FreeSpeech for 6-20-07

Tue, 06/19/2007 - 3:36pm
By: The Citizen

The town of Tyrone is currently accepting resumes from citizens interested in serving on their Planning Commission. The ad is on their website but I’ll bet you can’t find it by clicking the listed topics. It is just for show. Not mentioned is the criteria for acceptance. Applicants must be gullible enough to think their efforts would be given appropriate consideration by the council, be able to take direction from the administrative advisory staff, comfortable with not having all the facts, sit by while outside professional planners make all the real decisions, be willing to violate Georgia and Tyrone laws, generally rubber-stamp the administration’s plans even if it harms property owners, and get the blame if wrong decisions are made. Not advertised is the necessity for new town management, and sincere representatives of the citizens to qualify Aug. 27-31 for mayor and two very important council posts for this year’s November election. Followers of the status quo will be given preference. Knowledgeable, independent thinkers need not apply.


Does anyone really believe the PTC council vote on TDK? They’re just trying to get the public to back down. I believe the council said the road is on “hold,” which means it can come back at any time. I love the part about the city council “unofficially” signaling the Fayette County Commission (oh, how weak). Why wouldn’t the city officially tell the county commission? This is another smoke screen. Coweta County will make all kinds of promises and then everyone will jump back into action building the extension. Oh, no, there’s a 2009 deadline for the right of way. Get real, remember the phony FAA deadline for purchasing the right of way? Oh, yeah, it was in writing, too, and they sealed the deal around 60 to 90 days after the fact. Pathway needs that road so don’t think for a second they are going to kill it. The Direct PAC guys are claiming that Mayor Logsdon is not in the developers’ back pockets and the TDK vote proves it. Give us all another break. He tried to hold the vote up. The mayor’s fondness of lying means we shouldn’t believe a word the guy says (Do the Direct PAC guys remember, “I will reduce the budget and roll back taxes”? I sure do.) This is just an election ploy by the Direct PAC on behalf of Stuart Kourajian and Judy Rutherford to get the voters to believe they mean no harm. If they want us to believe them, they ought to kill the project and get our money back. No votes for Stuart and Judy in 2007 until they officially kill the TDK project.


Don’t be fooled as Harold Logsdon is not even close to killing the TDK Extension. He took the Pathway and Direct PAC contributions and now it’s payback time. He already got the Pathway people a sweetheart deal on their TDK land. For those of you who keep say Pathway has no real interest in Coweta Coweta, think again. A 3/13/2003 AJC article entitled, “Pathway leads in home site closings,” makes it very clear. “Pathway Communities, a development company based in Peachtree City, ranked No. 1 in metro Atlanta last year with the most home site closings by a developer. The same company accounted for 40 percent of the new home sales in Coweta County priced over $130,000 last year.” Oh, yeah, East Coweta is developer heaven and Harold Logsdon, Bob Lenox and Fred Brown can whine all they want, but we have nothing to gain from building TDK. Their financial paradise is our traffic hell.


The grapevine says ex-mayor Joel Cowan is downright enraged he can’t get a big box store on his Highway 54 property. He advised the developer to threaten to build a Hooters on the land to scare the city into allowing a Kohl’s instead. Watch for Mayor Logsdon to raise objections about Hooters because it will threaten his beloved Y-Knot saloon (but he really wants the big box). The mayor always favors huge chains over locally owned businesses, so you can count on him to push for more big crime magnet stores.


I would like to publicly thank Shane Bishop from the Peachtree City Public Works Department for finding my purse on the golf cart path. He had it returned before I knew it was lost. Thank you!


With the rising price of gas in this county and over the whole country, it really makes you sit back and think and get mad. What kind of reasoning is behind letting all the deputy sheriffs drive their patrol vehicles home? This makes no sense. Did you know some of Fayette County’s so-called finest live in Coweta, Clayton and other surrounding counties? It’s just a complete misuse of county taxpayer money. Let them do what everyone else does: Drive your own vehicle to work, then get in your little patrol car and stop wasting my hard-earned tax money. Yeah, people see you doing this on your way home: You stop and pick up items from the grocery store, or stop at the local barber for a haircut on the way home. It’s a slap in the taxpayers’ faces. Most of all its a misuse of taxpayers’ funds. But, hey it’s not just the sheriff’s department. The Fayette County Fire Department and city of Fayetteville Fire Department are just as bad if not worse. Have you seen the types of vehicles these department are buying: New pickup trucks, new Crown Vics, Explorers, Yukons? Fayette County fire chiefs get a new vehicle every year that rolls around; they might wait two years, but that’s very rare. At least seven vehicles are taken home each night. The city of Fayetteville Fire Department has at least four or five vehicles taken home every night. Can you just image the cost per month it takes to keep these vehicles full of fuel? This money could go to good use to help with other and more important countywide or citywide projects.


