When will we stop

From the 1800s til about the 1950s we had names for immigrants--legal or illegal. ("we" being: anyone who had assimilated fully).
I remember "guinea wops," "tallies."
"chinks," "gypsies" (traveling kind), "pollocks," "huns," and scores of names for African Americans, or negroes or blacks as they were properly called then.
We have apparently reached the end of full assimilation for the majority of current immigrants. Most seem to prefer to hang onto their heritage for some things, but not for other things.
They wish to be free to primarily socialize with their own kind, but have no problem with taking full advantage of the general health and welfare that is available for those who prefer to not pay their way, or simply can not pay their way for whatever reason.
This attitude also exists in the "assimilated" people, including tenth generation immigrants, but up until recent years the numbers were manageable by society.
Now that "minorities" are approaching, as a whole, the same number of people as non- minorities, our system can no longer handle the total. Those who pay are resisting those who do not!
The old religious rules (help the poor) are being thrown out the window due to volume.
The answer is not a "wall, or jail, or return to sender, but in education and rules. Our expectations must be high and we must help those needing to assimilate to do so. If they don't----those that don't need to be dealt with now while we still can. How? Put them to work at something, anything. In order to get out they must learn to be a part of the whole. Not get out of jail, get out from under the stare of everyone else!

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