Tue, 01/23/2007 - 5:08pm
By: The Citizen

Reading through this morning’s Citizen, I couldn’t help but be concerned by the number of arrests listed on Page A3. Then, I got over to Page A10 and found almost 50 more. I could only conclude that Fayette County isn’t becoming like Clayton County, we are already there.


In the arrest reports of 1/17/07 issue of The Citizen 14 people with Hispanic names were arrested. How many were driving without a license? Fourteen. They’ll make great law-abiding future citizens, don’t you think?


I may as well join in with comments regarding a certain south Fayette County high school. I am talking about WHS. I substitute teach there about once or twice a week. I agree wholeheartedly that the administrative staff and faculty are very condescending toward substitute teachers. I actually see their point. In their minds, they are better than “subs” or other subservient type workers. No big deal. Get over it. Besides, none of them take the time to read the vents or letters to the editors of local newspapers. They could care less what we children of a lesser god think. Get on with your life. The kids at WHS are great people to deal with and they come from some good homes in our south Fayette area.


Drop that cell phone and raise your hands. Ever thought that doing the right thing can get you in trouble? Well, it can in Clayton County. We have heard so much about not driving and using the cell that I thought by pulling over in a parking lot to speak to a coworker that I was being responsible. Not according to the Clayton County Sheriff Department. Recently I did just that and found myself being ordered by one of Clayton Counties finest to, “Drop that cell phone and raise your hands.” With his right hand on his gun and a belligerent voice I was ordered to comply. When I dared to question him as to why I was being threatened he stated, “Do you think this is funny? This is life and death. Someone can get killed.” Well, since he was the only one with a gun I took this to mean yours truly. He mentioned, “Drug dealer ... burglar.” Did I mention that I am a 45-year-old male in a company van so garishly painted that you can see it in the dead of the night? Not what I would call a good “do not notice me” getaway vehicle. Or that it was 1:30 p.m. daytime and I was dressed in business attire. After about 10 minutes he came back to the passenger side door, motioned for me to open it, placed my license on the passenger seat and left, never uttering another word: No apology for my inconvenience, or his over-cautious approach. When I asked for his name I got a slammed door for a response. Did I also mention I am a retired police officer from Alabama? Fourteen years on the force and have handled the same situation hundreds of time, and never have I ever seen one of my fellow officers or myself treat a citizen this way. I guess that reputation for Clayton County is well deserved; come on, you know the one.


I applaud the recent efforts of the Peachtree City Council to bring much needed new development and infrastructure to our city. For too long we have been a quiet little town with nothing but single-family homes, neighborhood schools, safe streets, boring churches and pathetic little local merchants. Who wants to live in a place like that? Only when we have a big-box Lowe’s right across the street from our big-box Home Depot will we have truly achieved shopping Nirvana, with enough economic power to draw in those huge crowds of highly desirable affluent consumers from Clayton County. The many road improvements are also long overdue. We’ve ignored the incredible potential of Ga. highways 54 and 74 for decades and it’s going to take several years for this City Council to bring those under-used roads up to the standards of truly sophisticated metropolitan thoroughfares like Riverdale Road and Buford Highway. The TDK Extension is also a stroke of genius. The people of Coweta County are our neighbors and they deserve a fully developed 20-mile-long Fayette Strip Mall to cruise along on the way back to their high-density apartments, townhouses and cluster-homes. It’s our duty as good neighbors to provide that road. I also want to commend the council for all the recent action they’ve taken to address the serious local vegetation problem. A recent drive along Hwy. 74 South shows the enormous progress that’s been made in this area. There are far too many trees lining the streets and highways in our city and these obstacles could be very hazardous for all the traffic passing through to the new McIntosh Village development. There are a few areas in which our City Council has been remiss, however. The type and character of development contemplated by the council is inevitably going to attract a lot of complementary supporting businesses. There’s been little attention paid to legislating standards for the construction of these businesses. Before it’s too late, the mayor and council should immediately consider enacting sign ordinances for all strip clubs and massage parlors located within the Peachtree City limits. We don’t want just ordinary signage. The colors of all neon signs over 20 feet tall must match the building exteriors and blend in seamlessly with the architecture of neighboring residential subdivisions. This type of development is welcome — I’m tired of having to leave my home county just to find a good adult book store — but the low class cheap signs can be a real problem. The City Council also needs to get tough when it comes to pawn shops and check cashing stores. A convenient place to borrow money against your TV or obtain a quick payday loan will of course be a vital part of the economic growth envisioned by our leaders but the places offering these services must have adequate parking available. All those Coweta commuters passing through our city must be able to stop and shop with as little hassle as possible. The mayor and City Council have put forth a vision for growth that will lead our city into a bright and prosperous future. We should all be supportive of their efforts.