What is going on? How can a high school student be arrested for “underage possession of alcohol” and still be allowed to play in a high school sport? Not only did they get selected to the team and play but was a co-captain of that same team. This person then went on to be the “inspirational” speaker at the graduation ceremony. A student can make a bad grade for one semester and not be able to play, but you can go out and get arrested and still play high school sports. Now there is an assistant principal arrested for DUI on a golf cart on a Sunday morning and “We are waiting to see” is the response from the school board. Are we becoming another Clayton County?


This is to the man at Huddleston Pond who lets his bird dog (brown/white) hunt defenseless ducks mornings and evenings, even after your dog hunted down the white duck (which is unable to fly) and almost killed it. Go to the dog park, throw a Frisbee or toss a ball if you need to exercise your dog. Letting your dog hunt down defenseless ducks in a city park with hardly any water left in the lake is a cruel thing to do. Two batches of baby ducks disappeared. Their mother, being hunted down by your dog, took off. Without her, the baby ducks had no chance of survival. If you want to give your dog a natural environment, take it on a trip to the country. It won’t be as easy as just crossing the street and walk to the park.


How does someone with a history of a felony get a job? Did you know that if you have a felony charge in your past, there is just about no one who will hire you. I am writing because I know a someone like that. A young black man who does have a criminal record. Fighting is what got him into trouble. No thefts, no dishonesty. He comes from a rural area outside of Peachtree City. Most of the jobs he has had have been under the table. Too many companies have policies of no felonies. Can’t they take it on a case by case basis? This young man just lost his job, and his wife is expecting their first baby in one month. Temp agencies won’t touch him. I have been helping this couple out as much as I can, but a job is what he needs. A hand up, for someone who has changed his path, and for a year and a half has walked the straight and narrow. If you are a business owner, and want to give this young man a chance, please help. He is very hard-working. His last job was for a landscape company, and he was there for a year and a half. He is still on probation, and has to pay probation fees every week. If he can’t pay his fees, he goes to jail. And, his wife has their first baby alone. I have set up an email for anyone who can at least talk to him about a job. He has no access to a computer or email. I am sure I will get lots of quack emails, but I am willing to wade thru them, to help this young man, and his pregnant wife. Please email any offers of an interview to


Formulas for determining whether or not potential home buyers can afford their selected homes are so simple a fifth grader could understand it. Unfortunately, many home buyers are not as smart as the average fifth grader. Based on the foreclosures I have witnessed, the budgetary and lifestyle priorities actually go something like this: 1. All seven family members must have a cell phone. 2. Cable TV is installed before the bedroom furniture. 3. At least two adults must drive gas-guzzling SUVs. 4. At least one SUV must be outfitted with a set of $2,000 chrome wheels and a sound system that would vibrate the moon into Mars. 5. A full-fat-five hot tub. 6. The most expensive home furnishings on the market. 7. At least one party every month with lots of booze. 8. All three A/C units must run 24-7 from April through November. 9. The SUV with the chrome wheels and shock-and-awe sound system must be washed daily. 10. All adults must stay home at least four days a week. Now comes the most important part. All of the above must remain in place even after Fayette Water System and EMC begins cutting service on a monthly basis.


The theory of evolution, just like the theory of gravity, is part of the state-mandated science curriculum and the children are tested on it. Teach it.


Some friends and myself are frequent patrons of a local restaurant in Fayetteville located across from the Fayetteville Fire Station. We are disappointed in the new service we have been receiving from a server. Being disrespectful, stand-offish and downright rude is the best way to lose our business. Congratulations go out to you; you have done just that.


Fences work. That’s why we have them around our houses— not to be unwelcoming, but to ensure that all guests knock at the front door. Comprende?


Chose which presidential lie you prefer: “I didn’t have sex with that woman” or ”A path to citizenship for illegal aliens is not an amnesty.”


Is the government that can’t get a passport out in three months going to be the same one that will be responsible for enforcing whatever regulations come from an immigration bill?


