Shutting down Boston

Two young men in their mid to late 20s working for an ad company, hung numerous electronic signs throughout Boston promoting a new Cartoon Network kids show.
One of those signs was looked upon susiciously by someone who reported it. In this time of terrorism in the world the management of Boston went wild and shut the place down. Once they found out they were harmless they simply took the others down.
Then, they arrested the workers--not the ad company, not Turner executives, not city hall for not knowing about whether a permit was issued or not, but the workers.
When these two guys were bonded out they didn't want to talk about the signs, but would talk about their long hair, etc. They were just workers hanging signs. They knew they were not bombs. I thought it was hilarious how they reacted because any other thing, including no comment, would have been taken seriously.
I also noted how the Mayor braged on all the "cooperation" there was between a laundry list of agencies to stop this bombing. This was before they knew it was a sign. This sort of blustering seems to be standard procedure everywhere. They never, or just briefly, mention that they got a PHONE tip and went there and solved the problem.

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