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How does Steve Brown manage to write a letter to the editor (actually many letters) that address recent news items that appear on the front page of the same issue of the paper? Most of us read the news when it is published - Wednesday in the paper or Tuesday night on the website and we make our comments then. Brown, on the other hand has his comments printed in the very same paper that contains the news.

I've noticed this before, but it happened again this week with the tennis center drama.

Is he on your staff or does he get advance notice of news articles ahead of time so he can formulate one of his letters? His letters and some others are too long by the way. There should be a word limit.

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 4:58pm.

Why do you care?

Even if Steve Brown got articles two days in advance what's your problem?

If you rated somewhere higher than pond scum, on the evolutionary scale, you too could get advance copies of articles.

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Submitted by ptctaxpayer on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 11:11am.

Steve Brown always does thorough research and backs up what he says with facts.

I applaud Steve and mourn the closing of the doors at City Hall.

Steve Brown's picture
Submitted by Steve Brown on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 7:43am.

Actually, I used the 1-800 psychic hotline. When the hotline method failed, I was forced to read The Citizen the day following Thanksgiving after being called by a friend. Members of the Direct PAC accused me of receiving telepathic communication from interplanetary life forms, but that is simply not true either.

It is too bad Rob Morgan and McDonoughdawg cannot put forth more effort into stimulating discussion on solving our political challenges rather than churning out the “I hate that guy” message all the time. I did not have much time to read through all the blogs, but I believe a great discuss item would be how do we prevent the Development Authority's indignity to the taxpayers of Peachtree City (I was at Wednesday's meeting, and NO ONE was declaring the taxpayers the winner) from ever happening again?

I am open to debate on the issues of the day. Pick an issue McDonoughdawg and I will participate in the discussion. Debate is healthy.

Jojo went too far with the “idiot” label. That was speaking out of frustration I am sure. Like I said anyone who went to the meeting did not walk away (especially with the thought of having to pay for city venues twice) with a great feeling about city government.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 8:54am.

It's too strong of a word, and if you took it that way, I surely didn't mean it.

As far as this case is involved, you obviously were Mayor, and probably have info we as regular citizens don't have (things are said off hand, I know that certainly everything isn't on record somewhere). I say probably. Fact is, as I stated below, had it gone to court, there is NO WAY any of us could know exactly how it would have came out. We could have gotten off without any obligation, or we (PTC Citizens) could have been responsible for he entire debt. I simply stated that the truth was somewhere in the middle. I simply don't know how to debate that, courts/juries are fickle. Many feel differently, and that's fine. But obviously, these folks didn't come out in the last election, it was made clear that this debt would be settled ( at least it was clear to me).

I also agree, debate is very healthy. If you want to debate an issue, I would think the existence of the Tennis Center/Amphitheater (in the current state of being owned by the City) is unwanted by some in PTC. This debt somewhat gets at the core of those things. I for one enjoy these amenities. I get more use out of the Amphitheater for sure. If it's open, I'm almost always there. I'm not sure the Tennis Center would be in existence without this said loan. I could be wrong. Some would say it's not the proper use of Govt resources (having such facilities being owned by the City). I would say to them, PTC is probably not for you. I have guests that enjoy coming to PTC and spending their money using our facilities. I also think we more than likely come down on the same side of this issue.

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Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 12:44pm.

Gee whiz Mc-D-Dawg, ask anyone on this site, you're about as anti-Brown as it gets.

There's a big difference between opposing views and total dislike. You totally dislike the guy. You did a great job of tap dancing around the development authority issue in your post above. Really, how do you know the "truth was somewhere in the middle" when you come right out and say you don't know the facts.

The one thing Steve Brown's enemies have done particularly well is prove him right on the issues. Are you going to tell me Harold Logsdon is doing a better job at mayor? Go back and read his letter on the tennis center in Wednesday's paper -- he is 100 percent dead right.

Vote Republican

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 12:58pm.

I've never even met Steve Brown. I moved here in the middle of his term of Mayor. Yes, he did some things I didn't like. That doesn't mean I dislike him. I'm certainly not to be considered an enemy. Anybody who will run for and serve in office is mostly alright by me. The good folks of PTC gave him a chance, and for some reason many decided to move on.