While swimming at [a private club] pool this week with my young sister, a dead rodent was discovered in the deep end of the pool. Naturally, the lifeguards were alerted to this problem and retrieved the animal from the pool. Alarmed and disgusted, we left the pool immediately. But this is not the first problem we have had at this pool however. The week before, an underground pipe burst near the pool, spraying water all over pool-goers’ bags and towels. About 15 minutes later a maintenance worker arrived and covered the hole with a tabletop held down by a rock. Real problem-solver, right? That same week, the pool was so filthy that you couldn’t see to the bottom. Only after receiving complaints did the lifeguards decide to even try to fix the issue, whereupon one lifeguard informed me that they were out of chlorine. A pool with no chlorine? Shouldn’t the lifeguards and management have been aware of this before the pool opened? Aren’t there rules about sanitation? Being a private club, it would seem that it could afford to staff more responsible and alert lifeguards and employees. It just seems as though there is not enough authority over the young lifeguards. They cannot just watch the pool for 45 minutes until their break. They must be aware and responsible for the cleanliness and well-being of the pool and pool area. Perhaps this letter will get the attention of some patrons who pay so very much for their memberships to this sometimes disorganized and utterly disgusting recreation area.


Ask family members of the 4 million drug addicts if they think the two Border Patrol agents who shot a drug smuggler in the butt should be in prison for 11 years. No, no, a thousand times no!


It’s not complicated. Self-respecting nations require that entry be made through designated LEGAL ports of entry. And nation-honoring\respecting citizens don’t like it when aliens enter by illegal means. We really, really, REALLY get ticked at elected officials who respect neither national sovereignty nor citizens’ demands.


Before the days of sunscreen, I don’t remember a lot of older people with skin cancer. I’m 70, played and worked in the sun in my youth and do not have cancer.

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Submitted by rick7069 on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 7:38am.

I don't know a friend. I AM a convicted felon. Sixteen years ago. I was charged with a drug sale. Now, I actually didn't make a sale, I just hooked up a friend with a friend who did make the sale, just as guilty in court though. Anyway, not complaining about the charge, long over. But, even though it's been 16 years and I am extremely hard working, intelligent, educated (Computer engineering - a's and b's), and honest, most regular companies will not hire me or give me a chance. I do understand why, though it has nothing to do with being safe. Deniability. If you hire someone with no record and they rob the safe, you can tell corporate that you had no way of knowing; however, if they had a record and you hire them, you lose all deniability.
Being a convicted felon, for something I kind-of did 16 years ago, as a teenager, I face a few choices in job prospects for the rest of my life. Yes, if you make a mistake as a teenager that lands a felony, it will affect the rest of your life (believe me, I spend countless hours trying to make my children, nieces, nephews and such understand how the choices they make now will affect their lives (of course they don't listen)). I can either work in an industry like construction, where, thank God, they will give you a job no matter how you screwed up as long as you work hard, or, I can work at some low-level service job like McDonalds and try to support a family, or, I can work for myself. I did spend fifteen years in construction, running my own business (5-15 employees) until a serious car accident a few years ago where I shattered my left femur and the responsible driver was carrying minimum coverage that didn't even touch the medical bills. My wife and children were with me; Fortunately, my wife only had a broke arm and my children only scratches. God is good. Anyway, we lost everything. I went back to school until the cash ran out, so I'm about a year out from finishing that. Presently, since I am a felon and can not get a corporate job, I am running a web server, designing several websites, and trying to put together a little dx game that I hope will be fun enough to sell. Not making any money yet, it takes a long time to set up a secure server and write games when you are doing it by yourself.
But back to the point, with a felony, my options are limited; I have to do it myself, no one will give me the chance to work with them. That doesn't mean I can't make it, I just have to work more and try harder than the next guy. If you have a teenager that is running around with some of the wrong crowds, just let them know how twenty years later, and for the rest of my life, I am still paying for those choices.

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 9:26am.

I hope you have an opportunity to share this with middle and high school students.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:00am.

Not a chance he would be allowed to share that with any school.
He still doesn't admit his full guilt; he says he is a computer engineer, but didn't finish school; he doesn't have any kind of job; and he is playing on the Internet like thousands, no millions, of others.
He doesn't say how or whether he supports his wife or children, nor why he lost his own construction company. Felons aren't usually allowed to be officers of companies! Did he collect taxes from his employees, provide them any benefits?
I wish him well, of course, but the very first thing he needs to do is get a job, any job, and do well at it.
No one is going to send him any money---Southern Bell might!

Submitted by rick7069 on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 12:17pm.

