Local TV weather people

I have been trying to keep up with the news lately from the Atlanta evening newscasts. Same news on all channels.
What I found amazing is the frequency of the weather "updates." Even when there is NO WEATHER, they update every three to five minutes anyway.
If one listens carefully to what they say to try and determine why they do it, it becomes even more amazing.
Example: "Boy, the weather today was marvelous. The jet stream was high and the wind was lower, but here, marvelous. Alaska has 29 degrees today, brr! Won't effect us though this week. We are .0000001 inches of rain behind, but boy, I sure am glad the weather is marvelous! Last month we were 0000.20000 inches of rain over for the year to date, but the weather today was marvelous. Something swooping and drafty may come along soon from Oklahoma, but it may not. We will let you know. We will be right back to update you so don't tune out, OK. Back to you Susie Q. and George and Harry.

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