"Bring your guns to work!" bill is dead

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After the Virginia Tech massacre earlier this week, the NRA dispatched it's top political enforcer to Georgia to ensure that the proposed "Bring Your Guns To Work!" bill would pass in the Georgia legislature. His blunt message: anyone trying to stop this bill would receive an automatic "F" rating on the NRA's political scorecard, which is the "kiss of death" in certain rural communities at election time.

Nonetheless, ultraconservative Lt. Governor Casey Cagle showed uncommon political courage and buried the bill on the legislative calendar, ensuring that the bill would not be brought to a vote before the legislative session ends tomorrow. He said ""You have the worst shooting in history — a very, very tragic situation. Although this particular bill did not specifically address that issue, it was an issue of concern, and the timing was clearly not right."

I applaud Lt. Governor Cagle for standing up to the NRA.

His action had a ripple effect as well...the Florida legislature tabled a similar bill in their legislature today.

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Submitted by ole sarge on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 6:20am.

The Lieutenant Governor had made up his mind long before Virginia Tech. In a typical political move, timing is everything, he utilized the campus killings as a reason to defeat this legislation. In an earlier letter he commented on the need to protect the rights of property and business owners. He had already come down on the side of the Chamber of Commerce who opposed the original bill as well as the compromise legislation.

Our own Senator, Ronnie Chance, the governor’s floor leader, has been mute on the subject. He is an NRA member, but has not acted like one on this issue.

Remember, the Second Amendment allows the First Amendment to flourish.

Submitted by 30YearResident on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 6:25pm.

How a left wing anti-gun socialist can know the inner workings of the NRA and their message to the Georgia Legislatures to the point that they can quote their message here in this blog.

May I encourage you all to please go to the NRA website and join. www.nra.org

You can join as an associate member for a $10 annual fee.

This is a great organization that is working diligently to keep our 2nd Amendment rights and we need to support them as they support us.

Membership numbers are what get politicians attention, so please consider joining.

Gun laws only restrict law abiding citizens. Criminals pay no attention to these laws, that's why they're called CRIMINALS!

The 2nd Amendment is no more nor no less important than the 1st Amendment and both should be secure and protected.

Support the NRA's efforts in doing so.


Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 4:27am.

I own a gun for emergencies at my home. It is not loaded and the ammo is in a slightly different place, than the gun, in a clip.
What I want to ask you is this: compared to how many people killed by "criminals," how does the numbers stack up to people killed by non-criminal gun owners? Wars don't count, of course--never do.
Speaking of the second amendment, which was to allow the citizens to be able to possibly fight their government if necessary, I will always keep my musket at the ready and my powder dry!
I doubt machine guns, oozies, automatic pistols, dynamite, plastic explosives, high-powered rifles with scopes, and hand grenades were what the framers of the amendment had in mind.
Even Charlton Heston held up a musket at the NRA convention. He would hold up a starving baby at a NAACP convention if they paid him 100,000 dollars for 15 minutes!

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Submitted by Denise Conner on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 7:38am.

2nd Amendment was not just for keeping politicians in line -- but that's a rather good use Smiling

Do you mean accidental deaths caused by improperly handling guns?

The number is way too many; that's why the NRA sponsors gun safety classes. You have to learn drive (a car's another deadly weapon); so you should require of yourself to learn gun safety.

Charlton Heston -- Was he really paid $100,000 to give that speech? He was the president of the NRA. Maybe it was part of his job.

Bill Clinton's Talk Isn't Cheap Smiling

Former President Bill Clinton traveled the globe in 2005 giving speeches that earned him $7.5 million, according to financial disclosure documents his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is required to file annually.

Clinton's speaking tour in 2005 included 43 speeches in 14 countries. He began in February and averaged about four speeches a month, usually charging about $150,000 per event. On occasion, the price was much steeper.

On October 18, 2005, for example, he addressed about 8,500 business executives at a "Power Within" motivational speaking conference in Toronto, Ontario, for a price of $350,000.

The next day he addressed a similar group at a "Power Within" conference in Calgary, Alberta, for $300,000.

When factoring in his $125,000 fee for remarks to a different business group delivered via video-conference before the Toronto event, the former president's total two-day haul was $775,000.

He earned $9.5 million in speaking fees in 2002.