The future development of the PTC Hwy. 54 West shopping center is headed down the wrong road. What is now pasture will soon be another Lowe’s and Kohl’s. Our community has no decent shopping, no up-scaled department stores, or desirable restaurants. Instead we are left with low-quality “big-box” stores that sell mediocre clothes and poorly made products, and chain restaurants with substandard food. It is a shame that we have to take our hard-earned income 30-plus miles away to places like Atlantic Station, Lenox Mall, and Mall of Georgia to spend a day out shopping and dining. These communities are reaping the benefits of our lack of available shopping. Yes, they do have some of the same stores, but their stores are twice as large and have four times the selection. With a population of 105,000 and a $36,000 per capita income, with an $86,000 median family income in Fayette County (2005 U.S. Census), you would think consumers would have more options of full-sized, quality-oriented shops and restaurants closer to home Again, do we really need another Kohl’s, or Lowe’s? Will this soon-to-be developed shopping center end up as a disaster like another Fayette Pavilion with its retail stores, traffic congestion and crime? And what is to become of the existing Kohl’s and Lowe’s when they lose half of their clientele? Why not develop the land into a well-planned pedestrian-friendly shopping center like Atlantic Station or The Avenue? Doing this will cause land values and tax profits to skyrocket, and more importantly, make Fayette County a more desirable place to live. — Student, 17


Not reelecting Steve Rapson and Steve Brown was the right choice. We don’t have to agree on everything Councilman Boone and Mayor Logsdon stand for but the city is heading in the right direction under their leadership regardless of what everyone thinks.


To the person who wrote in Free Speech about not restricting “local developers” from building the big-box kind of stores in Peachtree City, none of the proposed big boxes are from local developers. They are all from out of town. Build the junk, take the cash and run as fast as you can. They don’t have to live with the consequences like we do.


What we’re starting to see in Fayette County, especially Peachtree City, are people in charge running from the truth. The commissioner from Coweta bluntly said they don’t really care what happens in Fayette County. They don’t care about our traffic, our crime rates or anything else. Steve Boone and Judi Rutherford supporting Mayor Logsdon’s build-it-all strategy with TDK is no better than agreeing with President Bush that 20,000 more troops are going to bring peace in a land mired in sectarian violence where the prime minister is beholden to a Muslim cleric who has his own agenda. Fayette County is changing in a bad way. It’s like someone taking over our house while we went on vacation and they installed pink cabinets and painted the walls black.


Why is the city council of Peachtree City so willing to get spanked on TDK? I want to see Mayor Logsdon, Judy Rutherford and Steven Boone put an explanation in writing and send it to the local papers for all to see. When the Coweta commissioners admit we are going to take a beating, the average citizens are left wondering why our elected officials still want to go through with it. Stop the back-room antics and be accountable.


After the recent barrage of awful news on TDK, one thing I know for sure is I dislike Coweta’s Commissioner Poole more than I dislike our own council. What a jerk. Why do we let that guy get a billion dollars in tax revenue and we get stuck with his traffic and road bills? Are we really that dim?


While driving south on Hwy. 74 in Peachtree City recently, I noticed a train that was parked on the new siding. In the row of cars I counted four tankers labeled as carrying chlorine. The train was parked 100 feet from homes and close to Wal-Mart and The Avenue. As I recall the mayor at the time this siding was built indicating there wasn’t anything that could be done to prevent this from being constructed. It’s sad when the health and safety of the citizens is held in such disregard by our elected officials. This is just another sign of the gradual erosion of the quality of life of our beloved city. Say a prayer for the people living in Centennial that there is never an accident on that siding.


The Jenkins Road issue is where Councilman Grace Caldwell has made all the difference. Councilman Mike Smola and Mayor Sheryl Lee have wanted to rezone everything. The latest Wieland rezoning came right after the mayor promised to not rezone the site. After she got elected, she threw those promises out the window. That’s all we need: Thousands of more cars on the roads. Thank you, Grace and Gloria, for turning our city in the right direction. We need someone to run against the developer monkey Mike Smola.


