Brown: Only ‘pro-family’ candidate

Tue, 11/29/2005 - 6:23pm
By: Letters to the ...

Many people have asked if I can pull a historic turnaround and win in the runoff election on Dec. 6. I tell everyone that unless the families that I have worked hard for over the last four years make it to the polls on Dec. 6 or participate in early voting (County Annex in Fayetteville: Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), it will be difficult.

Much to their credit, the pro-developer Direct PAC people got their group to the voting booth for Logsdon. Although their number is small, it still counts as a majority when only 30 percent of the registered voters actually vote. We need the hard-working families of Peachtree City to take 15 minutes to show up and vote.

I will continue my efforts to strengthen our quality of life and protect our green spaces and drinking water; thus keeping our top 10 ranking of Best Places to Live.

I will continue working with local governments and the state on efforts like the “74 Alliance” which is working on improvements to the Ga. Highway 74 and I-85 interchange.

I will continue to work on attracting high-paying, non-polluting jobs to our city and will retain our excellent relationships with foreign interests like the Japanese Consulate and the Danish Trade Commission.

I will continue to help our children and teens succeed with programs like the Peachtree City Youth Council and Teen Court.

I will continue to make Peachtree City a wonderful place to raise a family with superior recreational programs and facilities.

I will continue to work on ways to obtain large federal grants for our cart path system.

I will continue to promote principled governance and financial responsibility.

I will continue to listen to every citizen and hold back the special interests that want things only their way.

It is with good reason that my opponent failed to appear for a debate on the issues. My record is very clear and is listed on my campaign Web site. Peachtree City is one of the most family-oriented communities in the country, and my opponent completely neglects to even mention our children, teenagers or recreation in his political forum comments, campaign Web site or campaign mailers.

Neglecting the issues involving our children is anti-family and not effective leadership for Peachtree City. Gutting our recreation programs to payoff an autonomous authority is illegal debt is not leadership. Skipping an honest debate and questions from our citizens is not leadership.

My opponent says that the current City Council has failed regarding our quality of life. However, CNN/Money Magazine, the Standard and Poor’s rating firm, the Georgia Department of Transportation budget reflecting a record $66 million to improve our roads, and our city budget showing more funds, equipment and personnel being dedicated for cart paths than any other time in our history prove him wrong.

My opponent uses the key words “leadership” and “financial accountability.” The only public stand that my opponent has taken has been to oppose the smoking ban that was designed to protect our children.

He remained silent during four public hearings on the FY 2006 budget. He came forward at the Aug. 4, 2005, millage rate hearing and simply stated that the millage rate needed to be rolled back but offered no insight on what services to cut or how to accomplish the rollback.

In fact, my opponent has campaigned for nearly 12 months and has yet to convey a single position on how he would deal with taxes, cart path improvements, public safety, government collaboration, roads and traffic.

My opponent has stated in various forums that he will pay the illegal $1.5 million DAPC debt, pay millions of dollars in cart path repairs, pay for extended fire and EMS coverage and fund millions in vital stormwater repairs but he also wants to roll back the millage tax rate.

This would cause a huge budget shortfall and in no way resembles financial accountability. His position as a part-time financial planner does not translate into common sense municipal budgeting.

There is an issue-to-issue comparison at (verify the comparison by also going to You can continue to have a caring and productive public servant or a government leader that is dominated by a political action committee.

I would be honored by your vote in the Tuesday, Dec. 6 runoff election. Every registered voter can vote in the runoff even if you did not vote in the general election.

The Direct PAC and the former pro-development mayors will point a lot of negative fingers at Steve Brown for exposing unfair government but they have yet to speak up for the most important issues of concern to your families. Vote “pro-family” on Dec. 6 and vote for Steve Brown, a mayor that listens to you and your loved ones.

Steve Brown, mayor
Peachtree City, Ga.

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Submitted by MARLIN on Thu, 12/01/2005 - 7:41pm.