In comparison, Clinton earned $800,000 during an entire four-year term as president. [He receives a lifetime annual pension of $188,000 plus expenses.]

For 2007 Carter will receive $514,000; H.W. Bush, $748,000; Clinton, $1,160,000 (more than twice Carter's allowance). The difference is due to how "thrifty" the former president is.

Now you can see why there's such fierce competition for that job!

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 8:46am.

What has Bill Clinton got to do with guns? Anyway he says what he believes, not what he gets paid to say. For what other reason was the 2nd amendment passed?

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Submitted by hutch866 on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 12:23pm.

So he really didn't know what the definition of "is" is he really didn't have "sex with that woman"? Clinton would one of the first to sell out.

I yam what I yam...Popeye

Denise Conner's picture
Submitted by Denise Conner on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 10:18am.

I mentioned Clinton just because he gets paid a lot for speeches since you mentioned Charleton Heston. I think that Mr. Heston believes in gun ownership, or he wouldn't have taken the criticism that he did. He probably had enough money already.

Just thought it's interesting that words can bring in so much money. Smiling

The 2nd Amendment does not exclude guns for protection of your life or property. I'm not for shooting someone for some minor offense either.

Submitted by swmbo on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 12:38pm.

By Denise's logic, anyone who is well-paid to do something she doesn't agree with (it doesn't even have to be a crime) is detestable. Anyone who gets paid to do something she likes is just earning an honest living.

If you and I are always in agreement, one of us is likely armed and dangerous.

Denise Conner's picture
Submitted by Denise Conner on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 7:20pm.

Swmbo, You really "don't get it"!

I responded to $'s disparaging statement & am now responding to your "detestable" remark.

"[Charlton Heston] would hold up a starving baby at a NAACP convention if they paid him 100,000 dollars for 15 minutes!"

I put a Smiling by the CNN commentary.

Unlike $, I never EVALUATED (commented on worth) Pres. Clinton's financial skill, or any other person's, nor did I comment on "agreeing" or disagreeing with anyone. I in no way condemned Pres. Clinton, nor did I say that he was not "earning an honest living."

By the same standard, I would not "detest" Charlton Heston's "earning an honest living," or the CEO's of oil companies either. The stockholders are responsible to hold them accountable.

By implication, I commended Pres. Carter's "thriftiness" (it's hard to use that word with half a million $) in comparison with Pres. Clinton's $1.2 million. Pres. Clinton spends more than twice what Pres. Carter does on an office, etc.

Seems like it should be more like Social Security -- deduct earnings from benefits to determine if taxpayers should continue the payments.

"If you are under full retirement age [67] for the entire year, we deduct $1 from your benefit payments for every $2 you earn above the annual limit."

Shouldn't politicians be on the same plan that they make for us? Smiling

Would I pay that kind of money to any speaker? No way, but then he would also have the right not to dispense his wisdom and humor at this particular gathering and to take his business elsewhere. Smiling

That's capitalism, or the private enterprise system.

Being reminded of the present and future lucrativeness of the office should cause us to question all politicians and to hold them accountable for how they spend taxpayers' money.

"Evil" Republicans love using the $ sign Smiling

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Submitted by Denise Conner on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 7:46pm.

From Slate magazine:

Edwards: ($14 million raised; $10 million cash on hand.)

No major candidate talks about the poor more than John Edwards. Mario Cuomo says he's the most substantive in the race. (Edwards says this about himself, too.)

But John Edwards has a hair weakness. His FEC filings show two $400 haircuts, which raise at least two issues. The first is: What can you get for a $400 haircut, anyway? The second is, given Edwards' past trouble of looking like he cares too much for his hair, couldn't he have put the trims on his personal account? [Link in original source]

And if you think haircuts don't matter as potent political symbols, remember that Montana Sen. Jon Tester ran his entire campaign on his flat-top haircut. Edwards raised $5.4 million after his wife announced she had cancer in late March and did not spend a single dime on polling.

From the New York Post --

[Link not in original source]


Romney: ($21 million raised; $13 million cash on hand.)

