Now that Russia and China are rich, also

I am concerned much more about Russia and China (their governments) than I am about Iraq or Iran. These latter two are similar to swatting gnats, whereas, the former two would be similar to the length of the Crusades.
Losing a few thousand in a useless war is bad but, losing several million in an unwinnable one would be more stupid.
The only hope to dissuade the two countries is to put a million top-grade fighters in about six different locations in the world, lead by military personnel from the ranks, never having seen the Pentagon.
The plan of battle would be: any one group attacked, triggers the others to total destruction of the attackers.
Distractions don't work anymore, such as messing with Russia's posssessions (East Germany) or feeding China while destroying Japan for them.
Who would have our million each? OK, how about Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and of course, the Philippines.
A rapid movement force should begin to be produced NOW with a goal of moving four million troops anywhere within four weeks.
Is all this threatening? You bet. Would it make them think about treaties, you bet.
We can't continue to let them all smother us a little at a time in such places as Iraq.
Pay for it with export taxes and tributes.

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