Crash Shakes Airport's Neighbors

I was just reading the AJC headline about the tragic air crash in a residential area of Stockbridge: "Crash Shakes Airport's Neighbors." From the article: "In the past 45 years, subdivisions have cropped up, putting some houses yards from the end of the runway at the corner of Miller's Mill and Kitty Hawk roads."

What will the 10,000 citizens of the high-density City of Mcintosh (that live directly adjacent to our airport) say about the flight patterns over Falcon Field? Will they exercise their influence and divert the traffic over us? TDK will affect us in many ways...all negative.

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Submitted by SLUF on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 11:23am.

If you're worried about planes falling out of the sky into your homes, you've got bigger problems. How often does that happen across the world? You have a bigger chance of dying by crossing the road.

Submitted by PTCGA1 on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 4:27pm.

I'll also try to keep my vocabulary about 2 standard deviations below the normal range (e.g., so even a turkey can comprehend!)

All airports generate three main concerns: noise, safety, and air pollution. If you weren't a (cooked) large flightless bird, you would probably have read newspaper stories about airports around the country that have citizens groups that fight them over EVERYTHING. The Peachtree Dekalb (PDK) airport has curfews, helicopter restrictions, flight pattern restrictions, etc.

The 10,000 City of McIntosh residents, living DIRECTLY adjacent our airport, will one day fight us tooth and nail over those 3 concerns. For your gobbler pleasure, I'm attaching a link to the minutes from the recent PDK Master Plan Kick Off Meeting held at St. Pius High School on March 29, 2006. This is what our airport meetings will one day be about. Noise, low planes, curfews, bad air, blah is coming and we are making it all possible with the FREE Fayette taxpayer funded TDK that some good 'ole Coweta boys can strike it rich.

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Submitted by SLUF on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 4:46pm.

Yeah; I know a LOT more about airports than you think considering that i'm a commercial pilot. I understand things like noise abatement and even safety. We pilots hate noise abatement (mainly for safety reasons). It's not fun to have to pull your power way back right after takeoff just because some idiot built their house right across the runway. That being said, this isn't JFK have a few cessnas, aerobatic planes and business jets landing at Falcon Field. It's also not PDK. There are way more operations at PDK than Falcon Field. So anyway, I agree with you somewhat if you think people that complain about airplane noise are stupid for building their homes there. And by the way, I never said that I was for the development being built-review my prior posts. I am for building the road. The development will come with or without the road. Don't you have any bigger concerns to blog about?

Submitted by SandySue on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 9:00pm.

Have our elected city officials considered this? I would like to hear from some of them on this topic.
Well we will see if the home buyers in Coweta County do their homework on the air traffic overhead. Kind of like some of us wondering why we hear train whistles at night?
So interesting enough have Falcon Field officials considered the limitations that the housing right next to them may bring to their growth?
Did you all see the plan for widening of Crosstown? This may put the road right up along side of some of the businesses on Crosstown, especially those on the south side of the road that seem to be closer to the road already. What happens to our buffer and set back restrictions? I guess if we widen the roads those restrictions go away? Very interesting. Have you all thought about that? All of our business on Crosstown will look in closeness to the road like Sonic in Tyrone.

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