The acceleration lane onto Interstate 85 northbound from Hwy. 74 has a solid white line on the left side for several hundred feet. This means that you cannot change lanes to the left until the line becomes broken. So don’t flash your lights at me when I legally change lanes in front of you after you have pulled your illegal NASCAR move to pass me. A few more seconds is not going to make a lick of difference in your commute.


It won’t be long before Iran has nuclear weapons. They plan to take care of Big Satan (us) and Little Satan (Israel) once they have them. We should use a page from FDR’s foreign policy book and lend-lease Israel the means to thwart the fanatical Iranian government. We should loan them stealth and refueling aircraft, and ship-based missile systems plus laser bunker-buster bombs and missiles to destroy Iran’s early warning system, command and control centers, fighter aircraft, and nuclear facilities. Repeat as necessary.


Do you believe the high cost of living is justified in this country? Business owners and CEOs are getting rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and you and I are giving them those riches for nothing in return. As a tax auditor for an agency in another state several years ago I was assigned to audit a large dairy farm. It was a family-owned business with husband, wife, son and daughter. The employees’ salaries ranged from $18,000 annually to $44,000 annually. The husband and wife each drew a salary of $750,000. The son and daughter each drew a salary of $250,000. The wife did not work in the business but maintained the home as a “show place” for the family-owned dairy. Both the son and daughter were full-time college students in another state. Do you wonder why you pay over $3 per gallon for milk? The same situation exists in other industries such as the oil and pharmacy industry where thousands of top executives are drawing salaries in the millions of dollars. Many of them have no duties to perform whatsoever. They just take mine and your money and do nothing to earn it.


My faith in our nation’s future has taken and recovered from a lot of blows in my 70 years. But 11-year prison sentence for two Border Patrol agents because they shot a drug smuggler is the crowning blow. The fat lady sings.


The party that gave a Spanish-language version of their “State Of The Union” speech says they are the party of working men and women. Sorry to say that this is not your father’s Democratic Party.


Because the American Indians didn’t have immigration laws, they were all but swept into the dust pan of history on their own land. Unenforced immigration laws equal no laws and with the same “sweeping” results.


Could it be that one man’s dream is another man’s nightmare?


Some how I missed the edition of Free Speech that contained the informative piece on “Loose Change.” You remember the Web site with the documentary on events that led up to and after the 9-11 Twin-Towers tragedy. Just go to Yahoo and in the search area type in “Loose Change” and pick video B (I believe you will be directed) and you will be amazed at the events that were unfolding in the weeks and days prior to and after the attack against the U.S. It will amaze you and scare you. This is not a gory video; it’s more of an information video. It asked more questions than I have heard answers for. I must admit it really shocked me to the core and with the life and varied background that I have led, that’s saying something. I am really surprised this has been kept as quiet as it has.


Subject of Free Speech item makes reply

From the pompous, arrogant joker in the black F-350 Super Duty FX4 with USMC and two Carolina Panther stickers on each side: For the record my name is Skip Stephenson. I live in the Golf View community. My wife and I are both successful entrepreneurs in Peachtree City.

I left out the irresponsible part because I pay my bills, raise my children and volunteer in the community. The other adjectives I will gladly accept. The definition of pompous may be extreme; I mean, I do have a large amount of self-esteem but excessive? I would have to disagree.

I was trying to get to the hockey rink during the road race. Yes, I did get upset with the assistant chief of police. I don’t know where you were in relation to my conversation with the officer because you are hiding behind this anonymous forum called “Free Speech.” All who write in this are most likely diffident, craven and downright forlorn individuals who can’t make a personal stand on their own. They get their jollies off writing in because there is no accountability in doing so. I challenge you to include your names with your complaints.

For me however, I am a former Marine who CAN make a stand for what I think is right. See, what you don’t know, or better yet to put it in Paul Harvey’s words “the rest of the story”: I waited patiently for about 10 minutes during this road race. I just picked up two cups of coffee for my wife and me. Understanding this road race could take a while, I chose to turn off my truck, leave it in place and move it when the race was over, simply walking over to see my son play box lacrosse.