I'll respectfully answer your questions, thought most of them were addressed.
"He still doesn't admit his full guilt."
As I said, I didn't actually do the sale, but I set it up. Now, how is that not admitting full guilt for what I did? I did not deny my part in any way, I also did my time for my part - 2 1/2 years fifteen years ago.
"why he lost his own construction company"
I believe I told you about my car accident. I will go into a little more detail. My left femur was completely shattered. I actually died in the hospital at one point. It was almost a year before I was able to walk at all. I spent months strung out on heavy pain medication, hardly knowing who I was. Up till the accident, I worked 15-16 hour days for 6-7 days a week. I would spend 8-10 hours swinging a hammer, selling jobs, directing employees, etc.. Then, I would go home and do 3-4 hours of paperwork, employee and tax forms, job proposals, etc... My last year in business, I grossed just under half a million. Of course, my net was considerably lower. I had just pulled an Atlanta Bellsouth yellow page $10,000 ad two weeks before the accident. I had 4000 sq. ft. addition on a historical Atlanta home in progress, plus numerous smaller projects. Five employees at that time. As far as your comment about collecting taxes and doing benefits for employees, I actually mis-label them. I worked sub-contractors. The people working for me were given 1099 misc. forms at the end of the year, they covered their own taxes. That's the usual way of working people in construction.
Anyway, needless to say, after my car accident, I couldn't get out of bed, much less go to work. In fact, I will never be able to do hard labor again, I physically can't. I am disabled. Over the course of the following year, I sold my home, tools, work trucks, everything - just to survive.
After considering my options, when I was able, I went back to school. I didn't much about schools, I just knew I wanted to be a programmer. I love computers and had decent knowledge of them already. The admittance faculty at Devry sold me on what they could offer, so I signed up. I soon learned that admittance personal lie. After a couple of terms, I began to look into the validity of the computer instruction at Devry; After much email correspondence with serious companies, I discovered that they considered Devry a joke. I decided to transfer to more serious schools. In the transfer to Clayton State, I lost about 60 credit hours, which contributed to me maxing out my funding without finishing school. I did, at Clayton State, finish all the cores for engineering - Calc 1,2,3, Phys(calc based) 1,2, science based chem 1,2, etc... etc... I applied to Ga. Tech and was accepted into their engineering program. My funding ran out, they said I've received the maximum allowable for bach. degree.
Well, let's see, I can't do physical labor, I have no degree and no money. What to do? About this time Katrina hit the coast. I took my brother-in-law, a couple of laborers, $10,000 worth of tarps and went down the day after the storm. We set up camp in a destroyed mall parking lot. Very interesting foray. Gunships flying overhead, armed military, humvees everywhere. No food, water, electricity, gas. We set up about 1 mile from where the eye came in. We actually did quite, around $60,000 in the first five weeks. Of course, take expenses, inflated employee wages and all that out. I spent four months down there. After that, I just physically couldn't take it anymore. Couldn't get a place to stay. 150,000 homes destroyed, 45,000 hotel rooms. I was getting to where I was in severe pain every day. Since coming back, my pain seems to be getting worse. My leg is deteriorating. I can't move around more than an hour or so at a time. I have submitted disability applications.
Meanwhile, with my ability to do physical labor very limited, I have sunk myself into serious programming. Get a job? I've always worked for myself, and I usually make good money. I am not entirely broke, I do have some of that Katrina cash still laying around to survive with, but not much. I am VERY determined to make it, as much as I was in construction. I have always worked 15 hour days and still do. Only difference now is that I can hardly walk around. Do I play on the internet? sure, life can't be ALL work, but I am determined to make a living programming. If I can't scrape it out with my server, I'll sell small games. Object hiding games are great fun, much easier to code than 3d shooters, and seem to be popular. If you'd like, I could send an executable of where I'm at in making mine. It does require directx9c, though, not being 3d, not many other resources.
How do I support my wife or children? Well, without family we would have homeless long ago. Fortunately, both my folks and my wife's are what would be considered millionaires. Not way up there, but comfortable enough. We do get help from them, but we try not to. My wife has always worked after-school programs, daycare centers, etc..., anything with little ones. Right now, she maintains the 1 year old room for probably one of the finest, and most expensive, day cares in Fayetteville.
Anyway, do I make mistakes? Absolutely. But, I am doing my best and I work hard. Maybe I should make different choices, I don't know. I'm just trying to do the best I can with what I have and to learn from my previous mistakes.

