Harold Logsdon wins the next election

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I guess not enough people read what I said about this before since I did not get one name of anybody who could beat Harold in an election - if it were held today. Plenty of discontent, but no real idea of who would beat him and how. Therefore, I resubmit the following and ask for comments and/or answers.

Logsdon would win an election if held today. That does not mean he will win the hearts and minds of those that blog here. It does not mean that he will be invited to your neighborhood cocktail parties. It does mean that he would receive the majority of the votes in a city wide election - which is how it was done last time and how it will be done next time.

You can't have a loser unless you have a winner and so far not one of you has come up with the name of someone who could beat Logsdon. In fact no one has named anyone who could beat Boone or Plunkett - which is far easier. Or the other 2 who are actually expiring this year or next.

Even Brown who was defintely a loser didn't officially become one until his (many) opponents emerged and declared themselves candidates for mayor.

So, who's it going to be? Who is strong enough to challenge Logsdon and win?

After you name someone, the next question will be what does he or she stand for and why is this person running against an incumbent mayor. This is going to be diffcult for many of you here to accept, but the fact is that the majority of voters support the annexation, so that can't be a winning election issue. TDK extension is more inflamatory and I'm sure coucil will make the wrong decision since there is not a correct decision or at least not one obvious decision that can't be criticized. But here again, the new candidate for mayor will have to answer the question "How would you have handled it?"

Tricky business running for public office.

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Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 5:31pm.

As someone who supported Harold Logsdon in the last election, I will never vote for him again and most of my neighbors say the same thing.

First of all, he's a liar. Second, he treats his constituents like crap. Third, he's bound at the hip with the local developers.

Anybody, and I mean anybody, who said they were anti-TDK and anti-big boxes would win in a landslide. Harold Logsdon has no leadership ability.

Vote Republican

Submitted by new2ptc on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 4:32pm.

Running for public off ice is not tricky at all; avoiding tricksters is the tricky part. A good and valuable candidate does not use trickery but is required to respond to trickery when used by opponents or supporters of opponents.

If I were to spout the name of a possible candidate (regardless of credentials) long before the time was right, then those supporting an unannounced candidate or incumbent would have opportunities to use trickery before the good candidate could respond.

We need a Mayor that demonstrates strong leadership with a level head. I have met numerous individuals who would serve the community well. Unfortunately, it is the fear of unjustified ridicule and trickery that keeps these people away from public exposure.

To the good citizens of Peachtree City, there is a time and place for everything so use it wisely. Be smart and keep your head while considering a run for public office. Don’t fall into the trickery trap. A run for public office should be on an even playing field, so play the game when the time comes and no sooner.

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Submitted by CCB on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 8:49pm.

I thought Robert W. Morgan was joking. Logsdon is a paper tiger. Look, I am one of the few people who support the TDK Extension (if it has four lanes to hold the traffic) and I wouldn't give Logsdon 50:1 odds of winning a re-election bid.

His tax pledge was a huge mistake. Many see him as weak. Even local real estate interests are trying to figure out who to run the next time around.

Submitted by TDK Foe on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 9:16pm.

Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th century, and he (along with Pope John Paul II) brought down the most evil governmental system ever created by man. But the Gipper was a staunch advocate of the FREE MARKET, and if he were alive today and living in Peachtree City, he would be on our side in opposing TDK.

I am sure you don't agree with me, but consider this: TDK is a TAX PAYER funded road from our small city (PTC) to lands are that are currently "hunting use" and relatively undeveloped. There are no people over there now (only a few wild turkeys and cows) that actually NEED a road and bridge!! It is thus a PUBLIC SUBSIDY so that some people can reap enormous returns on their land speculation, by increasing the value of that land a 100X with a TAX PAYER funded program. President Reagan believed in the free market, not using tax money to enrich a small few.

Like the liberal Democrats (who always use tax money to buy votes), TDK gives to some (Coweta land owners) FREE OF CHARGE an enormous economic benefit - - literally a road that creates a $2 billion enterprise. It will greatly diminish the quality of life of the hard working CONSERVATIVE people that bought homes and built lives in our beloved town. It sends thousands of cars flooding into our city, destroys our tax base (read the Pavilion stories and guess where PTC people will shop - - the 800,000 SF upscale McIntosh Trail mall). We pay for this CRAP, while others benefit.

You need to start using Barak Hussein Obama’s or Hillary's picture. because in essence you are re-distributionist socialist at heart. You are also not patriotic, because the essence of patriotism is love of one's community. A patriot stands up for their neighbors, and knows what sacrifice means. My soldier son is headed to Baghdad in a couple of weeks with an infantry unit (he volunteered to go with a unit that is shipping, and they let him join the unit this week). He is doing this for his country, even though it could cost him dearly. CCB, why don't you real estate people put aside your need for more home sales, and think about your neighbors for a change?

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