This is where assistant chief of police stepped in. He had two choices. 1. Let the parent go see his son play box lacrosse by overlooking any “law” they might be breaking because of the situation. Or 2. Make a stand and force the parent back to his vehicle with his authority. Obviously he chose 2.

Instead of seeing the situation for what is was (a parent wanting to see his son play box lacrosse) he refused to let the vehicle stay parked while the road racers crossed.

This would not be a unique situation. When the Tour De Georgia comes through, do they not let you park on the side of the road while they pass? During 4th of July celebration, do the roads not get lined with vehicles? After all, I was not leaving the vehicle there the rest of the day. Only until the road race was over but then I guess that would be droll of me.

I first started to explain myself to him in a professional manner when he (assistant chief of police) decided to exert his ascendancy in a stereotypical authoritarian fashion. This is when I made my stand.

I realize you don’t know much about stands, but I do. I do not apologize for my action nor do I care if you or anyone else was upset about it. While you continue to live your daft life I will continue to be the modest, self-effacing joker in the black F-350 FX4 with a silver tool box.

The officer involved knew he was wrong in this situation because in seconds of my “temper tantrum” he found a hole to let us through. I say success to my stance for my right to see my son. As for the road racers, good job on the race, I certainly did nothing to hinder their efforts.

Now, back to you: you called me all sorts of names such as irresponsible, pompous, arrogant, clown, hind-end of a donkey. I scoff at your remarks and choose not to lower myself to your childish behavior.

See, the example I set for my children is to stand for your rights, the rights my brothers and sisters in green throughout the ages have protected. Police officer does not mean anything goes. Police officer does not mean citizens can’t disagree with their decisions. Police officer does not mean follow every law to the letter.

Laws are guidelines. To be enforced at the best interest of the community. Last time I checked, forcing a parent to miss a child’s athletic event was not in the best interest of the community. If it is in your community, then I understand more about you. It makes sense writing in to the free speech section of The Citizen. I understand your personality more.

I have a different set of personality traits. Personality traits that I like to pass on to my son. These personality traits are why my son does not cower in the presence of ascendancy. He stands up, with respect and will challenge the dominion if he thinks it’s right. All are good personality traits I applaud.

This is why my son excels at most of what he does. This is why my wife and I have two successful companies in Peachtree City. This is why I disregard how you feel and why I disregard what anyone thinks of that situation.

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Submitted by justwant2live on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 11:53pm.

My Father and I went through a road check for the second day in a row off of hwy 92. My father was hooked up to a medical pump with the IV tube in plain sight, as we were off to see his doctor. A very tall cop had the nerve to ask us where we were going in the middle of the day. Knowing that he was probably still on his ego trip from being issued a badge and a gun and having woo woo lights on top of his car, I replied, anywhere we want to go, it's a free country isn't it? Just the way he asked the question made me want to call the police commisioner and ask why our "public servants", I have another name for this, can treat people with such dis-respect. Oh well, guess we both were having a bad day. Whewwwww, now I feel better.

Submitted by Flydecajon on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 10:00am.

Do you remember his name it is on there uniform?

muddle's picture
Submitted by muddle on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 9:12am.

I wonder why they are setting up a road check at mid-day. Seatbelts? Insurance? They're far more likely to filter out DUIs in the evening. (And at later hours they can set up on main arteries like 92 itself without causing major delays.)

Submitted by IMNSHO on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 9:34am.

The roadblocks are not just to find DUIs. There has been more than a few burglaries of homes in north Fayette County recently, occurring during the day when residents are at work. The roadblocks seem to be part of the response to that.

muddle's picture
Submitted by muddle on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 3:18pm.

That makes sense.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 11:56am.

It's a great way to catch illegals. Smiling


You don't need to defend a Lion. You just need to let him out of his cage.

C.S. Lewis

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 12:55pm.

Name ONE (one) illegal the county or city has "caught?" They do not want any. Don't know what to do with them. Talk about overlooking certain ones violating the law!

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 1:22pm.

Go back about 3 0r 4 weeks ago and find the story where the FCSO set up DUI roadblocks. They caught a bunch of skilled drunk drivers, people with out insurance, driving with out a license and a pack or two of illegal scally wags. What they did with illegals is another story.

You don't need to defend a Lion. You just need to let him out of his cage.

C.S. Lewis

Submitted by susieq on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 7:55am.