One other thing:
"Not a chance he would be allowed to share that with any school."
I'm sorry, not only is my wife highly active in the schools, but I like to go there and play too. They do not do background checks to come in and spend time with the children, as long you have a child there. They only do background checks if you want a paying job. I LOVE children. I also go in and play with my wife's one year olds at her job, they love me, cry when I leave.

Submitted by rick7069 on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 12:25pm.

No more about me please, the original post was simply to say that it is difficult to obtain many jobs with a felony and that that difficulty remains for life

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 12:11pm.

His message would be validated by church's and schools - and if true - would be so helpful and inspirational to youngsters who will be challenged with temptation - and must learn what the consequences of wrong choices may be. You on the other hand have a very confusing message on these boards. .. . and there is no way to validate your contributions. I think this will be the last time I respond to your 'ideas'. By the way - some of the effective counselors in many private re-hab organizations are ex-felons; ex-alcoholics; etc.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 6:35pm.

To validate means to prove or confirm something.
Are you saying that he will be invited to schools and churches, which then validates what he does and says?
I have known people who did something wrong and then were very successful with the rest of their career. (Bush comes to mind---an alcoholic and doper--but he maybe hasn't really succeeded yet!
He was elected President and yet his life is still questioned.
Let me put it another way: until this gentleman can demonstrate success in overcoming his problems by being successful financially, family-wise, and emotionally, then he won't be asked to teach or converse with those in trouble.
He should be happy with what he has and just work on himself, not others.

Submitted by Davids mom on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 9:52pm.

Any organization that serves children should validate the 'credentials' of anyone who speaks to those children. Once the organization validates the resume of the speaker, guest, etc., - then that person can share his expertise with the students. Many 'coaches', actors, etc. have an important message to share with our young people - which may include the consequences of being convicted of a felony. As for the person who has shared in this discussion - you are basing your opinion on facts that are not in evidence. I think you are playing verbal games - no one can be as dense as you pretend to be

Submitted by rick7069 on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 12:32pm.

I am politically libertarian. I do believe that it is not the place of gov. to legislate morality; that does not mean that I don't believe in having morality. I tend to respond negatively to police efforts trying to make people be moral, gov. power should only be used to protect one person from another, not from themselves. i.e. prostitution should not be gov. crime as long as both parties involved are willing participants. That does not mean that anyone should be a prostitute. I believe that it is very harmful to the individuals involved, destroying their very souls. I am strongly against prostitution and life of getting high, but I am also very strongly against any gov. that tries to enforce my morality.

pentapenguin's picture
Submitted by pentapenguin on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:59am.

Dollar, in addition to being stupid (yeah right let's see you do computer programming -- after all you're such a wonderful typist), you are cruel! The guy made a mistake many years ago. He confesses to it and has tried to work hard to make up for a little mistake and all you can do is lie about him and be cruel. Did you ever wonder why NOBODY here has any respect whatsoever for you?

Tell Senior El Presidente no to amnesty!

Submitted by PTCMomma on Tue, 06/19/2007 - 6:44pm.

In response to the poster complaining about the police taking their patrol cars home, and using them for personal business.... I think it's a great use of our taxpayer money as more people see the cars out and about, and that deters crime. Especially when they're sitting around our neighborhoods, making the little criminals think twice about wanting to do something too close to the police. Good use of my Tax Money!!!

Mom to 3 (and all of their friends, who love to hang out at my house-- LOVE THAT, almost always know where they are!!!)

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:02am.

I agree that a Policeman should be allowed to drive his car home and park it to take to work the next day---except on weekends when it should be needed by another crew.
To use it as a personal car is a no-no.

Submitted by susieq on Tue, 06/19/2007 - 8:39pm.

I agree. So what if they do personal errands in the county cars! They certainly aren't using them for a family vehicle. When they drive these cars, they always have on a uniform, whether on duty or off duty. Criminals don't know the difference (neither do I).

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Tue, 06/19/2007 - 6:52pm.

Anybody who knows anything about law enforcement understands visibility is the key to effective law enforcement. Those that pick at the underpaid and unappreciated police officers in this city need to ride with them - one 8 hour shift will do it. Go at night, by the way.
I don't care if they have a car 24/7 - God knows the city owns enough of them. Let them be at Ruby Tuesday and Longhorn and Eckerds - who cares? Visibility helps us all - even if they are off-duty.
And don't complain about gas cost - just take the gas card away from the overpaid Asst. City Mgr and the Code enforcement officers.

So, do you like my new picture? meow

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