Rental homes expanding in PTC

Thu, 03/08/2007 - 5:03pm
By: John Munford

Chief recommends working with landlords of problem houses

It's no big secret that many of Peachtree City's older neighborhoods have homes that are converting into rental properties.

Some are owned by residents who bought homes elsewhere in the city but wanted the rental income. Others are owned by former residents who have moved away, and still others are owned by real estate agents or management companies.

To help stave off problems with rental properties, Police Chief James Murray recommends that landlords seek a criminal background check on potential renters. And when problems do occur that necessitate a police response on several occasions, Murray said he will invite the landlord to the police department and provide them with the various reports so they are aware of what is going on at the property.

Still, some house rentals cause problems because landlords aren't interested in properly maintaining the property, noted City Councilwoman Judi-ann Rutherford.

"The point is, we have property owners who ought to know what's going on at their properties or they're choosing to ignore it," Rutherford said.

Murray suggested getting landlords involved when problems crop up.

Murray noted that the Wynnmeade subdivision used to have a significant problem with criminals living at rental properties, but the homeowners banded together and cooperated with police to help curb the situation. Part of the solution was ferreting out landlords who were abusing a federal housing aid program designated to help disabled persons, Murray said.

Neighbors in the area also were aggressive about reporting crimes to police, which made it easier to handle situations as they arose, Murray noted.

The Wynnmeade homeowner's association have been "the eyes and ears" of police, Murray said.

Rutherford said Wynnmeade's revitalization has been a success story for the city.

Murray was asked how the department handles situations when it comes across illegal immigrants. He noted that federal agencies are only interested in deporting illegal residents who commit violent crimes such as rape or child molestation.

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yellowjax1212's picture
Submitted by yellowjax1212 on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 2:24pm.

Many of the rental properties in PTC are kept in good shape and have been earning a nice return for the owners for years. No doubt there are problems in some areas and they should be addressed Perhaps some blanket regulations for all rentals are in order. Not just a suggestion that landlords get a background check but a requirement. i know that adds cost for the landlord but it would be worth it in the longrun. And maybe a master list of all rental properties in the city to be provided to Police and Fire officials.
As far as the short fall at the Police and Fire depratment are concerned, I do not understand why we would pay less than the average salaries for cities our size and I can not fathom why every new developmental impact study does not include the cost of additional Police and Fire protection. If the new growth can't support the cost neccessary for the additional public saftey then it shouldn't be built period.

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 9:00pm.

This is actually just a small hick town, that's why there is never any thought as to the cost of additional emergency personnel that would be required to handle the additional citizens.

Developmental impact study??????? Huh???
This is just a small goofy town trying to masquerade as the Hamptons or Beverly Hills. The problem is they don't have the manners or the money to carry off the charade.

Chief Murray should be "inviting" the parents of the teens to the police station. Everytime they get caught doing something wrong he should be having a "come to Jesus" meeting with the parents. Stop worring about the the slum lords they are here because the good people are being driven off by the teens who act like rabid spider monkeys.

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 6:28am.

You are using common sense.........careful....this is PTC... chief Murray is going to invite you to the station until you see the error of your ways.

If you were one of our coucilfools he would already have you locked up and charged with using common sense.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 3:26am.

The slightest hard times causes rentals. It would be a poor society that didn't allow a homeowner to rent his house instead of losing it. Have you noticed just how many houses are selling now each week? Hardly any. How many new building permits have been issued lately?
Debt and job losses here have begun to take their toll. People employed by the tax rolls are unaffected, it seems.
A planned community can lose that designation in no time with such circumstances. Over development (in over-borrowed money times) has finally started the demise.
To threaten a landlord by "inviting" them to the police department is tantamount to gestapo tactics! Issue a summons for a violation of the law or not, or maybe just get the neighbors to spy on them and call the cops? The solving of crime in the Wynnemeade area is news to me. I think it just moved a block.
Maybe some spies can be set up at Y-Not? Or, on the cart paths?
Come on folks, we had better create some jobs around here other than putting more people on the tax payroll.

