School committee, Segways get ‘no’ from PTC

Tue, 04/10/2007 - 4:21pm
By: John Munford

At its regular meeting last week, the Peachtree City Council declined a citizen’s request to form a volunteer school advisory board.

Council also turned down a request to allow Segways to be operated on the city’s golf cart paths.

The board had been requested by Peachtree City resident Cele Eifert, who hoped to provide information to the City Council on school-related issues. But Thursday night City Attorney Ted Meeker informed council that the city has no authority under Georgia law to create such a board.

Meeker added that he was dubious as to whether the city could even expend city funds on such a volunteer group. He was not sure whether the law allows the Fayette County Board of Education to start such a volunteer board.

In voting down the Segway access to the cart path, Councilwoman Judi-ann Rutherford noted several safety concerns from Police Chief James Murray which were contained in an email. Murray’s officers evaluated the scooter a while back for use by the police department. Among the police findings:

• The Segway doesn’t adequately protect the officer if a collision were to happen with a golf cart (and there are numerous blind curves on the path system which would increase the likelihood of a collision);

• The paths are uneven in many areas making it difficult to operate the Segway;

• The Segway is considered a motor scooter under the ordinance and if it were allowed perhaps other scooters would also have to be allowed; and

• The Segway is best suited for areas such as sidewalks, airports, malls and other places with flat surfaces.

The request to have the Segway added to the list of allowed vehicles on the cart path came from a shopping center developer that has lured a Segway store to the McIntosh Village retail center on Ga. Highway 54 West.

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Submitted by John Q Public on Sun, 04/15/2007 - 3:13pm.

The City Council voted No to Segways being on the cart path system last week. But the request should've never been discussed. The item was supposed to be pulled from the agenda but the request mysteriously misplaced until that Friday. The newest generation of Segways are superior to the older models. Not being allowed this personal, safe, environmentally friendly means of transportaion would be an injustice to the Citizens of Peachtree City. There are a number of different models that Segway offers. A commuter, an off road and a Golf model. This is not a machine that is going to place Kids on the path out of control. It only goes 12 miles an hour and will mostly grab the attention of adults and older adults. It is very easy to ride and much safer than a bicycle. The points that the Police Chief raises are not valid concerning the Segways. But, it does open a few good points about the cart path system. It seems we need to perform some maintenace and perhaps place a few mirrors in the "blind" spots so some poor citizen doesn't get hurt.

diablo_ogre's picture
Submitted by diablo_ogre on Fri, 04/20/2007 - 10:08am.

I agree the segways should be allowed on the cart path system. I grew up living in down town atlanta in the virgina highlands. That is were I grew up learning to ride my bicycle. Although the law states a bicycle should use the street I never rode in the street but always on the sidewalks because it was much safer. Well now I am down here on the south side of the city and love it. But the problem is there are hardly any sidewalks anywhere. PTC has the lovely cart paths but it seems like people panic when anything other than a golf cart is on them. I know bikes are allowed but people look at you with distain when you are on one. In this day of over priced gasoline and being enviormentaly friendly we should welcome other ideas of transportation. The article does contradict it self in that it states segways are better used on side walks and not cart paths. Cart paths are more flat than side walks. Have you ever tried riding your bike down most sidewalks when you can find them. They are more bumpy, broken, jagged, unkempt than any cart path. I welcome a time when more alternative forms of transportation will be excepted on the roadways.

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