Wed, 12/07/2005 - 9:11am
By: The Citizen

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secret squirrel's picture
Submitted by secret squirrel on Tue, 12/13/2005 - 9:10am.


You have a campaign sign in the public right-of-way on I-85 North at the 74 entrance ramp as well as one placed oh so cleverly on that small island in Kedron, near the bridge at Smokerise.

While I'm sure we can all appreciate the zeal some of your sign-erectors had in your campaign, the election is, as you might recall, over.

Time to clean up.

secret squirrel's picture
Submitted by secret squirrel on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 1:47pm.

It's a shame to see so many people getting nasty and slinging mud and personal attacks back and forth on an issue as silly as what a decorated tree is called. It's as though they all forgot what time of year it is and- more importantly- what we should be actually focusing on in terms of what the holiday means to each person, secular and otherwise, and all those who have lost so much in the last year.

A rather poignant comment was made to me today about Peachtree City by someone whose family lost everything in that major apartment fire in downtown Atlanta: It must be nice to have so much at this time of year that the major worry is what to call the Christmas Tree.

Theprez's picture
Submitted by Theprez on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 10:00am.

It is a sad day for this city. We now have a military ruler for mayor. Whose pocket is he in. Come back in four years and read this and say the prez told me so. The man is a ruler, not a mayor. He does not have everyones interest at heart, just a select few. Has he served active duty in wartime, or did you ask? Like I say this is a sad day and a miserable four years to come.

the prez

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 11:41am.

Are you joking? Has he "served on active duty in wartime?" Come on, it's PTC for crying out loud. Even Bush didn't serve on active duty during wartime. Did you? Did you even serve? Brown didn't, he only served himself. His "leadership" experience consisted of parttime Dental office manager. Hardly resounding qualifications. If you served in the military then you know that military leadership is one of the greatest training grounds for our leaders. Maybe a little "military time" would have helped Leo Mullins at Delta. Military leaders, if nothing else, take responsibility for what happens on "their watch." Like Leo, Ron Allen, et.al, Brown still blames all his failings on others. Typical. I'll make a better prediction. In just a few short months we will be cheering this day. Brown will be a distant memory. It'll only be a matter of time to clean up his mess. In four years we'll be laughing at Brown as the historic "pimple" on PTC's "backside."

Submitted by Sailon on Tue, 12/13/2005 - 12:28pm.

Obviously you never served your country in the military to help do what guys like you are always wanting someone else to do for you. Retired military, active or reserve or guard, aren't much different than anyone else. One major difference is that they don't create any static or criticize their betters. They aren't allowed to do so. May prove to be just a quiet stalemate of a term, except for getting rid of hard decisions to stop static, like the Tennis Center.

H. Hamster's picture
Submitted by H. Hamster on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 11:45am.

Take it easy dude, "the prez" is Brown with yet another new name. Good to know he's blogging again and hasn't gone postal.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 11:48am.

Sorry, you're right. I spent 12 years on active duty and retired from the Reserves. My son currently flys fighters for the Navy and I get really worked up when people attack anyone who served in the military. They are all fine people and deserve our respect. Thanks for calming me down.

ArmyMAJretired's picture
Submitted by ArmyMAJretired on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 10:25am.

I have been very concerned about lack of specifics and Harold. However, that being said the voters have overwhelmingly spoken and I for one am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

I hope he lives up to his word and stands up for the people of Peachtree City.

There is too much bitterness and hatred in politics from our fair city to the national scene. As a wise (although thoroughly beaten) Rodney King once said, "Can't we all just get along?"

Good luck Harlod and good luck Peachtree City!

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 11:23am.

That's pretty amusing.


Submitted by familyman on Wed, 12/07/2005 - 10:14am.

Do you know Harold Logsdon or have you ever even had a conversation with him? I am sure the answer is no. Because if you had, you would realize that he is nothing like the dictator that you describe and is in fact etremely approachable and friendly. The miserable days of non-cooperation and false accusations are, or will be soon, behind us. The days of positive, cooperative leadership are ahead of us.

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