Submitted by skyspy on Fri, 03/09/2007 - 8:28am.

We might as well get comfortable with this folks. We are short police officers and firfighters. When that happens people, or good people move. When crime moves in good people move out.

When that happens I will rent my home to section 8 type people. As far as I'm concerned our low-life city councilfools threw the first punch. The cheap people whining about a tax increase have also thrown the first punch.

If memory serves Riverdale started their downhill spiral by not staffing police and firmen to meet at least the minimum national standards.....then the good people took off ...and section 8 moved in.

Would a 100-200 dollar tax increase really be that painful for anyone?

This is a very dark period in PTC history.

Maybe we should all just throw in the towel, rent our homes to the illegals, move into McIntosh Village(since the taxes are much cheaper in coweta) and rent our homes to the workers who will be building the next city. I wonder how many homes tom reese will sell when people realize they are paying top dollar to live next to crime/section 8 dale?

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 03/09/2007 - 8:48am.

I don't understand some peoples logic who say that a $200 per year tax increase is "nothing," if it is for something they want.
First, it is "something" to retired and low wage people.
Secondly, If one increases taxes for, say, the fire department by $200, then next year it will be the police department, and next year the recreation department, and, and,... and ten years later the $200 is $2000 added to the tax bills. I know some don't care about that either, but do you really want to live somewhere that prices out many? (yes, of course, you do).
Zero based budgeting each year would solve two-thirds of these problems. Look at every dime spent in every department and justify it all every year instead of just adding on. Maybe we wouldn't need an Assistant Town Manager, or so many senior officers, or so many senior firemen, or, or, or...What makes a $36,000 fireman cost $75,000. I know that is not what "grows" jobs in the tax paid services, but it was never intended to be a job haven.

bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 9:38pm.

"He noted that federal agencies are only interested in deporting illegal residents who commit violent crimes such as rape or child molestation.

we get to "handle" the rest as we see fit?

PTC City Council, WAKE UP, the PTC Police dept. needs "OUR MONEY", not your money, to help with this. Get off the dime, forgo your raises, for your part-time jobs, and hire highly qualified police officers NOW!

While you're at it, hire the personnel we need for the Fire Dept. too.

We didn't need a referendum for "YOUR" tennis center we don't need one for this, get off your collective "bottoms" and just do it!

Submitted by Doug on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 8:19pm.

Rental blight is becoming a huge problem in Peachtree City! When you hear people in residential real estate talking about the big TDK residential projects turning Peachtree City into a second tier housing market, our current rental surge is a bad sign of things to come for large sections of the old housing stock.

ftp's picture
Submitted by ftp on Fri, 03/09/2007 - 10:15am.

FYI folks, not all renters are section 8, poor, or minorities. Some people rent for other reasons:

1) While home building
2) While Home shopping
3) Corporate Rentals
4) Have no intentions of living in Peachtree City more than a year or two.
5) Have a home elsewhere, just here to work.
6) Have no time or patience to deal with repairs.
7) Dont want to deal with these people you PTC residents consider "builders" and "contractors"...... The people building $500K houses in this city aren't qualified to mow lawns in most states. I saw a $650K house being built using incorrect building material all over. I'd hate to see that house in 10 years.


Your white, upper class, college degreed, well paid renter who owns a home elsewhere and is glad he chose not to buy/build here 2 years ago seeing how this city is turning out now. NYC can clear 10 million people between 5 and 6 PM, my 3 mile commute takes 30-40 minutes. (rolls eyes)

lefont's picture
Submitted by lefont on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 1:25am.

It's incredible to see a fair minded person expressing their opinion in this area.

It's also incredible how many problems in this area (Peachtree City-Coweta) are blamed entirely on the illegal immigrants, on the minorities and on those who are less fortunate than the million dollar and up house owners in Peachtree City.