It's ironic that Steve Brown would stoop so low as to call himself the "only pro-family candidate". That's a direct insult to Harold Logsdon, who has worked hard all of his life, putting in long hours, supporting his wife, a stay-at-home mother, and two beautiful daughters. And at the same time serving his country, achieving the rank of Colonel. Yes, Harold is the traditional family man. I'm not sure what exactly Brown is, but from what I can determine, if I were choosing the "family man", Logsdon wins hands down over Brown. Brown is pretty dumb to try to make this an issue in the campaign.

This is the first blog I've ever written, but I couldn't sit quietly by and allow this falsehood to be perpetuated.

Submitted by questionable101 on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 4:40pm.

Mr. Brown, you constantly say how you are for family values, etc. You don't seem to get out with your family, especially in the mail outs you have done. They must be lonely with all the 70 hour weeks you spend at City Hall. They also must be glad you are going to be BROWNOUT soon and have you back home under foot again.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 12:11am.

Brown, you are incredibly desperate. To characterize everyone who opposes you as "pro-development" is bad enough. But to attempt to characterize everyone who opposes you as "anti-family" is a new low. We all moved here to raise our families. We, the citizens and parents, are what make Peachtree City such a great place. You are not responsible for the family oriented life style, WE ARE!
Where were you when WE were building the soccer and baseball fields?
Where were you when we were starting the Boy Scout troops?
Where were you when we started the youth groups?
You weren't even here! And you call US "anti-family!" That is DESPICABLE!
Steve Brown, YOU didn't build Peachtree City, WE did. And no, we aren't the "developers" that you are so obsessed with, we are the Soccer coaches, baseball coaches, team mothers, football coaches, Boy Scout leaders, school mentors, youth counselors. In short, WE ARE THE CITIZENS! We built Peachtree City, NOT YOU! We aren't "anti-family," neither is DirectPac, Harold Logsden, or anyone else. We are the great citizens that make up this great city. We do this in spite of people like you.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 9:12am.

Speaking as a Vet, a former Boy Scout leader whose son is an Eagle, one who started and headed a 4-H program that produced 2 Master 4-H'ers and won state and international titles in their field and a businessman I have seen nothing from Logsdon that warrants my vote.

His silence on key issues such as Stormwater is deafening.

His statements about avoiding the debate as regards the youth organizing were anti-excellence in youth.

I do believe I am pro-family and I don't see anything inspiring in Logsdon to date.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 9:41am.

Also as a vet, retired officer, former soccer coach, former baseball coach, school mentor, proud father of a son who is flying front line fighters for the US Navy, Brown's assault on the PARENTS of PTC SPEAKS VOLUMES. His assertion that HE is the ONLY reason that there are youth programs and recreational programs speaks volumes for his deliusional view. He has totally disregarded ALL of us who worked for YEARS to build this family friendly community. I am NOT anti-family! His characterization of such is despicable! You should also be incensed at this assertion. It is beyond all reason. It is insulting to the entire community.

The stormwater issue is FEDERALY MANDATED! It began due to Federal Mandates and will be completed due to Federal Mandate. Exactly WHAT stand do you expect? That Harold Logsden will abide by a Federally mandated program? Where is the issue? Brown WANTS you to believe it was his idea, it wasn't. He wants you to believe only he can accomplish it, anyone can. It is a non-issue because it is a federal requirement. In fact it will more appropriatly be accomplished by City Staff, NOT an egomaniacal mayor.

Brown has strongly supported youth programs. But he didn't start them. They already existed. And they are good programs. That is why they are NOT an issue. What do you want Logsden to say? That long running youth programs are good and will continue? The ONLY reason you think he would "disband" all youth programs and "turn them out to the streets to form gangs" is because Brown has made that suggestion. We all moved here for the quality family life. What makes you think ANYONE would do anything to destroy that? Every mayor, past or present has been strong supporters of our youth. Logsden will be no different. Brown simply wants to deflect the real issues and prey on the fears of the uninformed.