Romney has raised the most money of any Republican, but he also likes to spend it. That money didn't go to staff perks. Romney, the richest candidate, was stingiest with his staff members' salaries and often had them fly discount airlines and double up on accommodations like the Super 8 Motel. Instead of free drinks and food at the campaign, they're only subsidized (sodas at 25 cents a can; snacks in the vending machine are 50 cents). His Mormon ties appear to be paying off. So far, Utahns [sic] have contributed more than residents of any other state except California.

Just to be "fair & balanced," wonder why the commentator doesn't mention the sources of Edwards' contributions and refer to Edwards' religion?

Just wondering Smiling

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Submitted by Denise Conner on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 2:44am.

Las Vegas homeowner not charged in slaying of teen at window

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A homeowner who shot a 15-year-old dead at his back window remained free Wednesday after telling police he was defending himself and his family.

Hill told investigators he retrieved a .40 caliber handgun from his nightstand and loaded it after his 12-year-old daughter shook him awake and said someone was trying to break in.

Police said Hill reported seeing two people in his back yard and saw one pulling a sceen from a window before he fired through the window.

Clary was found dead outside.

Police said Carpenter admitted smoking marijuana and methamphetamine and drinking alcohol before the attempted break-in.

~ For more news accounts of how owning a gun has saved lives, see The Armed Citizen.


Studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Shooting usually can be justified only where crime constitutes an immediate, imminent threat to life, limb, or, in some cases, property.

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Submitted by maximus on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 7:11pm.

Joining the NRA is one way of helping to secure our 2nd amendment rights. Another thing law-abiding, freedom loving people should do is get their concealed carry permit. It's an easy process in Georgia, but takes a few months to go through.


Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 9:21pm.

How about signing up Basmati Rice and paying his dues for a year? For his address you could use the library? Smiling

Hey Bas....another good reason to not use our real names. Eye-wink


You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you!

Submitted by Roadrunner on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 12:22pm.

For those that want the bill passed, this probably isn't the best time. I don't like the idea that more people will have guns in public places than do now, but don't kid yourself, many do and for the most part they're the bad guys. A few good guys with weapons at VT and the number of victims would have been much less. Don't know what the right answer is, but the bad guys will always be armed. Count on that.

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 12:18pm.

that says I can bring my gun to work.

I just need my gun.

I have it!

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 2:26pm.

No law needed.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 3:28pm.

Glock Model 23 with .40 S&W Hydrashock rounds in one clip and Black Talons in the other. Right here in my drawer by my office desk. Here.... let me touch it. Yup...it's sitting their minding it's own business. Let's hope it stays that way.


You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you!

maximus's picture
Submitted by maximus on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 7:05pm.

I still have some Black Talon rounds myself, only mine are the 9mm flavor. I'm not sure, but I don't think those are available anymore. I'm glad I got them when I did.


Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 9:17pm.

My question is how many years will they remain potent?


You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you!

maximus's picture
Submitted by maximus on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 3:36am.

If stored properly they will remain potent a lot longer than us.


ptctaxpayer's picture
Submitted by ptctaxpayer on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 9:22pm.

According to Mrs. Git Real, those Black Talons will be potent a heckuva lot longer than you will.

Rotate the Federal Hydrashock rounds with the Golden Sabres...Alternate power with accuracy.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 10:22pm.

Won't allow me to shoot live rounds. Plus the targets are fewer than they used be. But the company on the Citizen is good. Smiling


You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you!

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 6:49pm.

I need to know just what damage do the hydrashock rounds do as opposed to the Talons.
Will you have time to clear out the hydrashocks and insert the talons if such an occasion comes up requiring that?
Does a person's weight have anything to do with which bullet to use, or, does age make a difference?
Do you have one of those vests I've seen on TV the last few days that carry numerous clips?
Might I make a suggestion? Get a shot gun with sawed-off barrell and double ought buckshot shells, with two barrells. Additionally,
sticks of dynamite with one-half inch fuzes (like Clint uses) for people hiding. You would have to smoke a cigar to light them.
Leave the two pistols in your holster until needed to mop up.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 9:16pm.

Better than a double barrel. Holds 9 rounds if you keep one in the chamber. I've got all kinds of fun things to put in that one. Eye-wink


You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you!

bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 04/19/2007 - 7:32pm.

That's why they were banned from civilian use.

It's my understanding that the newer "Dragon Skin" body armor will stop them.

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