. I say, if you don't like PTC, get you passport and "hasta la vista baby".

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 4:11pm.

Actually I'll just hang out on the paths after dark....I'll get my own.

My, My, My you are defensive.....hmmmm, if I had to guess...I would say you are the mother of the kid we call satan's child in our neighborhood.?? Yes? or is it the kid we call Dahmer Jr.?? Anyway...

Schools? We came in third in the state behind Cherokee County, and third in the state is still very, very good. Nobody is slamming that.

Low crime rate? Compared to what? The Watts district or Harlam, or Cabbage Town?

Cart paths unique? Hmmmm, have you been to Hilton Head, or Scottsdale, or Minneapolis(actually no golf carts there, just bikes and rollerbladers winding through the city around the many lakes), have you been to the arboretum in Madison, have you been to Eden Prairie?, Bloomington?, have you been to Mackinaw City Mich, have you been to Catilina Island, Boundry Waters Canoe area(just the islands, there are cars on the mainland), Rock Island?, Galapagos?, have you been to South End on Sea England, have you been to the many islands around the world that allow no cars for ecological reasons, have you been to Fayetteville? At one time the path system idea was unique....but....

I don't think anyone is trashing this city, but if you look at the foreclosures alone....we are just calling a spade a spade.

I don't agree with everything this blogger said...teens are unhappy no matter where they are, if someone is making them follow the rules. So sad.

Thanks for the passport suggestion. I use mine regularly, that's why I know we aren't unique. I would suggest you use your's more often to get a taste of reality. I just got back from a vacation in Italy where I stayed in a major city. I did not once see kids stand in the streets and openly use drugs or commmit vandalism. I didn't hear any gunfire. I didn't see kids pour gas on a mailbox and light it up. I didn't see kids beating up other kids. I didin't see kids breaking and entering @ about 4:30 in the afternoon to steal BMW emblems off of a car.
Amazing how kids in other cities are able to behave in public. Read "dacoffeemakers" anwser, for a little dose of reality....this isn't utopia. If you are in way over your head in your mortagage, I can see why you would want to believe that this is utopia.

You sound like someone who has been brainwashed into thinking that they are the best. Keep smoking this blog will go away......

Submitted by bob30269 on Tue, 06/26/2007 - 9:21pm.

Who kicked your cat??? I have lived in Peachtree City 24 years and not associated with an airline. I do not have the travel experience you have, but I've raised two children both college graduates, Auburn and Georgia Tech. I have been envolved in youth athletics over the years and have had the opportunity to know many wonderful young people. Where were you hanging out to witness such behavior? I guess people find what they look for.

savethevinyl's picture
Submitted by savethevinyl on Tue, 06/26/2007 - 7:12am.

Hilton Head & Scottsdale. Been there done that. Nice places. Mackinaw Island is great for 2 months out of the year. Minneapolis! I hate ice fishing. Wow a whole 2 weeks in Italy. My credentials for my humble opinion is based on living overseas for 18 years, living on four continents and having been to over 50 countries. You could say I have seen a wee bit of the world. Anyhow Satan #1 and #2 are doing just fine plotting out their next endevaour. They much prefer Suburbans over BMWs. Sounds like your subdivision needs a good neighborhood watch. Sorry to hear that crime is out of control where you live. Anyhow its time to take my daily glass of leaded uptopia. Cheers.

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 06/26/2007 - 8:27am.

Wow 50 countries? You definitly have me beat. I have only lived in 2 other countries for a couple of years. There are always places to live that are better, and there are always many that are worse too.

Have a nice purple haze day.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 5:50am.

Stupid people with loads of debt is what makes up about 80% of the Bush economy. The other 20% is the war in Itaq.
If we don't elect another Texas Republican next time to the Presidency, our economy will fail. No one else will take us further into debt to support our false economy! Two or three more wars could help some.

Submitted by swmbo on Mon, 06/25/2007 - 8:23am.

It's not just Texas Republicans we need to avoid like a pre-bankruptcy credit applicant. Eye-wink

If you and I are always in agreement, one of us is likely armed and dangerous.

Basmati's picture
Submitted by Basmati on Sun, 06/24/2007 - 11:15pm.

I'm glad life is working out for you, Ms. Ptcisajoke.

PTC parent

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