I am pro-family also. That is why I am so insulted by Brown's attempt to characterize me and others as "anti-family." He is simply hurting the character of the city with these insulting accusations. That isn't pro-family, it's pro-Brown!

If you are really interested in the future of the city you should look for a mayor who will stop constant character assasination. You should look for a mayor who respects ALL the citizens and not just the "yes" citizens. You should look for a mayor who will allow City Staff to do it's job. Logsden is that person. Brown has proven over his four years that he is a vindictive, slandering, egomaniac who is determined to push his own agenda.

You may be surprised to find out that there really aren't more than 3000 "developers" in this city as Brown has stated (those who voted for Logsden). Have you ever asked Brown exactly what all these "developers" are after? What they stand to gain? And don't say the 960 acres. Remember BROWN is the one who tried to do the BIGGEST Developer, John Wieland, a favor and annex his property.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 2:20pm.

Birdman, I respect your involvements.

But your assumptions of what a gracious mayor Logsdon would be are unfounded. A gracious and citizen conscience mayoral candidate would not play hide the answers until elected.

That assumption about him is a blind assumption due to your dislike for Brown.

There are several ways Stormwater can be handled.

Water, sewage and such are Utilities. Stormwater is a different form of these functions but still is a utility type function.

Most people do not understand utilities and see them as too expensive for such simple things as waste treatment and drinking water.

They don't have a clue how complex utilities are. And expensive to run.

Since this issue has come up I have lost count on how many friends and such I have had to explain the stormwater and utility issues to. Once they understood it they realized the Stormwater Utility was the way to go.

Utility means the monies do not get co-mingled with General Tax funds thus cannot get diverted to more popular issues by a Council vote.

Every indication I have seen from Logsdon is that is exactly where he wants it.

Putting it in the General Fund allows politicians, with positions such as Dan Tennant have expressed, to meet the minimum standards of Federal and State law and not meet the full needs of the citizens by constant "needful" and "better use" of the General Fund Monies.

Do you know anywhere around that trusts their sewage and drinking water to General Fund allotments by politicians?

So, you are showing ignorance of the full scope and realities of this issues, with a statement Logsdon has to do something therefore no issue.

If Logsdon, which every indication is, wants that issue part of the General Fund, there are most assuredly issues of control and performance.

Plus, a Utility qualifies for loan and other programs that a General Tax Fund does not. So better financial control and benefits.

Either way, Logsdon cannot deal with Stormwater and maintain or lower current costs to the citizens. Impossible on a 9.1 million dollar issue.

As for youth I have not seen one positive statement on the issue from him. So how do you know he as pro-family as you think.

You don't really know squat about what Logsdon would do.

Submitted by Sailon on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 12:36pm.

Better question would be who created the storm water? Developers did and didn't make proper provisions.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 2:52pm.

Some parts of the stormwater systems were created by developers.

But got news for you. The vast majority was created by PTC either directly or under PTC direct control.

See all those catch areas by the roads? Stormwater and city controlled and owned. Those retention and detention ponds throughout PTC? PTC owned for the most part.

How about the ditches running through and near Communities? Either owned by PTC or on PTC easements.

As for provisions? What in the world does that mean?

The normal used corrugated steel pipes have lives of 20-25 years. Then the CITY has to replace THEIR pipes.

Ditches almost never service one community or business area. Each can service miles of such. Thus city property.

Pipes can run for miles underground collecting water of roads. City property with life spans.

Pipes running underground in communities? City Property.

So yes, developers made a lot of errors in the past that must be fixed. But PTC allowed them to get away with it.

Now State and Federal Laws have clamped down on them. And many are whining blue streaks and seeking ways to get stronger requirements removed.

Is that what you want to happen to Stormwater issues? Relaxed back to where developers and City let things get by to be paid for later by others?

You really need to learn what this is all about before you start making pronouncements. We are the others who are paying for the relaxed standards of the past.

Even if installed perfectly the oldest parts are falling apart now and have to be replaces at PTC expense.

