The Congressional Cancer Cure

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First of all let me start by saying that in no way am I making light of the terrible disease that destroys the lives of so many of our friends and families. I am using it as an example because it helps me to illustrate the destructive forces and effects corrupt politicians have on our friends and families.

In this case the type of cancer I am referring to is called Lyn Westmoreland. There are plenty of examples of similar cancers on both sides of the aisle but this particular type is of the self induced variety. My goal is not to highlight the particular destructive effects of the Westmoreland cancer. This has already been thoroughly documented here. But, in order to get well one would have to ask ones self if they would choose to go through the painful and sickening treatment in order to get healed.

In order to get healed we need to kill off the cancer. This would have to be done on Election Day, the seventh of November. The medicine one would have to take would be to pull the lever and vote for McGraw the Democrat. This could very well inflict a severe illness on not only me but the 3rd district and perhaps the country as a whole. But the disease would get cured if it didn’t kill us first.

Now after enduring two years of this poisonous and sickening cure we would have the opportunity to come off the medicine and enter a time of rehab in order to get our body back in shape. And perhaps the cure might not make us as sick as we might fear.

The Questions:

• Are we willing to get sick for two years in order to get well and to prevent this terrible Westmoreland cancer from being our Governor in 2010?

• Am I willing to vote for a Democrat for the first time in my life?

• Do I go with my current plan and skip that particular race leaving it blank thus giving a nod to the cure?

• Would Westmoreland's demise send a clear message to the Georgia GOP?

• Would integrity and accountability slowly drift back to the party of Reagan and Lincoln?

Gotta admit and I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm leaning toward pulling the voting lever for McGraw.

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Submitted by Git Real on Fri, 10/06/2006 - 10:09pm.

The Westmoreland Poll

Vote and more importantly tell us what you think.

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 8:17am.

What has changed your mind about McGraw?

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Submitted by Git Real on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 8:34am.

I am not voting for McGraw. I do not know him so he gets the benefit of the doubt in this case. I am voting against a politician that I once thought had integrity and honor. I was wrong. Good bye Lyn Westmoreland.

I would have also considered voting against Sonny Perdue for the same reasons. I will not do that for the reasons because I know Mark Taylor and Mark Taylor is just as big as or is a bigger crook than what Sonny Perdue is.

I confess the Georgia Republican Party is no longer the grassroots conservative movement it was 15 - 25 years ago. Integrity and responsibility have abandoned the GOP and now there are hardly any differences between the D's and the R's.

Submitted by HarrisCountyGeorgia on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 4:45pm.

Wow! I come back from a 4-day camping trip (no phone, no pool, no Internet), and you have changed your tune. I'm glad to see you're open-minded enough to realize that lightning won't strike you down if you cast a vote for Mike McGraw. Actually voting is better than just leaving a blank because we have to cancel out the votes of those people who don't really read newspapers or keep up with their incumbents, and just vote a straight ticket out of habit. I really don't see how a McGraw win will help the Pelosi faction one way or another. It looks like they've got the House without him. They (the national Dem party) certainly haven't done a damned thing to help Mike McGraw. That's good. Too bad ALL politicians aren't forced to run on a shoestring. It would do them some good. I haven't seen one single Westmoreland sign or ad in my neck of the woods, is he campaigning heavily up there?

Submitted by swmbo on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 5:18pm.

I saw a Westmoreland campaign sign waaaaay down on Ga 85, near Brooks. It's the only one I've seen, so far.

If you and I are always in agreement, one of us is likely armed and dangerous.

Submitted by PTCGA1 on Fri, 10/06/2006 - 11:41pm.

I'm with you Git Real. The GOP today reminds me of the quote that goes something like this: all movements begin as an idea, become a business, and end up as a racket. My father and my wife's father worked very hard in building the GOP in this state when a Republican didn't have a chance outside of Dekalb County. Our families have always been Republican through and through. After our party ascended to the top, the hucksters and fake conservatives flowed in to take advantage of the spoils of power, and used their offices to support cronies. Oh, remember the excitement of the old days when we didn't have political power, but had the energy and enthusiasm of true belief?

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 8:05am.

