TDK piranhas are coming to town, PTC homeowners are their lunch

Telephone Lineman Logsdon wants to "continue looking forward at what is best for Peachtree City over the next 50 years, and what outside influences will be shaping our decisions and affecting the quality of our residents' lives."

He has invited a school of piranhas (that primarily don't live here, of course) to come on June 19th and convince us stupid homeowners that TDK is really needed because of future growth.

Old Harold (humming "I am a lineman for the County") wants you to believe that a group of piranhas from the Coweta County Commission (!!!!), Fayette County Development Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), an ARC consultant, and the Georgia DOT have your best interest at heart as they cram 50,000 vehicles down our throats in a couple of years.

Wake up, Peachtree City!! It is time to stand up for our community before it is too late!

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Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 7:08pm.

Calling developers or maybe future residents piranahs (are they not a flesh eating fish?) and calling the Mayor a telephone lineman (twice) since he was one 30 years ago - is that smart? Does it add to the conversation? Or is it just immature bomb-throwing from an insecure and hatefilled person?

Get a grip dude, people like you are not needed here. Citizens that use their real name and offer themselves up to public service are what we need in this city. Don't hide behind a made up identity and call others nasty names.

And more to the point, offer a solution. The old "Developers are selling out the town" crap is very old and shows your unwillingness to adapt to current conditions. Offer something positive or just shut up.

Submitted by Jones on Tue, 05/22/2007 - 4:18pm.

How can Robert W. Morgan complain about anyone not using their real name? All of the TDK developers in Coweta are from Fayette, so, yes, I would agree we are being sold out.

Submitted by TDK Foe on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 7:56pm.

A better animal to describe this group of TDK thieves is the Hyena. According to Wikipedia, hyenas are "highly intelligent predators, and some scientists claim they are of equal intelligence to certain apes. One indication of hyena intelligence is that they will move their kills closer to each other to protect them from scavengers; another indication is their strategic hunting methods."

The pro-TDK crowd lies without ceasing about their motives (traffic relief!!regional cooperation!!blah blah blah) as they try to strategically position themselves to rip off our property value and give it some landowners and developers one county over. They don't give a damn about this town, and only want to use our good name and reputation to pad their pockets as they build some high-density particle board paradise on the other side of the creek. These characters are nothing more than 3-piece suit wearing thieves that are breaking into our city. You are nothing more than an apologist for this local syndicate.

Oh, more point: The Developers ARE selling out this town. Here's my solution - -the next 2 PTC elections!

DragNet's picture
Submitted by DragNet on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 8:45pm.

Foe, I see you're recent to this blogsite. Nice to make your acquaintance. What's your standpoint on mass transit? i.e. GRTA buses or light rail from PTC to Atlanta?

Making you think twice......

Submitted by TDK Foe on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 9:22pm.

I think a couple of morning (6:30 am, 7:00am?) and afternoon (4:45 and 5:30?) GRTA buses from the Kedron Shopping center into/from ATL would probably be popular. It would require a taxpayer funded subsidy, though, as these bus routes never operate at a profit.

Light rail is way too expensive and will never happen down here (at least not in the next 30 years). The right-of-way costs, construction costs, and environmental impact studies (and resultant mitigation) would be way too expensive for our county. It would require massive federal matching (FHWA/DOT) funds, and we are going to need that money to pay the $2.5 trillion price tag for social services for our new 20 million illegal immigrant-American citizens (plus each one can bring their loved ones, so make that 50 million).

Vaya con Dios, mi amigo!

DragNet's picture
Submitted by DragNet on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 7:21pm.

Here is something positive: PTC will get a brand new 4-lane bridge to travel into Coweta County, thanks to GRTA and the developers. Such generosity!

Making you think twice......

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