U.S. must finish the job we began before leaving Iraq

Tue, 01/09/2007 - 5:23pm
By: Letters to the ...

The question was, “Pull out or surge?” in Iraq.

To pull out will provide Iran and other terrorist supporting countries with an expanded base of operations, together with WMD that remain in Iraq. It has been definitely shown that Iraq has had weapons of mass destruction and has used them on Iran and the Kurds in past years. To believe they are not there any longer is foolhardy. A weak new Iraqi government will be an easy target for terrorist and radical forces.

I believe it is important that we do the job we began and not leave behind enemies that still can do us harm. We need a concentrated and effective force to secure Iraq’s borders and search out and destroy enemy combatants. To do anything less is to set the table for the next Middle Eastern War.

Where many Americans make a mistake is in thinking that these people think like we do, wanting peace and respecting the rule of law. The people we are dealing with in the Middle East have little respect for life, or liberty. We must secure Iraq before we abandon our position.

David Hedlund
Newnan, Ga.

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David Hedlund's picture
Submitted by David Hedlund on Sat, 04/28/2007 - 1:16pm.

Again tonight television news reported yet another car bombing in Iraq. The bombers died, but managed to also inflect casualties on our own Servicemen. How many times have we listened to the reporting of car bombings, shoot-outs, kidnappings and murders in Iraq? Most of the time it’s the Iraqi people who suffer the consequences. Men, women and children killed in marketplaces, their own homes and elsewhere in the streets of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.

The cry from our Congress, supposedly in response to the majority of American citizens, is pull out of Iraq. Pelosi, Reid and others claim to know all that we want and how to make it all go away; but do they?

My first question is; Are we so callous as to turn our backs on a nation of people who has suffered so much? The United States, a country of abundance where American citizens live and shop in relative safety; Where our leaders are willing to give away our safety and security to undocumented illegal aliens, but now refuse to help those in need in distant countries. It would seem so.

Have we really considered the consequences of defining a “pull-out” date? I seriously doubt this. History tells us that when we give in to terror, tens of thousands die as a direct result. We pulled out of Vietnam and the Communists swept in killing an estimated 1 million people. We turned our backs on Cambodia and the Kimer Rouge killed an estimated 2+ million. The people of Somalia suffer and die daily due to starvation and murder by a government that sits back and laughs. These are but a few examples of the evil that is rapidly taking hold of our world. Are we to do nothing? How will God judge us for ignoring such a cry for help?

After the despots of this world finish with Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other African countries is anyone naïve enough to think that they won’t come to our own shores to inflict their brand of terror on us? The terrorists of the world are already working to get in to our country and some have succeeded. We have been fortunate so far that we have had the professionals in place to prevent another 9-11. But the threat continues to grow and eventually there will be no place safe for any of us.

Recently we have seen poison peanut butter, dog and cat food and other lesser known problems. But consider this, if the terrorists that we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and those of Somalia, Iran, North Korea and other countries work hard enough; will our food supplies remain safe? Will Bio-hazards be next? Is it possible that we could see a nuclear attack from within our own borders? These are not stupid people. They are well funded and in many instances very well trained. I definitely don’t want them here and I’m not going to wait for them to get here to speak up.

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Submitted by AF A-10 on Sat, 04/28/2007 - 1:47pm.

You said we need the surge to search out and kill our enemies.

Are you aware that there are Shia and Sunni enemies?

Which side of the civil conflict should we take? Should we fight the Iranian backed Shiite or the Al Qaida and Saudi bolstered Sunni?

I am curious how this will play out in your opinion.

Kevin "Hack" King

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