Tue, 11/15/2005 - 5:14pm
By: The Citizen

Attention Lynn Westmoreland: According to the latest Gallup poll (11/8-10), fewer than one in 10 adults say they would vote for a congressional candidate who is a Republican and who agrees with Bush on most major issues. Even among Republicans, 7 of 10 are more likely to support a candidate who has at least some policy disagreements with the president. Bush is toast, and will be bringing these sleazy, corrupt Republicans down, just like he did their candidates for governor in New Jersey and Virginia. How’s that real estate business going Lynn? Got something to fall back on after the fall?

Darryl, Dar, your 900 or so votes cost about $20 each, best I can tell. You opened your new gym, you had your wife send out a vapid letter on your behalf, and repeatedly told us how smart you are and what a leader you are. Yet you were nearly surpassed by Dan Tennant in total votes. You should retire from politics with an 0-1 record.

Results of the recent PTC election indicates that of the Brown-Rapson-Weed consortium, only Weed was smart enough not to run for another term.

Harold Logsdon’s professional campaign phone calls are pushy, big money tactics. I believe that if a candidate will ignore a family’s request to stop the rude telemarketing phone calls, live and automated, then he will ignore you in office. Logsdon will be consulting his big money contributors and not me, let alone returning calls. If he won’t call during a campaign unless you are a contributor and he won’t quit calling you when you ask him not to, he probably won’t give me the time of day in January.

The recent election presents some interesting facts. The voter turnout, according to the county election office, was 35.87 percent. It appears that in spite of Mayor Brown’s post election comments to the AJC concerning the real issues, 78 percent of the people who voted in PTC did not vote for Steve Brown. As he did not win a single precinct, it indicates the people do not want him to continue as mayor for another term. Therefore, the facts indicate Steve Brown needs to concede to Harold Logsdon and save the Peachtree City taxpayers the cost of a runoff Dec. 6.

The Steve Brown campaign flyer that was inserted in The Citizen right before the election - the one that proudly proclaimed that the newspaper has endorsed Steve Brown for mayor, when in fact only Cal Beverly did as editor - anyway, that campaign flyer also said that Steve Brown “created the 74 Alliance,” referring, of course, to the collaboration of the various government entities interested in Ga. Highway 74. Well, that deserves a response from someone who knows the facts, and the fact is that Steve Brown created the 74 Alliance in exactly the same way that Al Gore created the Internet.

Those criticizing Mayor Brown for not dropping out of the mayor’s race should reconsider. Only about one-half voted to begin with, and only about one-third of those voted for Mr. Logsdon. That means that if Mr. Logsdon were to become mayor by default, only about 16 percent of all eligible voters would have elected him to office. Then, every time something went wrong, almost everyone could say they hadn’t voted for him. It is best to win outright, as he is very likely to do. I’m afraid Peachtree City voters don’t like controversy, even if the mayor was mostly right. The sad fact, however, is that such a runoff as this will likely draw only half as many voters as the first time.

Interesting point about the recent PTC mayor’s election is how weak the threesome of Tennant, Thompson, and Boswell were. Add ‘em up and it only comes to about 35 percent. Those three stay home and this race is over.

Dan Tennant: a living example of how to politically collapse in less than five years.

Thank goodness for eradicating two of the three stooges. Two down and only one more to spray the “weed” killer on. Rapson and Weed should move to their respective employment counties and the mayor should follow them out of town as well. You three wannabes have stirred up enough and basically put Peachtree City in a temporary bad light throughout metro Atlanta. Good luck and riddance to you three clowns.

To the woman in the red Mustang with Fulton County tags: Why do you feel that you can cruise into the parking lot, circumventing the designated driving path, and just drop your kid off in the middle of the parking lot before 7:30? From whom did you obtain permission to violate these rules? I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you work for FCBOE and have obtained special permission to have your child attend WMS; however, I have serious qualms as to whether your special permission includes violating school rules.

It is hard to believe that there was a total of nearly 1,400 individuals in this area who voted against a small tax break on their property for senior citizens who wished to apply for it. I will be willing to bet you that most of these people who voted no are the same people who want a tax decrease for upper income people and corporations. Lordy, how low can humans go?

Dan, now do you get the message? It is YOU. It doesn’t matter what your position is on the issues or who your opponent is. It is you. Do you finally understand?

Did you know the county exempts school tax for citizens over age 65 with annual incomes less than $15,000? Wow, that’s what I call compassionate. So, if you and your spouse are 62 and trying to survive on $288 a week, you get stuck with a property tax bill. Such gracious benevolence nauseates me.

Is it true Fayette County renters send their children to county schools, free of charge? I was told that a land owner, without children, is assessed the school tax, while a renter, with school-aged children, isn’t. Logically, this doesn’t make sense. Perhaps The Citizen can investigate and report the reason why property owners pay the entire school tax bill? Shouldn’t fees/taxes be based on those who use the schools, vis-a-vis lighting and storm water districts? School expenses could be paid via sales taxes, where everybody in the county, both renters and property owners alike, foot the bill.

Today, I stood in line to pay my county property tax and no one was happy. If taxes are such a good thing, why do so many citizens dislike paying them?

I continue to see the term “intelligent design” nearly every day either in the paper or on TV. Its meaning, if I am correct, is that since the whole thing (everything we see and don’t see) works pretty well, it must have been designed by intelligence and not happenstance. To me, humans trying to “explain” what we see is a complete waste of time. I have no quarrel with one’s “faith,” that has little to do with trying to pretend to know how it (what we see) happened, in detail. It is my opinion that there is more to know than has been known by a factor so large that we don’t have an explainable number for the factor. We give ourselves and those we listen to, far too much credence in these matters. I do think we should have learned by now that religion is private, and government is public.

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Submitted by Concerned Citizen on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 6:28pm.

As for the tax break, I did vote against it. Everyone enjoys good schools, not just people with kids in school. As a society we educate the youth for the good of ALL, not just kids. Let the schools go to pot and see who starts complaing about burglaries, entering autos, vagrants, and lower property values. Pay your share! I love the "let everyone else pay, I'm old and failed to plan for my retirement" group. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. Remember that? You live by those words untill it's time to suck it up and take some responsibility. Great, what an example for your grandkids.

ArmyMAJretired's picture
Submitted by ArmyMAJretired on Tue, 11/15/2005 - 10:21pm.

When you open up your rant with inflamitory rhetoric like:"Bush is toast, and will be bringing these sleazy, corrupt Republicans down, just like he did their candidates for governor in New Jersey and Virginia.", you just invalidated everything that follows.

This is a free country and you have the God given right to your opinion, but try to provide some facts with your arguements.

New Jersey is a SOLID democratic stronghold. Any Democrat should win by at least 10 points just by showing up. The only reason it was close was because of the scandal and corruption of the former governor (lover given a job not qualified for)and the loan/gift of the Democratic candidate to his mistress/leader of the state's biggest public employee union. Talk about sleezy and corrupt.

Virgina, also a tough race that I doubt Bush influenced.

You are a nasty hurtful mudslinger, get professional help soon.

Submitted by PTCMomma on Tue, 11/15/2005 - 8:19pm.

Renters do pay property taxes via their rent. Their landlord (aka the property owner) pays the property taxes with some of the proceeds of the rent. So, yes, they do contribute to the school taxes.

Mom to 3, plus the neighborhood

Submitted by did not know on Tue, 11/15/2005 - 5:47pm.

We wouldn't have to move as many of our kids out of the Tyrone school area if we had only moved the Smolas out of office.

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