Medical info. Bracelets and Charms

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A little background... My Grandmother recently began taking a blood thinner. I looked into getting her one of those very popular bracelets to wear so that everyone would know that she is on the thinner if something should happen. Well, I didn't like the idea of paying @ $50 for an i.d. bracelet. If it was the only alternative, I would gladly pay it, don't get me wrong.

So I was brainstorming on how we could get an i.d. of some sort for a reasonable price. Then I thought about the pet tag machines at local pet stores, "big blue", etc. They have numerous shapes and sizes available. I purchased 2 tags. 1 with emergency contact #s. 1 in the shape of a heart with the name of the medication on it.

This tip could save some people quite a bit of money. I spent $9. If I had purchased these tags from the most popular supplier, I would have spent over $100.

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