VIDEO: If CNN had covered WWII :

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All of you news junkies and history buffs are going to love this.

If Modern Media Covered WWII

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Submitted by Yo on Sat, 06/09/2007 - 1:41pm.'s funny... our media is only considered liberal in the United States... the rest of the world sees our media as very conservative and government regulated.

Compared to Vietnam, Korea and WWII, we see NOTHING of the war in Iraq in our Media... no body bags, coffins etc etc. Just spin. Both democrat and republican spin this into the nothing war. 50 dead us trumped by Paris or Ana Nicole.

We had pictures of missiles in cuba 40 YEARS AGO, but coverage in Iraq is like reading a book.

Thousands of soldiers dead. Tens of thousands physically injured. Hundreds of thousands of inocent citizens killed, injured or displaced over this war. It's like if the Canadians and Mexicans were terrorists and decided to fight their battle on American soil. The civilians are suffering for our mistakes and mismanagement.

WE created this landscape and want to be commended for trying to fix the very mess that we created. Liberating the Iraqi people was never on Dubyas intial lets go to war speech. We are fighting terrorists that WERE NOT THERE 6 years ago. We have spun and insulted the world with our actions. It's time to fess up and resolve our mistake... if it's carter or dubya it doesn't make a difference...

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Submitted by JeffC on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 9:45pm.

All it needed was that at the end there should have been a picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt morphing into Bush.

And I owe another apology to Denise. She was right about Tammy Bruce being an excellent political analyst.

Tammy Bruce on FAX

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Submitted by Enigma on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 9:59pm.

Rossett on Swarm of Carter Center Resignations

Fourteen more people have resigned from the Carter Center’s Board of Councilors, citing his “malicious advocacy” and wrote “we can no longer endorse your strident and uncompromising position.”

It is a pleasure to be able to note bright lights like this, reminding us that the entire world has not lost its mind.It's also sweet to see our nation's worst president and most malevolent ex-president being called out by his own people.,

Posted by Tammy · January 12, 2007 08:46 AM
Good News | Jew-Hatred | Leftists

Ground Zero - What Radical Islam Wants for You and Your Family

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Submitted by JeffC on Fri, 06/08/2007 - 1:06pm.

You are right Maximus; apparently Tammy’s grasp of US politics is much stronger than her grasp of international affairs.

Here is some more criticism from people with the same problem:

Chairman Howard Dean asserted that he personally disagreed with Carter's "analysis of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" and stressed that Carter's views on the issue do not represent those of the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi criticized Carter, saying: "It is wrong to suggest that the Jewish people would support a government in Israel or anywhere else that institutionalizes ethnically based oppression, and Democrats reject that allegation vigorously. With all due respect to former President Carter, he does not speak for the Democratic Party on Israel."

Of course, both of these statements came out before the book was released, proving one of the book’s main points.

More knowledgeable people have expressed their opinions too.

Shulamit Aloni, Israeli Prize laureate and veteran of Israel's war of independence who went on to serve in the Knesset and as a minister in several Israeli cabinets including Minister of Education under Yitzhak Rabin wrote an interesting analysis of the book. Here it is from the Israeli publication Tikkun, translated from the original Hebrew article in Yediot Acharonot:

“The US Jewish Establishment's onslaught on former President Jimmy Carter
is based on him daring to tell the truth which is known to all…”

Indeed there is Apartheid in Israel

Another well informed person is Rabbi Michael Lerner, Rabbi of Beyt Tikkun synagogue, who also wrote about the book:

“Jimmy Carter was the best friend the Jews ever had as president of the United States.
He is the only president to have actually delivered for the Jewish people an agreement (the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt) that has stood the test of time. Since the treaty, there have been bad vibes between Israel and Egypt, but never a return to war, once Israel fully withdrew from the territories it conquered in Egypt during the 1967 war.”

Thank You, Jimmy Carter

Philip Weiss, writing in The American Conservative magazine:

Honest Broker

Another very knowledgeable person, Paul Findley, who was the senior Republican on the Middle East Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee throughout the Carter administration, analyzed the book in an editorial in the Chicago Tribune:

“Despite criticism, his book is work of a true patriot. With the publication of his latest book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, he did what a patriot would do: rally Americans to vigorous debate of a critical issue that affects our future. He deserves a hero's praise. Instead, he has been attacked and defamed.”

Carter enters lions' den

I think though, that my favorite is from Henry Siegman, the former executive head of the American Jewish Congress and the Synagogue Council of America, and now a Senior Fellow on the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is, and has served as general secretary of the American Association for Middle East Studies.

“In the face of overwhelming international criticism of President Bush for his failure to engage in the Middle East peace process and for his unbalanced support of Israel, the Democratic Party's Congressional leadership has managed to criticize Bush for being too soft on the Palestinians and not sufficiently supportive of Israel. So the criticism of President Carter is noteworthy only for what it reveals about the ignorance of the American political establishment, both Democrat and Republican, on the subject of the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

Hurricane Carter

So, Maximus, if you want to come over from the dark side and shed your support for Howard Dean’s and Nancy Pelosi’s views, I invite you to sign the Israeli peace group Gush Shalom’s on-line petition:

“Please consider adding your voices to those who are grateful to Jimmy Carter for writing a brave and important book, Peace Not Apartheid. While the media tries to blank him out, and some would cast aspersions at President Carter for being 'anti-Israel,' in fact the book offers much needed wisdom about how to support a just peace in Israel and Palestine.”

The petition can be found at:

Jimmy Carter, thanks

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Submitted by Mixer on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 8:43pm.

Maj. Matt and the Special Ops 150 posse baby!!

From Ft. Lewis to the Philippines - Primos eos - you know what I am talking about!

Good work Maj Matt!

Democrats on Iraq before the polls changed

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Submitted by maximus on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 8:28pm.

Every campaign during WWII, in Europe, Africa and the Pacific, would have been covered as a complete failure by the current crop of leftist weenies.


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Submitted by Mixer on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 8:59pm.

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Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 9:16pm.

It's a cartoon and there's nothing funny about it.

D-Day - The Stick People & The Great Crusade

There are a couple more under the titles GI Bobby. Thanks Mixer. I'll send your video out to my e-mail list.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


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