McGraw is a "new" Democrat, to run against Westmorland. I hope he urges our state to tighten EPA restrictions, so we can get rid of the waste plant we have, and never get another one.

Submitted by susieq on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 12:48pm.

For those of you who have been in Fayette County less than 25 years, what you don't know is that the Republicans here are "old" Democrats.

Submitted by Kathleen on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 4:20am.

Questions about McGraw:
What do you know about McGraw? Like where does he stand on issues, or what does he say he wants to do if elected? How would he be better than Westmorland?

Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 7:23am.

Check out his website

I have not heard him make any big promises, however westmorland has done nothing for us.

All politicians need to get the message that when you do nothing, you go.

Submitted by tonto707 on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 5:28pm.

cite one first term congressman that brought home anything of substance to his district.

I suggest that all the Lynn Westmoreland bashers look at his voting record to get some idea of what he has done for his district, but since it's clear you won't bother, I clue you in: his voting record is right in line with the conserative values of his district.

Submitted by skyspy on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 7:55pm.

westmoron begged and pleaded with our state gov. to lower the EPA safety standards to let even more poison companies in like the one we have now.

That's the kind of help he is giving "his district". WE DON'T NEED THAT KIND OF HELP!! We don't need someone to help us over a cliff.

He is encouraging these kind of companies to "help the economy". Vote for the king snake, not the copperhead.

McGraw was a Republican, and now he is running against westmoron as a Democrat. Thanks for taking one for the team Mike.

Submitted by Kathleen on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 8:55pm.

People should vote politicians out who are not working for them, and not just keep voting for them because they are of a certain political party. It just seems like a lot of times it wouldn't matter who you vote for because only certain types of people want to become politicians in the first place. Like people who will benefit financially if they are elected like developers and other business people who use their elected office to do things that will help them personally. I don't know of any current politician in Georgia that I could say was a true public servant, someone who did not use his/her political office to help themselves.

BTW, thanks for the web address

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Submitted by mudcat on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 6:38am.

A fresshman Democrat representing us is not right at all. Unless Nancy becomes Speaker - then McGraw can suck up to here and pretend he was elected by a bunch of "new" southern democrats. I wonder if she'll check and find out the truth before she takes our goodies away.

Submitted by RightOnTheMoney on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 6:36pm.

Mudcat, despite the persistantly annoying 'meow', is right about this. You better look at the national leadership you risk electing if you pull a local lever for a Democrat.


Submitted by Kathleen on Sat, 10/07/2006 - 8:42pm.

I don't think I have ever voted for a Democrat before, that I can remember. I might spontaneously combust at the polls if I voted for McGraw. I used to think Republican was always the better choice, but now it seems maybe we should vote for who ever the better person is no matter what party he/she affiliates with. What does mudcat think?

Submitted by tonto707 on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 5:32pm.

voting for the "person" won't make a rat's ass difference in congress.

Junior congressmen don't carry clout to D C, just the opportunity to get on board and vote and build political capital, which takes 3 or 4 terms to even begin to dream of offering legislation with a chance of passing.

I am amazed at the bloggers who don't understand the political processes.

Submitted by swmbo on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 6:02pm.

I understand the political process and I don't want to give Westmoreland so much as one more term to do nothing.

Tonto, that "values" voting thing only works when people can afford to be concerned about values. When you watch jobs float overseas, the middle class come under seige and federal deficit spending set historical limits, those so-called "values" take a backseat to survival. Westmoreland abandoned conservative values for corporate croneyism and self-enhancement. I am all too happy to abandon him in return for the favor.

If you and I are always in agreement, one of us is likely armed and dangerous.

Submitted by RightOnTheMoney on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 6:34pm.

The reason jobs are 'floating' overseas is labor costs. This county (Fayette) for example has virtually NO Vocational Programs other than 'keyboard' related classes. Paying an unskilled worker $40/hour to screw nuts on a ford in Atlanta just isn't going to cut it anymore. Auto workers here (in America) make more than teachers. I drive a Lexus - I wish I could drive a Chevy, Ford, or Dodge but they are lousy cars for the money - actually - for any amount of money.

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