PTC SWAT team ends standoff with burglary suspect

Tue, 06/19/2007 - 10:30am
By: John Munford

Police say suspect refused to exit home and threatened to shoot officers

The Peachtree City Police Department’s SWAT team forcefully apprehended a suspect who barricaded himself in a home in the Wynnmeade subdivision late Monday afternoon.

Officers went to the home of Tyler Ash, 20, at 205 North Meade to execute a search warrant for a residential burglary and forgery case, police said. Once inside, Ash was found hiding in the rear of the home, and Ash indicated to officers that he had a firearm.

He also “threatened to shoot any law enforcement officer on the premises,” according to a news release from the police department.

Ash refused to exit the room after extended talks with officers, and barricaded himself inside the home, police said. The SWAT team was called in due to the volatility of the situation, police said.

After about three and a half hours of negotiation, the SWAT team used chemical expulsion devices to take Ash into custody without incident, police said.

Ash has been charged with possession of crack cocaine, making terroristic threats, obstruction of a police officer, burglary, forgery, and possession of drug-related objects. He was taken to the Fayette County Jail.

While he was barricaded in the home, Ash told officers that he had caused self-inflicted injuries, police said.

According to police records, Ash was arrested in May 2005 for obstruction of a police officer, interference with government property, underage possession of alcohol and loitering.

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Submitted by Bridget on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 1:15pm.

This article is wrong. First of all, he did not have a weapon and wasn't going to harm anyone. Yes, he refused to come out of his home. Yes, he was in possession of drug-related objects but he did not burglarize anything, owned no weapons and was not a harm to anyone. Second, the SWAT team did not force him out of his home. After hours of his family begging for the police to allow them to talk to him they were allowed to. A few minutes later he came walking out, unarmed. The police over publicized this and now everyone thinks my brother is awful. No, he was a great person who loves to laugh and loves his family. He was on the wrong path of life and got mixed up in things he shouldn't have been in. You didn't talk to him. You don't know what he was going through. I talked to him that day. I was on the phone with him when he was in his home. He was not crazy, he was not scum as some people call him. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when you are young. Take it from someone who knows, your article is wrong.

Submitted by Hey on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 1:26pm.

If your brother is a "great person" then getting arrested should wake him up and maybe he'll get his life straightened out.
I also know a "great person" that got mixed up in drugs and the wrong crowd, but after spending time in jail away from his family, he got it together and has been doing great now for years.
BTW, why are you just now writing about it when this article is almost a year old?

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 06/19/2007 - 10:41am.

Regarding the 05 arrest, I assume he wasn't convicted, otherwise, why was he even on the streets? Sounds like a full time loser to me.

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