First of all, there are no county police. There are county deputies who work out of the Sheriff's Department and there are city police. It could be that this person asked you the same question he asked everyone else so that he would not be accused of discrimination or "profiling." He is required to treat all alike, but I agree that some of them do have an attitude.

TonyF's picture
Submitted by TonyF on Thu, 01/25/2007 - 8:46am.

Isn't this a scene from a movie? Funny how laws become "guidelines" when it suits our own spoiled, self-important wants. How would you feel if your child was in the road-race and some narcissistic whiner parked his phallic symbol in the way? Get a grip, you can't have it both ways sweetheart.

The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.You shuffle in the gloom of the sick room,and talk to yourself as you die.
(R. Waters)

bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 1:30am.

TonyF, I'm glad to see that there are others that appreciate the contributions that P.F. has made to this world.

BTW, which one it Pink?

Long time fan.

P.S. Their last concert in Atl. killed many brain cells.

TonyF's picture
Submitted by TonyF on Wed, 01/31/2007 - 6:35am.

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar. we should all listen to the lyrics, once in a while. (what's a brain cell?)

"The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.You shuffle in the gloom of the sick room,and talk to yourself as you die."
(R. Waters)

Submitted by 15zman on Thu, 01/25/2007 - 8:12am.

Help me understand the correlation between parking on an entrance road to the Aquatic Center and speeding down Mr. Stephenson’s Street? Sounds like to me and anyone who can read he has a valid point. He also seems to have ruffled your feathers as you are exactly the person he is describing by hiding your complaints and issues with a screen name. Maybe you should do a better job of reading before you think you have a point.

Submitted by myword_mark on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 11:54am.

Right ….. while Basmati is hiding behind his anonymity, you Mr. Man are out here with your real name (15z)?

In reality, you would be waiting for the jerk in the unoccupied, illegally parked vehicle to return from his own private 'do whatever you want to do' party and would be the first one on the phone to PTC Police saying there is an illegally parked vehicle or a 'suspicious' vehicle on the right of way.

In reality, Skippy is so self involved he neglects to recall that unoccupied vehicles MUST be cited and have tags called in to identify who they belong to and while they are there. Are they broken down? Are they stolen? Is it someone who has threatened someone close by? Do they interfere with the ability to see clearly on access roads, etc., etc. And all the while he is busy teaching the very Skippy Jr., who is preoccupied chasing a ball with a stick, that traffic laws apply to others, and not the Skipsters. Besides, the coffee was getting cold!

I suppose you have the same attitude 15z:
Forget the laws, police requests be damned, laws are for everyone else.

Submitted by Skip on Tue, 01/30/2007 - 3:40pm.

Skippy, LMFAO (If you don't know the acronym ask a teenager). I haven't been called that since 3rd grade. Let’s see, Skippy Peanut Butter, Skippy Bippy, and don't forget my Sisters favorite, Skippy Trippy. Wow, good ole memories thanks Mark! If you think of any other name please post them I think they are funny as crap! As for you, well I don't get in to name calling because it takes the mind of a rock to do that. However, if you would like to debate your opinion then please, leave you full name. Although I would have to think you are like Basmati.

Basmati's picture
Submitted by Basmati on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 4:14am.

I'm more than happy to assist you with your comprehension issues, 15zman! Recognizing your limitations is the first step towards overcoming your barriers to understanding.

My point was simple: In 2003, Skippy lectured us all on the "rule of law" as it related to traffic rules and regulations. How firm was his resolve way back then! Fast forward to 2007, and Skippy finds himself inconvenienced by such petty things as traffic laws and such, and carves out what I'll call "the Stephenson Exception" that says if you don't get your way, stomp your feet and threaten to hold your breath until you turn blue.

Now I admit this may be a generational issue: when I was growing up I was taught that a cop directing traffic was doing so for a reason and you did what he directed you to do, no questions asked.

Skippy is obviously the product of a different time and culture, he didn't his immediate gratification needs satisfied so he pitched a "hissy fit". And when he got called on the carpet in the free speech section, rather than be a man and own up to immature actions, he pitched the equivalent of a "hissy fit" in print.

Submitted by Skip on Tue, 01/30/2007 - 3:32pm.

