PegLeg Pauly's Island Grill

Has anyone been or heard if this is any good? It's the previous owners of Valentino's in Peachtree City. They went in the building where Johnny Carino's used to be in Newnan. Thinking about going this weekend? Thoughts?

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Submitted by freetomato on Sat, 02/09/2008 - 11:15am.

We went there last night for the first and last time. Half hour for a table (normal wait for a Friday night), waited 15 minutes for our server to acknowledge us, then after 40 minutes, still no appetizer. Several other diners around us had the same issues. We finally flagged our server down, and asked for a manager. She said "he's busy - it will be a few minutes". We thanked her and said we'd be leaving.

I am not saying this as a disgruntled, hard to please customer. I am saying this as a person who has extensive experience in food service....I've waited tables at many restaurants, from the busiest Denny's in California as a young woman to four star dining in metropolitan NYC. This dining experience could have been salvaged simply by training the wait staff. Owner/manager of Peglegs, take heed to my advice:

- Let your waitstaff know that if they don't have any good news for the diners, do NOT ignore them. Have them approach the diners and say "I am sorry for the delay - let me check your order for you".

- Economy of motion! I observed servers making four trips across the dining room to deliver various small items. A good server would have delivered all those items on one pass of the dining room.

- Anyone who is near the cook's line delivers food if it is ready, even if it is not "their" food. I saw food sit under the heat lamps for up to ten minutes, untouched, as various waitstaff walked past it. I am sure it was cold by the time it was delivered.

- Manager - walk around and talk to your patrons! You would have seen that many diners were waiting far too long for service - far too long!

Good service goes a long way, in my book, in mitigating a negative dining experience. I don't fault my server. She was stressed out. However, I also feel as though she was not properly trained. We might have stuck it out and waited (instead of getting wings to go from Loco's) if our server had talked to us about what was going on instead of avoiding us because she had no food for us.

Get it together, Pegleg Paulys. If you'd like me to come in and give some "foodservice bootcamp" to your servers, I'd be glad to. You need to do something, or I suspect you won't be in business long.

Submitted by Lady on Sun, 04/13/2008 - 10:03am.

I certainly had a totally difference experience. Hard to believe we are talking about the same place. I am very picky and have been told I am hard to please but I would highly recommend Pegleg Pauly's to anyone!!

Last week my husband and I went to Pegleg Pauly's for the first time to celebrate our second anniversary. What a wonderful change from the typical southside dining! From the time we walked in we were treated as if we were their only customer. The Hostess was cute and chatty as she seated us sitting the stage for a delightful evening. Once we were seated our waiter immediately came to our table to get our drink order and this was just the beginning of excellent service that continued for the entire evening. Our waiter was not only knowledgable but also lively and fun. He had great suggestions for dinner and drinks. I particularly enjoyed their majitos. Be sure to try one when you go there Smiling For dinner I had the fish and my husband had the steak. The food was served timely and hot...everything we ordered was delicious....from appetizers to their creative desserts. The Manager came by a couple of times to check on us. He spent some time talking with us adding an even nicer "touch" to our experience. Our evening was so much fun and everything was great!

Pegleg Pauly's is like an escape to a tropical island where you can enjoy the bright, caribbean atmosphere, listen to Jimmy Buffet, while enjoying great food and drink. My husband and I will definitely frequent Pegleg's on a regular basis. What a great change from the typical "chain" dining experience. You owe it to yourself to check it out!!

Submitted by felixdcat on Sat, 04/12/2008 - 9:09am.

I took my family...2 daughters and wife...there last night for my 1st time. My wife had been in with friends for lunch and she raved about the place...well I gotta tell you that was the best service and all around best meal we have experienced in a long long time. Our server was incredibly knowledgeable and made what turned out to be great recommendations. The restaurant was busy but our food came out quickly and more important hot and tasty. The owner came by to check on us and really made the girls feel special.

We will be telling all our friends about this decor...great music and what looked to be a very friendly inviting bar...think I'll leave the kids with a sitter next time...

Submitted by skyspy on Sun, 06/03/2007 - 10:00pm.

I went with a group of friends 2 weeks ago. They must have hired more people, the service was good.(or at least as good as southside dining gets) The food was good too. The only disappointment was no Chocolate Kahlua cake! What gives? The bakery cakes and deserts don't compare.

Half of the reason we went was the Chocolate Kahlua cake.

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Submitted by Git Real on Sun, 06/03/2007 - 9:03pm.

See Valentino Peg Leg Go After Some Bloggers

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That's about all I know. After hearing about an experience from a close friend I will not give it a try.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


Submitted by on Tue, 06/05/2007 - 3:53pm.

Ate there last Saturday evening. Fries were not completely done, and kids chicken fingers were swimming in grease. I NEVER would have attempted it had I known it was originally Valentinos, as the manager there is great when all goes well, but EXTREMELY rude and unreasonable if there is an issue.

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Submitted by Basmati on Mon, 06/04/2007 - 7:21am.

That the links you posted were to that site "Fayette Speaks", a site noted for moderators editing posts of users.

We can't be sure that the Peg Leg owner's comments were actually his own.


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