Mayor: Issue of the Night - Annexation

Well, it looks like Steve Brown stole my thunder. Almost.

I wanted to present each candidate’s plans for common topics for the upcoming election, using platforms as presented from website, candidate forums and other pieces of press. If you visit the mayor’s campaign website,, the incumbent attempts to portray a comparison similar to the one I was beginning to formulate.

The only problem with these “comparisons” is simple – Steve Brown manages to prove that neither side has a clear direction for the next four years.

The incumbent repeats, almost appearing with glee, to state that Logsdon has “no previous experience” and “no positions” regarding topics including land planning/quality of life, westside annexation, the cart path system, seniors’ issues, traffic and roads, financial accountability, illegal development authority debts, youth programs and schools, and government cooperation.

Conversely, a cyber trip over to Harold Logsdon’s website,, will lead you to the issues the challenger cites as important to his campaign: quality of life, westside annexation, Fire and EMC (sic) coverage on the South Side of the City, Cart Paths, Traffic, Seniors and Retirement Community, financial accountability, controlling spending, individual department audits, reestablishing vital relationships with the business community, working with state and local governments.

So let’s compare – what do they have in common? Tonight we’ll go with annexation - both want to pursue annexation. Brown appears to want to mandate a senior component, while Logsdon supports keeping it within the “city standards”. As an important aside, the mayor’s senior housing concept seems to have been altered depending on the audience; this change in position without corresponding justification has angered at least one vocal westside advocate (Mr. Kinser).

So, when it comes down to comparing apples to apples on annexation, it looks like both sides want it. WINNER = neither.

So, it’s 0-0-2 on my list of issues – negative job growth and annexation.

Now, why I believe Logsdon is the better candidate on this issue?

The mayor’s stance on annexation appears to be quite a change for the mayor since his original campaign in 2001. Then-candidate Brown offered up annexation as something to be voted on by the people. Unfortunately, that isn’t how annexations work.

In reading Brown’s current evaluations of Logsdon’s knowledge and experience, I cannot help but go back to the 2001 campaign when Brown, and outsider without experience in the government sector, was swept into office on a platform of changing the current regime. Funny how now, when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s bad not to have experience.

So that’s tonight’s take from someone who “don’t know”.

As far as a response from either side regarding answering questions on this forum:

Reticence from both candidates, depending on the source of the question (if it comes from a reporter, it appears Mr. Brown will take the issue to task, while Mr. Logsdon, at least in this venue, has decided what he has said prior to the general election is enough), is now to be expected from both sides in the very few news cycles prior to the election. Both candidates will be firm with their stances and won’t necessarily give into the platitudes provided by the public. For me, that’s okay – I made the decision originally to support Dar Thompson for his concrete plans for raising revenues in a declining municipal economic outlook. As he didn’t make it in, I went to the next most important value I find attractive in this election – past experience. I evaluated the “experience” of both candidates. I reviewed what the incumbent has done in the past four years and what has happened in this town, and, quite frankly, I don’t like it. So, in comparing “four more years” of backbiting, media stunts and “progressive” government that involves severe litigation and ill feelings, I’d prefer the new guy. At least with him there’s a ray of hope he’ll be better than what we have.

Just my opinion.

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PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Sat, 11/26/2005 - 11:53pm.

The issues of golf cart paths and Stormwater? Compare and rate them and total them into the overall score.

You are slanting your statements here to give a desired outcome.

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