OK, OK, OK, you people have drawn me out. First let me say I would have to agree with 15z and you a little. First of all 15z you are hiding behind this free speech section so get some ownership leave a name. As for you Basmati, I don't get your misunderstanding of the English language. You know the language I used to write my essay. See, if we apply your logic then we need to cancel 4th of July. It would be illegal to park on the side of the road and leave your car unattended. Teenagers speeding down a street and parking a truck to walk across the street are two completely different things. You do understand that don't you? You seem intelligent enough for open debate but maybe you’re as stupid as you write. I personally chalk it up as emotion. Basmati personality 101: You get pissed at things; hold it in because you don't have the spine to stand up for your self. You go home if you are a female which I am guessing you are and take it out on your hubby. He also holds in his frustration because he is equally spineless. It's a tough world for spineless human beings. I can't relate but I can only imagine. Scurrying around scared to death. Squeaking like a mouse. I'll light a candle for you this weekend at church. Looks like you need it. Now, you can prove me wrong, stand up, and challenge me with an open debate. Use your name not Basmati. I don't think you will but if you do I look forward to a good, honest, no name calling, adult debate. I await your decision and will act accordingly.

Submitted by myword_mark on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 11:41am.

Seems Skippy suffers from "the rules only apply to you people" mentality syndrome. What a pathetic egocentric narcissist. Maybe Skippy needs a bigger truck and a bigger pistol to help make up for his 'shortcomings'.

Submitted by Skip on Tue, 01/30/2007 - 3:47pm.

More with the names. I do need a bigger truck, hauling 20,000lbs of equipment to a job site puts a strain on my baby. As for the gun, I am a former Marine but don't own a gun. Little off the mark with that analogy. As for the 'shortcomings'. Where the heck did that come from? Let me get to your level Mark just for a moment. For my fans I apologize for this! OK, here we go.....MY DADDY WILL BEAT UP YOUR DADDY...NANNY NANNY BOO BOO. OK I shouldn't have done that. I'll go take a shower now. Back to adult conversation.

Basmati's picture
Submitted by Basmati on Wed, 01/24/2007 - 1:12pm.

Ahhhhh, so now Mr. Skip Stephenson feels that traffic laws are but a "guideline". Gee it wasn't so long ago, April 30, 2003 to be exact, that the same Skip Stephenson wrote a letter to the Citizen suggesting Draconian penalties for those folks who didn't obey the letter of traffic laws.

Click here to see Skip talk out of the other side of his mouth

Submitted by Skip on Tue, 01/30/2007 - 4:08pm.

Thanks for the link. I lost this when my last computer crashed. I forgot how good it was. See, even then I was taking ownership.

chippie's picture
Submitted by chippie on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 10:03am.

I don't know Skip, but isn't it convenient that he wants enforcement of the law when something threatens him (speeding and running stop signs in his neighborhood), but views laws as 'guidelines' when he wants them bent for himself?

He chooses to drive a huge pickup truck that challenges the best of drivers to find a parking space they can fit in the first place. He's running late to his child's game. So what? Few parents have never been in that situation. This doesn't give him an excuse to force himself through traffic, putting others at risk. His situation is no different, or urgent, than probably 90% of the others on the road at that time of day, too.

Submitted by Skip on Tue, 01/30/2007 - 3:57pm.

Well put, but unfortunately off the mark. At least you didn't call me names and for that I will over look the "Nick" name. Although, I think you might actually go by Chipie. My Dad had a family friend named Chipie. Anyway back to your thoughts. Read my retort to Basmati on the comparison. See, parking and walking across the street is a little different than speeding down a street. I "Choose" to drive an F-350 because my company demands it. I have to haul up to 20,000lbs of equipment to job sites so the size of the truck is justified. Being "Late" is wrong as I took my son to his practice then while there decided to run up the street to get coffee. Finally you and everybody else keep bringing up the "safety" of "Danger" involved with this situation. What danger?? What safety issue?? The Assistant Chief of Police was doing a great job protecting the runners. I never wanted or tried to put anyone in danger. You all are just talking out of your rear ends. Stick to the issue, the issue is simple, leave a truck parked for a short period of time or not. The dramatics in some of these retorts are amazing. No need for the dramatics people. No one was in danger at any time. This is a moot point and a ridicules one at that.

Submitted by Eric Hanly on Wed, 01/24/2007 - 12:54pm.

Anyone who believes the message in this video has some loose screws! It's a prank video by a bunch of scammers. Do you really think that all the people it would take to pull off such a stunt would go along with it and remain silent?

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