Think of it as a time line. Oldest parts of the time need repair and/or updating now. Each years more segments enter that critical age and need repair and/or update.

Now go 25 years forward after the current needs are met. Now you have the repaired/updated segments again needing repair/updating. But not them alone but as well everything newly built at the time of the first repair/update.

It never gets less. It will always get more. And thus we need the Utility with people specialized in that area as they are on water and sewage now.

Way to many people are not understanding this issue at all!

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 4:42pm.

Ok, you are correct that I am not well versed in Stormwater Management. But I will say that I am not simply blinded by hatred for Brown. From conversations with Logsden and with a number of people who have met him, he is a reasonable and conscientious man. To assume that he will automatically be horrible is to not have met with him. I know, I know, people have left emails that he hasn't answered. Well, same goes for Brown. Respect the fact that these two are being innundated at the present time. But I believe that Logsden will become well versed in Stormwater Management. He is not a hipshot type leader like Brown. He has been in significant leadership positions before. But what we don't need is someone who is a self proclaimed "expert" like Brown dictating every issue. The key to proper leadership is proper delegation. The mayor and council need to utilize all the experts and consider all alternatives before acting. Brown tries to do it all himself and "bulldog" his "plan." A good example is when he first became mayor he appointed a variety of committees to "study" ALL PTC regulations and advise the council on re-writes etc. The ONE constant to ALL committees was that Brown was a member. A friend of mine sat on the "Landscaping Committee" and told me Brown tried to monopolize the meetings and push his views. That is hardly how "advisory committees" are organized. They are supposed to be independent of those they are advising. My fear is that Brown will do the same thing with Stormwater. Push his "vision" and not listen to those who really know.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 6:21pm.

Thank-you on the concession. I like people who can do that, knowing it is hard to do.

I don't have any intention of hoping Logsdon gets elected, gets up to speed and then sees the wisdom of the Stormwater Utility.

He has been campaigning for a year. He should know by now.

There is just too much at risk.

He did promise to maintain or cut tax levels. How did he do that without already knowing about such a major cost as Stormwater?

To assume he is one great guy is a mistake many did with Clinton. The man could sweet talk like a pro.

I hope you can see where I am coming from in my logic.

I don't know Logsdon and that is the problem. He is stealth and I don't like that one bit.

I do imagine Brown has not answered everything emailed to him. But I do know where he stands on key issues. I don't know where Logsdon stands except on that debt issue.

Why won't he just tell us?

Using Stormwater as an example Brown never played the expert when he toured our area with us. He constantly deferred to the engineers and such.

Same at the Public Meeting. The main speaker was the engineer. He conducted the meeting, not Brown.

I also met with the engineer. One sharp guy there.

There is a superb plan in place with support mapping and such way beyond Brown's knowledge in the area. He said he was not the expert.

So why did he come? To see for himself. And I will fault no one for that.

I understand Stormwater. I understand the Utility. So Brown did not hoodwink me. I talked to him and pointed things out and he listened.

I also agree on delegation. I have done it in all positions of authority I have held and am a firm believer in it. He who leads least leads best.

Now the Bubble Burster. By city law Brown IS a member or every committee.

And that is fully in keeping with many Association Declarations and By-Laws.

But I will grant you there is a need to listen more and speak less except if in an area of real expertise.

I think Brown really gets excited by being part of it all. That he really cares.

Unfortunately that can result in a lot of speaking first and thinking later. Compounded by mistakes in trying to correct the errors.

Bottom line is I have no incentive to vote for Logsdon. He has told me nothing on what matters the most.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 8:07pm.

