Our Economy

We now have a 13.2 Trillion dollar domestic product (product also inclues money spent for services, 80%).

The breakdown: Services 80%, Industry 19%, Agriculture, misc., 1%.
77% of our workers are made up of: managerial, professional, technical, sales, office, and service (misc.)
We have 485 million telephones.
How long will the 19% industry carry the 80% non-industrial?

The average family owes 15,000 dollars on credit cards, much of it for medical bills and education. Most homes are mortgaged for more than they are worth.

My opinion is that if we were to have a stock market breakdown similar to 1929, it wouldn't take a month for us to be broke, including the citizens.

We better get some more products back into this country before we forget how to make any.

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