County budget requests for more "heads"

After reading the county department head's request for additional head counts for the next budget, I was trying to add them up in my head, but soon I needed a calculator as I lost my way somwhere along at the sheriff's department.
This is the county, not PTC where we know they want scores more heads also in the FD, PD, and other, and the reason seems to be a couple of things: Can't keep up with duties, haven't added anyone recently (people are added every year), technology requires more key punchers and some programmers, need to slow down effort due to obesity, can't get as much done as we used to do, due to bad schooling and little desire to learn, even after 5, 10, 15, 20 years on the job, don't get any better at it!
Now, I don't know if we have any of the problems of Fulton County, where approximately 15% of the heads get coffee and breakfast, and lunch, for the other 85%, and then clean up.
Since they are not paid very well, I don't see how they can really afford take-out every day for two meals!
You see, you will never know if you have too many one place and not enough another if you don't do ZERO based budgeting.
Another thing: pay more and demand more. Don't keep someone around who can hardly walk, much less run, or requires constant supervision and correcting even after years on the job.
Using up tax money from citizens to provide more jobs than needed is selfish and incompetent.

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