I appreciate your points. But from another perspective I have seen Brown split this city apart with his vitriolic attacks and accusations. He has too many convinced that this place was a bleak dark hotbed of corruption prior to his arrival. He has levied constant accusations against too many people (including me). I can never forgive him for that. I admit that the Stormwater issue is huge, but it isn't the only issue. There is a lot more riding on this than one issue. I also believe that Logsden is an honest and sincere person. To assume he will destroy the city with stormwater is a bit overblown. He is not like Brown. He doesn't want to change PTC in his own image. I know I will not convince you, but with experts (you seem to truly be one) around who can offer advice I suspect Logsden will take it all into account and lead the city in the right direction. Plus this isn't only upto the mayor. A good mayor (and I think Logsden will be one) will utilize his staff and council and the right direction will be the one we take. That is the difference I see between them. Brown is a "my way or the highway" type. Logsden has been in serious leadeship positions and will consider all input.
I hate the term "we agree to disagree," but I will say that one of us will be proven right.

I wish us both luck.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 8:27pm.

When the rhetoric dies you say some good stuff. (I mean that as a compliment)

True. Stormwater is not the only issue. But dig deeper at your own pace and you will find it is probably the number one issue in reality.

You will never hear me say Brown is the perfect mayor on many issues.

But like it or not, he has gotten some pretty important stuff into work. Things that went untouched for years.

And like it or not, Logsdon has said nothing for you to genuinely know what kind of leader he would be, what direction he would go and if he would help PTC or not.

There is no good reason for Logsdon to remain silent unless he has nothing or import to say. Thus letting other assume good a competence about him to get him elected.

You will find the Logsdon of your mind is the Logsdon of reality.

He could sway voters away from Brown by just being honest and tell us what we need to know. But apparently he feels we need to know nothing.

Isn't stuff like that what you feel Brown has done to make you mad?

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 8:44pm.

Actually it is what Brown says that has made me mad. Don't know if you followed his "career" prior to becoming mayor. I did. He spent about 3 years publicly attacking Lenox and the council. In fact he was so slanderous that he had a suit filed against him. He actually won the election on being opposed to Home Depot and Wal Mart (as well as annexation). We have beaten annexation to death, but as to the Big Boxes he actually stated he would rather fight them in court than give in. Of course that wasn't the case when he was mayor and Target became an issue. He simply wimply voted no with no real enthusiasm. He knew it would pass so he covered his behind. But what he didn't tell the voters in 2001 was that Home Depot and Wal Mart area was always zoned for that use. If the city went to court they would lose around $5 million and all architectural control. But Brown spouted off enought to win the election. And before you count the "mandate" he claimed, the runoff was about 12 percent of the voters and he got 60 percent. 20000 voters then 12 percent is about 2400. 60 percent is 1440. That is about 7 percent of the voters. SOME MANDATE!
Now the shoe is on the other foot and he is pointing out the low turnout etc. as an excuse. Actually a 40 percent turnout for a small local election is quite high. And 80 percent voted against him. That explains his desperation.

Anyway, what makes me mad is the lies, deceit, foolish spending, bad mouthing citizens and other govt. entities, driving business away, etc. Not his "silence." His silence would be appreciated. I am tired of his constant tirades in the paper. I'm tired of his verbal attacks on a number of citizens then quoting scripture and professing his "love" for us. I am tired of his constant refences to us as "his" citizens, "his" council, "his" city. It is our city and our council. He works for all of us. Too bad he doesn't respect that.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 8:57pm.

I can understand the anger. So don't go having a shock heart attack on me.

I am not blind.

But, I will not let myself look at this emotionally.

When I look at the ethical aspects both these guys disappoint me greatly.

I have to look at what they will do. Brown has already committed himself on issues I hold important on the course I want.

Logsdon has said nothing. Utterly nothing.

If he wants to get votes from people like me that is a really wrong thing to do.

I am not defending Brown. So let that go.

But it is a fact Target and so on were coming in here regardless of how the vote went.

I have looked at the history of these companies when they want to be somewhere. They get there by state court every time costing the community a fortune trying to fight them.

Submitted by Sailon on Wed, 11/30/2005 - 12:39pm.

What youth programs? Only thing I know is sports--mostly soccer and some basebsall. Doesn't do much for entertaining and social get togethers for teen-agers.

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