I stand by my statement, that NO ONE knows what would have happened had this gone to trial. I really don't know what else to say. Sometimes folks just disagree, and it's just time to move on. If you've ever over in Spyglass and see me outside (it would be obvious where I live) stop in and we'll chat. I think you'll realize I agree with most here on much more than I disagree, which come to think of it, may not be such a good thing. Smiling

Steve Brown wasn't the Mayor when this came about, he isn't the Mayor now. This entire thread was started because his letters always seem to show up in print in the same paper that there is an article relating directly to his letter. That's what got this thread started. I still wonder how that happens, and if it is deserved.

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Submitted by John Munford on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 2:36pm.

Brown has the info ahead of time in part because he happens to read the newspaper online, where we post stories before they can be published in the paper.

The city also posted the info Wednesday afternoon on its web site.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 10:55am.

We are not communicating! If Mr. Brown gets an answer into the exact same dated Citizen to answer a letter in that Citizen, then he couldn't have goten it published unless he was informed.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 7:02pm.

Unless I misread the questioner, you didn't answer him, did you?
If Mr. Brown can comment on an article in the Wednesday delivery paper in that same day's paper, then he would have had to read it on at least the Tuesday before, as I believe you cut off publishing articles recieved early Tuesday or late Monday! Anyway I have never gotten anything published by submitting it on the web on Tuesday.
Personally, I see nothing wrong with giving people some notice on things that effect them by name but it must be done for everyone, however. Otherwise, it is more like the Lenox/Logdon/Bush type of governance.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 10:40am.

The more I read his letters, the more I understand why he lost big time in the election. He flips and flops with the wind on issues. I'll bet somewhere in PTC, Brown has his finger in the air figuring out which way the wind is blowing.

Submitted by johenry on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 12:31pm.

McDonoughDawg and Robert W. Morgan love to talk but rarely have anything to say. What flip-flop are you talking about?

Both of the bullies live off a hatred of Steve Brown. Too bad you didn't go the meeting on Wednesday because it proved again that Steve was right about Bob Lenox and the development authority.

I read Steve's letter in the paper and I think he's right. Please tell us where he flip-flopped on that letter. I would say he's been very consistent and very right.

Neither one of you jealous idiots ever have anything constructive to say with the exception of McDonoughDawg opposing the TDK road. Get a life.

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 8:34pm.

"Jealous idiots?" Of Steve frickin' Brown! Is that some kind of a joke? I'm sorry, but my legacy will not be that of a house-husband with Don Quixote tendancies who also got demolished in the last election after destroying any relations PTC had established with neighboring governments and turned PTC into a joke with media grandstanding and blathering.

Cheer your savior Steve all u want, but the voters spoke already and they said in resounding fashion "NO MORE." Deal with it.

As far as anything you have ever said "constructive," or anyone else, don't make me gag. All of your posts are full of the same tiresome conspiracy theories and PRAISE KING STEVE crap that is sooooo over and tired already. He lost. Life goes on. Some who can't handle REALITY move elsewhere and the rest sigh in relief. Others just stay around to WHINE all day and night about how everything in PTC was suddenly destroyed and the end is near.


Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 7:56pm.

Gee, I don't think so.
Jealous of Steve Brown? Who except a dead snail could be jealous of Steve Brown.
Idiot, no I have an IQ that has 3 numbers.
Bully, maybe my rhetoric has become abusive. Because of the new pandering and political correctness, I will apologize to everyone I have offended and immediately enter the first rehab center I can find.

Submitted by johenry on Mon, 12/04/2006 - 11:16am.

Mr. Morgan,

You have this overwhelming need to convince the public you are someone worth listening to regarding political matters. Sorry, you are not worth it.

The dominant male beating his chest routine does not work anymore. I’m not sure it still works with gorillas.

As for your “three digit IQ,” the two zeros in front of the 8 do not count dear.

ctkcec's picture
Submitted by ctkcec on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 8:10am.


While I disagree with your tone, I commend you on having the courage to sign your name. As you can tell, most of the other posters have the freedom to rant without any accountibility. You, sir, at least demonstrate responsibility. I commend you.
Father David Epps

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 10:20am.

