Big pay raise for county commissioners

The State Bar of Georgia, which many mistakenly still call the state bar association, has come up with some sort of study which shows, so they say, that our judges are underpaid by at least 20%.

Thus right after the election you might expect some pressure on our Georgia state legislators to raise our judges’ pay.

But guess what? Our Fayette county commissioners’ salary is a percentage (about 28%) of a Superior Court judge’s pay.

So guess who’s about to cheer (silently, no doubt) for a pay raise for Superior Court judges?

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bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 4:37pm.

I just tried to call the Fayette County Tax Commissioners office and the tag office. The recording that I got said that I was calling after normal business hours which are until 5:00 PM M-F.

Did they forget to set their clocks back an hour?

Are we still paying them for NOT working their regular hours?

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 9:31pm.

They shut off the phones so as to eliminate any possibility of being required to work a few minutes past the posted hours. Their union rules will not let them work longer if needed, until tomorrow. Same is true of coffee breaks and lunch. Of course, any night or evening work for OUR convenience is totally out of the question. Those are positions with rules, we are the servants and taxpayers, and we are also rude to officials and also to people who aren't officials. I think they are working toward no doors open to the public, written requests only by e-mail just like the banks are working toward, and then the East Indians can answer our querries. I noticed where the Iraqi forces are off 25% OF THE TIME ON LEAVE--MAYBE THAT WOULD BE GOOD?

Submitted by lawaboveall on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 8:54am.

Are you suggesting that the County Commission campaigned for this?

The only Lawyer on the commission who would know about this is the incoming Eric the Rude. Further, if you think that anybody would serve on the county commission because of the extra money well that is just...oh wait.... I forgot about Horgan. My bad. The only thing is, he is not smart enough to campaign for something like this. He would not even know where to start.
The whole point of tying the commission salaries to the judges was so that they would not have an opportunity to give themselves raises.
Are you being helpful here lawyer? I think not.

Submitted by helpful lawyer on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 3:55pm.

I add this comment, today Thursday, March 8. Notice how what I had warned about on November 2, 2006 is coming to pass four months later. If predicting things four months ahead of time is not helpful, I don't know what is. (Wouldn't you like to know what some stock market prices will be like in four months?)

Submitted by helpful lawyer on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 2:06pm.

Knowledge is power. It is also helpful.

Ignorance is bliss. It is also harmful.

Spear Road Guy's picture
Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 9:17am.

All the county commissioners have to do is ask the Peachtree City council for the formula they used to justify their 110 percent pay increase.

Vote Republican (except Westmoreland)

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 9:03pm.

Raise the pay 100% or 200% or whatever it takes to encourage qualified people to run for office. No one is trying to raise their own salary, all they want is to have someone with half a brain succeed them in office.

bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 9:12pm.

Do you really want this job?

It would be easer to just paint a target on the back of my head.

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Fri, 11/03/2006 - 6:27am.

What we have had however, is the best of the worst. You either have out of control crusaders (Brown, Tennant), control freaks (Lenox, Rapson, Dunn), clueless followers (Horgan, Frady, Boone, Weed), special interst people (Plunkett, Rutherford) or an occasional fair-minded person who lacks leadership skills (Kourajian, Pfifer).
Even the development shills are there for the wrong reason. That only explores the ones that have been elected recently. Go back and look at the ones who lost.

As much as attorneys and accountants come with their own baggage, those are the types you want administering local law and the city or county budgets. A pay raise might be what it takes to attract a semi-retired professional. After all, how much can it cost? we are only talking about 5 people in the city and another 5 in the county. You can find your first $150,000 by eliminating the Asst. City Mgr. job in PTC. I know, he only gets $110,000 salary - ask the next accountant you see what the real cost/expense/total $$$ of a government job is. Answer almost 140%.

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