I am all for getting the Illaegals out of Fayette County

We need to make it as hard on them (illegals) as we can. Do not hire them. I will pick your Peaches, I will pick your Strawberries, I will clean your house. We do not need Illegals......

If I can not do it I promise to get you someone who is an American Citizen (look it up in the Yellow Pages) or at least legal to be employeed in the USA.

My best friends in SC are from Canada. They are LEGAL. They hold very good jobs. If you can not get into the USA legally then DO NOT COME.

They do not pay taxes. Please everyone that has to pay on April 17 (15th) remember this. If they were here not legally and if thier employers would claim them and summit SS and Medicare taxes then WE whould not have to pay so much. Think even a higher refund......

Tell them to go away. I do not care how many Peaches they pick.. They are (at the very least) High Scool students willing to have summer job.

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Submitted by simplelife on Sat, 04/14/2007 - 7:43am.

I want to know what business Indocumentado is in. He can afford a big house in PTC, a BMW, pay all his taxes, pay for an ad in the Yellow Pages (very expensive) and support 10 people in Mexico. This must be a great business or is it possible he may not be paying quiet ALL his taxes. If our cruel government does not award his employees with legal work papers for entering the country illegally, it is not his fault if he can not pay taxes on them. I wonder does he pay a livable wage, provide health insurance, pay overtime as required by law, and have workers comp. on all employees (sub contractors). Can any of his employees enjoy his life style. Indocumentado please let us know what your business is, we may be in need of your services. Don't worry we won't try to compete in business with you, after you know how lazy we are
P.S. Jeff C. I am ashamed. You would rather violate the law than clean your own house. Maybe we are getting what we deserve.

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Submitted by JeffC on Sat, 04/14/2007 - 8:36am.

I was just teasing valleygirl. Nobody cleans my house for me. Its a mess. All my illegals are restricted to working in the yard.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 04/13/2007 - 8:13pm.

Will you pick the peaches or have them picked, for the same wages as the Mexicans earn? Will you pick just as many as they do?
Is everyone in the yellow pages an American citizen? I find you hard to follow: does scool mean school?
Not sure what summiting taxes is...paying maybe?
All the high school students around here that I know won't show up six days a week at 6:00 A.M. for even two days much less the whole summer. they are also lazy. Take too many vacations and trips. Have no car and won't bring a lunch.
I suppose we will have to contract out all of the fruit and vegetables, roofing, gardening, grass cutting, and hod carrying to Halliburton, who will bring in Filipinos.
You say, "just tell them to leave," but I'm afraid they don't mind well.
Only way is NOT to hire them and pay much higher wages to Americans, and then we WILL do the work, at least some of us will.
Only way to stop the hiring is put a few company owners who hire them IN JAIL.

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Submitted by Indocumentado on Fri, 04/13/2007 - 11:34am.

What are you talking about?
I am listed in the Yellow Pages, have a flourishing business and making a lot of money and I send some to Mexico to support 10 more people until they come here. I am here in Fayette County, have a big house in PTC and a BMW and I am not going anywhere. I pay taxes every time I buy something (the receipt say so) I pay taxes to the federal government using a tax ID, many of my employees do, too, some cannot because the government has decided tokeep them in the shadows by not granting them licenses, Social Security, etc. We are here to stay, will never go back to mexico except for vacation. So, better get used to it. learn Spanish if your brain has space for it.
I have to go now, have to take my wife to collect the food stamps and help a friend to apply for medicare.


Submitted by thebeaver on Sat, 04/14/2007 - 9:03am.


You and all of your illegal, criminal Mexican friends are nothing but a bunch of cockroaches and estúpido perezoso.

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Submitted by AF A-10 on Thu, 04/12/2007 - 10:39pm.

We shouldn't hire any rodents. Especially people who call other human beings rodents. I would suggest you start a grass roots effort and destroy every food item and peice of property you have that was touched by illegals. Surely people on this post will follow suit. What do you say?

Kevin "Hack" King

Submitted by wildcat on Thu, 04/12/2007 - 9:11pm.

The Bell Curves reads that these type jobs were, at one time, held by the "lower end of the curve" persons. Do you remember back when it took only one income to support a family? When did that change? I grew up in the 70s and most families were single income and did fine. They had nice homes, a car (or two) and went to the shore for a week every summer and some of them held landscaping-type jobs. I think that, to a large extent, it is the fault of the education system with their "focus" on self-esteem. There is nothing demeaning about landscape work, or farming, or cleaning homes, unless, of course someone tells you otherwise. When I tell my students about some of the jobs I held as an adult (while working through college) they laugh hysterically at me. Of course, I laugh too when I remember delivering 90 papers each morning by 5:30 in the Iowa snow. I'm so glad I don't have to do that anymore. I guess that my point is, why won't people take these jobs? If there were no openings, we wouldn't have this situation.

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Submitted by JeffC on Wed, 04/11/2007 - 9:23pm.

I'll fire my illegal household help if you'll really come help me clean my house. I had a peach tree but it died so no problem there. For sure, for sure.

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