Mister Epps,

You have either been duped or you're just plum dumb. Robert W. Morgan died On May 22, 1998, when he lost his battle with lung cancer in Los Angeles.


If you would dare to do a little research you would find that there is no Robert W. Morgan in Fayette County as I have thoroughly searched the Fayette County public records. There are however, several other Robert W. Morgans in Georgia with one residing in Riverdale. I'll bet you're now wishing you would have used an anonymous moniker after making such a stupid blunder.

As for me and my Lion....we will remain anonymous for many legit reasons.


Father Git Real

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Sat, 12/09/2006 - 8:00am.

Good detective work. I always assumed Robert W. Morgan was Robert W. Lenox - Morgan being his wife's maiden name, but I never knew there was a real one. Sounds like an intersting guy. Wish I could have heard him on the air.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sat, 12/09/2006 - 8:04am.

That was fun with Father Oops and Morgan. Wait until you read Father Oops and his support for Ron Mexico....I mean Michael Vick.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 11:16am.

A picture and a real sounding name is all it took to fool some. I'm not a skeptic, but I know when to believe some things and pooh-pooh others, usually.
However, common sense is not used by organized religion. They like to know everything about you if possible, especially the weird branches of it. But, for other things they like, they don't want to know any more.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 11:05am.

Journey over to Fayette Speaks and address THIS topic about you.

Maybe you will answer legit questions there. You sure don't here.

Keeping it real, and to the core of the issue, not the peripherals.

Submitted by idontknow on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 8:56pm.

Remember - if your opinion differs from that of the Steve Brown Fan Club, you're an idiot and a bully.

Just a public service announcement from the original "blog bully".

I was at the meeting last night - question for you, johenry, since you were at the meeting: What did Steve Brown equate the DAPC/Tennis Center situation to?

A. Dirty Laundry
B. Dirty Dealings
C. Dirty Deeds
D. None of the above

I just don't remember seeing anybody with their parents there, but I might be wrong. In fact, there really weren't that many people there at all, at least that got up and spoke.

I wish you folks would move on and let the city do the same.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 9:20pm.

Guess you're another one issue blogger.

Submitted by idontknow on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 9:31pm.

You must have joined after the election. I've been here for a while - don't let the date joined fool you.

Ask Spear Road Guy who idontknow is.
Ask PTC Guy who idontknow is.
Ask Steve Brown who idontknow is.

I've battled them all in this forum. In fact, Cal didn't like me too much - I was "eliminated". Time heals all wounds, perhaps?

So, thanks anyway....gotta go back to my hockey game.

PTC Guy's picture
Submitted by PTC Guy on Fri, 12/01/2006 - 11:22am.

idontknow was a one note voter who could not see beyond his scripted 'Anyone but Brown' thinking.

He flat said the only issue for him was getting Brown out of office.

He promised to go negative on Logsdon if he proved to be what I said he was. Not living up to that one, are you, idontknow?

Anyway. If you have the guts, idontknow, address this LINK. and this LINK

Just remember, your posts will not disappear quickly over time. They just keep being findable.

You said a lot in the elections. Now, are you man enough to address facts and admit you were wrong about Lodsdon?
Keeping it real, and to the core of the issue, not the peripherals.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 9:37pm.

Welcome back. I won't tell Cal if you won't. Now...let's git after it. Smiling

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 3:24pm.

But I will say this, you're wrong about me being a jealous idiot. And the inference about me being without a life is also way off base. This is about the only comment I've made on this issue. I wasn't addressing the "tennis center" alone in my comments on Brown.

I haven't lived here long enough to know exactly what went on re: the "tennis center", but from what I've read and the accusations being thrown about, I'm frankly surprised that nobody is in jail, based strictly on the comments made by folks on this forum.

Situations like this one usually have a middle ground somewhere where the truth lies. In this case, I hope that's the way it is. As a PTC taxpayer, I'm not outraged, as I know the costs of lawyers and lengthy lawsuits. None of us knows exactly what would have happened had it gone to court. If you disagree, we need to meet, as I could use some financial advice from a person who can see into the future. Smiling

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 7:19pm.


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