Rise and Shine with J. Christopher's

Tue, 12/19/2006 - 10:40am
By: Kristine Loughman

J. Christopher’s is Peachtree City’s newest breakfast, brunch and lunch hotspot. The restaurant chain, first founded ten years ago in Atlanta, is expanding to locations all across the city and has brought their menu of traditional and unique fare to our neighborhood.

J. Christopher’s offers a full range of breakfast items like omelets, skillets, pancakes and eggs and a lunch menu including salads, sandwiches and burgers. But it is the extra special touches that sets this restaurant apart from other breakfast eateries in the area.

Coffee is served in a carafe that is left on the table for those needing an extra jolt of java, whether you’re a dark roast fan or prefer a flavor of the day variety like Irish cream or Hazelnut. Low carb lovers or South Beach diet followers will find platters catering to their eating plan, be it turkey sausage or scrambled egg whites. Another light option is the Breakfast Parfait, a combination of fat-free vanilla yogurt, honey almond granola, strawberries and blueberries.

“It tastes delicious, it’s not too filling and it is healthy,” says owner Ellen McCann.
Another thing that sets J. Christopher’s apart is the unique seasonal favorites, like Pumpkin Pancakes, Egg Nog French Toast and Gingerbread Waffles, just in time for the holidays. Specials change every six weeks so there is always something new and different to look forward to.
Of course, there are always the customer favorites, including Eggs Benedict and Eggs Christopher, which includes poached eggs nestled on a bed of smoked turkey, crispy bacon, sliced tomato and an English muffin, all smothered in Hollandaise. If you’re looking for a way to sample a little bit of everything all together in one plate, try a skillet, which starts with roasted potatoes mixed with anything from ham and mushrooms to sausage and gravy and is topped with two sunny-up eggs.

McCann says the favorite skillet is spinach and bacon with sun-dried tomatoes and bleu cheese crumbles. Or build your own skillet and omelette from the countless ingredients available for a dish that’s unique to you.

For lunch, McCann says one of the customer favorites is the Chicken Salad Croissant, comprised of chicken Waldorf salad on a grilled croissant with lettuce and tomatoes. Or try the California Croissant, with deli-sliced ham, avocado and swiss cheese on a grilled croissant with lettuce and tomato and honey-dijon dressing.

The creativity of the menu continues to salads and the Salmon Salad, a salmon filet on a bed of leaf spinach withe crumbled bacon, pico de gallo, diced avocado and chopped eggs with fat-free Vinaigrette dressing.

Owner Ellen McCann says the bright, contemporary atmosphere and local, neighborhood feel makes J. Christopher’s a perfect place for any occasion, be it a family brunch or private meeting. The conference room holds up to 25 people and can be reserved Monday through Friday for special gatherings.

“It’s a nice place to take clients for a business breakfast or lunch,” McCann says. “Our standard cook time is under ten minutes and our prices range between $4.59 to $8.99.”

J. Christopher's is located at 264 Commerce Drive in the Westpark Walk shopping center in Peachtree City. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., seven days a week, except Christmas day. For more information, call 678-216-1010 or visit www.jchristophers.com.

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