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I'm a Family Historian. I am writing a book. I look for things that can't be found. I know things that no one knows. My Life is like the Mike and the Mechanics song The Living Years. You might not understand me. History must not be repeated. I'm not repeating history.

I apologize for rudeness but I am looking for something. People might not care what I am looking for but the book I am writing will tell a different story.

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Submitted by masked08 on Tue, 11/21/2006 - 3:10pm.

I hope you are published by a large publishing group that has lots of money for editors.

Exactly what are you looking for? Besides this guys name, give us something to hunt for. Where did he live, what did he do, children etc.??? Get my drift. We can't help if we don't know what you are asking us. No I will not read that website to try and figure it out for myself. You have to do the hard work to get the information, not me.

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Submitted by DragNet on Mon, 11/06/2006 - 9:22pm.

I've read this blog a dozen times and still don't understand what this guy is asking for...everybody ought to write a history about themselves, mine would start in Transylvania right after the end of World War II.

Are we high or what?!...

Making you think twice......

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Submitted by Git Real on Mon, 11/06/2006 - 9:58pm.

I think he's looking for some dead people. Maybe you could help him out there if you know what I mean. Eye-wink

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Submitted by masked08 on Sun, 11/05/2006 - 8:30pm.

What are you looking for exactly?? Some will be happy to help, but not read that entire site in order to.

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Submitted by timothywaynethomas on Mon, 11/20/2006 - 7:40pm.

I'm looking for dead people that are live in the Area. One of them are Richard R. Thomas. I would like to find anything death notice in the newspaper. A phone book entry. Anything that I get in contact with this family. Also I'm writing a book about this family. It's already 500 pages long.

Thank you

Submitted by HankyPanky on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 11:54am.



Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Mon, 11/20/2006 - 8:08pm.

Ur ye? mus be harrd ter due, huh? Especil the thar liver dead people.

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Submitted by timothywaynethomas on Mon, 11/20/2006 - 9:43pm.

Like I said before. I want a phonebook entry. Like if you scanned it ? So I can add it to my sources to my book. Yes writing a genealogy book is hard.

please view

It's a large website. It's a pretty big and large website. You got to understand. I got to have sources if you find me anything. So I don't get in a law suit about my sources. I would hate that. Writing a book like I'm writing you got to have the information correct. Where if you met the person you are writing about. You would know his or her life story. It seems like that I'm being treated like a idiot.

Thank You.

Submitted by IMNSHO on Mon, 11/20/2006 - 11:01pm.

It seems like that I'm being treated like a idiot.

Could it be because you are supposedly writing a book, one that is going to be more than 500 pages long, and you don't seem to have a basic grasp of proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure?

I'm not claiming to be an expert on those, but your posts are hard to read, harder to understand, due to your writing style/ability.

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Submitted by timothywaynethomas on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 7:58am.

I've been treated like a idiot but now. I hope you understand that. Now I am not even finished with my search and it's been nearly a year since I started on this part of the journey. I know my english is bad. It's continues to be bad. Thanks for you bloggers treating me badly. Cause I've needed it. The people I'm searching for do exist and live in Georgia. I've been busy thinking about my errors on this blog. I respect privacy of these people that I'm searching for and I know I've been rude on this blog. I apologize for that. I thank everyone even the people who criticize me for searching for these relatives of mine.

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Submitted by zoes on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 9:03am.

Let's see if I understand this:

You want help in finding a live dead person with a phone book entry and the phone book page scanned and sent to you. However, you cannot give us this live dead person's name in order to protect his/her privacy? Maybe your research should include some travel. Any local motel will have a phone book for you. Then you won't have to actually make any sense to us.

P.S. I don't believe you are writing a book. Authors are able to communicate clearly when writing. You cannot.

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Submitted by eodnnaenaj1 on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 9:36am.

Been a couple of VERY harried days here. In re-reading this entire exchange, y'all make me laugh, just make me laugh out loud! THANKS, I needed that!

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Submitted by bad_ptc on Mon, 11/20/2006 - 9:55pm.

The dead ones?

You "got" to have good sentence structure and grammar as well. Correct spelling and punctuating is also helpful but I shouldn't speak on those subjects.

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Submitted by timothywaynethomas on Thu, 12/27/2007 - 11:13pm.

Thank you all. I finally accomplished my mission.

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