Getting it just right

I ran into a Pentacostal-Holiness-
Evangelical-Protestant Preacher, Father, Reverend, Excellency the other day.
It took us a while to decipher his titles and religion.
He assured me he was not a Latter Saint, Roman Catholic, Amish, Hindu, Muslim, nor had anything to do with Buddah or Jewish religion. He did like some of the American Indian smoke services, he said, and some mystics and Voudon practices--not related to snakes.
Agnostics and Atheists were just people to him who may yet be converted.
My only question for him was: do all of you people with these titles have basically the same faith, and if you do, why are many people so confused?
All he said was: "darned if I know, and if I did, there wouldn't be so many clans to confuse things."

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