As a reminder many of their houses where built by underpaid illegal workers that had no choice but to get exploited by our own citizens that take advantage to make top dollar and sell these properties for much more that what they are worth.

In the meantime, all these immigrants are put in the same bag, and they are accused of being criminals, because they are destined to live in an ill-conditioned rental property that they can get for the type of money that they can earn. A trailer park on Highway 16 in Coweta county was condemned for building codes, but the residents there were paying top dollars to live in a miserable place.

Many of these immigrants file taxes under Tax ID's they request from the IRS, because they know that paying taxes is an obligation in this country and they feel if they want to make a future for their families they have to comply with these types of requirements. In return, they don't get any returns, but the IRS is very happy to keep that tax money.

Also, in return they have to pay top dollar for any kind of medical or dental services. Why? because they are afraid to go to any medical facility and say they don't have a social security, therefore they pay top price, while every one, the more fortunate, and include myself only pay a $15 copay for the same service.

This state if full of businesses that are ready to take advantage of the less fortunate immigrants, that have language limitations and are told an incredible amount of lies.

I hope to see the day that people realize that the amount of economic growth that immigrants provide to this country greatly outweights the amount that they spend. Because in the end it is always a race matter.

A current state resolution that gives power to the police to stop "possible" illegal immigrants is an example of that. It's just downright racist. Would police stop a pretty Eastern Europe illegal immigrant for questioning or a working class Mexican legal immigrant for the same purposes? The answer it's obvious.

yellowjax1212's picture
Submitted by yellowjax1212 on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 12:21pm.

You make many good points in your post. All of the problems we are having can not be blamed simply on illegal immigrants. However, this is not "always a race matter" (as yo have stated). It is a "Rule of Law" matter. It is what has made this country great for over 200 years. Regardless of someone's skin color or nationality the "Rule of Law" must be applied to everyone. We can not tell one group of people that it alright to break this law or that law and after a long enough period of time we'll just forget that you broke them and give you the same status that is granted the others who have followed those laws.
Are most of the illeagals hard working folks just rtrying to make a living? I sure hope so. And I do feel sorry for peole born in other countries who do not have the opportunites we do in the USA(Isn't it kinda strange how we are told that everybody in the world hates us but so many people will risk their lives and the lives of their families to come here). But on the issue of legal / illegal is there is no grey, only black and white. Oops there I go with the color thing.

Submitted by landlordingfun on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 1:48pm.

lefont, thank you for your comments.. You are so right..

As a landlord of "former" section 8 properties, the transformation to non-section 8 has been a welcome relief.. Where I once worried for my safety at any time of the day, that is no longer the case today..

What was once drug infestation, single parent head of households, kids in trouble, and plots for the next way they could receive more gov't money (more babies), cars stolen, breakins, has now been taken over by.. Church vans providing transportation services, flowers planted in the yard, family birthday celebrations, cookouts with friends, kids playing soccer, empty parking lots during the daytime m-f (everyone is working or at school), folks sitting in their homes in the evening learning English and kids doing homework, along with people that pay their own rent on time, every time! A huge positive change in the community!

The redneck politicians of this state have missed the mark with their upcoming June 2007 laws against illegal immigrants in this state. Do we need registration format? Yes, they want nothing more! They want to be able to drive legally and work legally and pay their taxes legally! Most are not interested in citizenship, they have pride for their country, inspite of its gov't corruption, which they hope to overcome someday.

Our growing economy and the demand for an increased labor force and 20 years of ignoring the border situation, with no rapid path (3 year process at best) for worker registration has created this situation. Our Gov't jobs program at work, if that is what you want to call it. Starts out horrible, then gets worse!

Run them off? see what returns.... More section 8 opportunities, I'm sure of it! Then the gov't will be sending me the rent check again, every month, but often late..

Submitted by Davids mom on Sun, 03/11/2007 - 7:54am.

.. . for your thoughtful input.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 03/09/2007 - 3:08pm.

Delta is ready when you are. Smiling

Non-stops leaving almost hourly for NYC.

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