Change for the better in schools starts with us

Tue, 02/06/2007 - 5:14pm
By: Letters to the ...

My communication is in response to a disturbing letter printed on 12/27/2006, challenging minority families in Fayette County to stand up and demand changes at Sandy Creek/Flat Rock/Burch schools, before they mimic the schools in Clayton County.

However, any problem affecting our schools becomes a community problem, and not necessarily a minority problem, as the reader would have us believe.

My initial reaction was to respond in the same accusatory and negative manner in which the writer used in their complaint. Instead, I will look at the writer’s concerns and fears as nothing more than a lack of knowledge concerning change.

You see, before we change anyone or anything, we must first begin with ourselves. I wonder if the writer has done or is willing to do anything to help with any of the problems. If I recall my history correctly, minorities have already been standing up for justice, respect, and the opportunity for a successful future, for the past 150 years or so, many times at the expense of lost lives.

As a so-called minority (I really dislike that term) of two children in the Fayette County School System, I am willing to lend a hand at the above schools, even though my children attend school elsewhere. We have a say in the future of our schools. Are there others willing to invest a little time to brainstorm strategies to ensure our schools continue living up to the high standards so many families have moved here for?

My contribution is responding to this writer’s letter and sending a copy to the Board of Education, the NAACP, the schools listed above, and the non-profit organization Factor, an organization taking the lead in recognizing that the face of Fayette is changing. Together we can make sure our schools continue living up to their reputations.

This is a rallying call for all families in Fayette County interested in preserving our schools. Contact the Board of Education and request a public forum to discuss problems at the above schools. Whether your child attends them or not, we have an obligation as citizens to ensure our school system remains one of the best in Georgia.

Name not withheld,

Rebecca Miller
Lovejoy, Ga.

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Submitted by mine_is_gone on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 9:44am.

until now. I feel it came from the heart and was written by someone who really cared. My child refused to go to Sandy Creek and as a result, went to live with the other parent which broke my heart. Several of my child's best friends there were black, and they were good kids. But why my child wouldn't go, had todo with the daily disruption of the class by the same bunch that knew they could get away with it and if the teachers complained would play the race card. They were girls. This seemed odd as my child was no scholar or book worm. For children that don't like school, or of average intelligence, this disruption in the class makes it almost impossible for them to focus or do anything but bring home lower grades.
I am not Black, but I feel the school board is doing a horrible disservice to the Blacks that saved to move to a better school district only to see what they thought they left behind, tolerated here. Their children have self restraint, so why do you let these others run wild and give everyone a bad name? Then you insist on bussing kids from the other side of the county PAST FCHS to FRMC and SCHS! This is not fare and this is a big part of the problem and it isn't going away till you do something about it.

I also understand why the person didn't sign their name, look at what happen to Cosby for saying the same thing.

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