Steve Brown's picks

Tue, 09/26/2006 - 2:56pm
By: Michael Boylan

Steve Brown’s Picks (26-7):

Fayette Co. (1-3) @ Northgate (1-2)
Most of us knew Fayette County was going to have a difficult time with Woodward last week. With the losing record there are now accusations flying around that potential Fayette County players are going to Starr’s Mill and Whitewater. These two teams pair-up well. I’m giving NORTHGATE the edge.

Landmark (2-1) vs. Bremen (2-2)
This is another good match up. Landmark has the strong offensive back field, but Bremen has proven they have the grit it takes to win. I’m going with LANDMARK CHRISTIAN!

OLM (1-2) @ Mt. Zion, Carroll (0-4)
I picked Our Lady of Mercy to win twice and they lost. To nix the jinx, I picked them to lose last week and they won. The small regions play havoc with your winning pick percentages! Carroll is having a tough season so I’m choosing OUR LADY OF MERCY again.

Sandy Creek (3-0) vs. Villa Rica (2-1)
Sandy Creek is playing hunker down football this season. Nothing fancy, their offense keeps the ball moving and the defense never lets up. Give it to SANDY CREEK!

Starr's Mill (2-2) vs. Banneker (1-2)
Last week I warned that Westlake had a quick team and the Starr’s Mill defense had better be ready. Unfortunately, Westlake won. Banneker is not Westlake and they will be ground down in the STARR’S MILL.

Whitewater (2-2) vs. Westlake (2-2)
Whitewater has reason to worry with Westlake. Westlake has more speed and quickness. I did not pick them last week and got burned, so it’s WESTLAKE.

UGA @ Ole Miss
The Dawgs were almost buffaloed last week. That was frightening! The good news is UGA has some depth at the QB position. The bad news is the receiving corp. is weak. I heard many blaming Stafford for throwing the ball too hard resulting in dropped passes. It’s funny how Stafford’s receivers in high school last year caught his passes for thousands of yards. If the ball hits you in the hands, you have to catch it. Who is starting? I’m guessing Stafford. It’s a GEORGIA victory.

Ga. Tech @ Virginia Tech
The Yellow Jackets are playing some good football, and they broke into the Top 25. Virginia Tech is still suffering from the revolving door of suspended players (a defensive tackle and wide receiver this time). The Jackets were trounced by the Hokies last season; however, the tables have turned, and I will take GEORGIA TECH.

Falcons vs. Arizona
After watching the Falcons first two games, I did not anticipate such a ragged performance against the Saints. One glaring problem with the Falcons: If the running game is not working, the passing attack dies too. Atlanta has to draft or trade for some receivers. It was obvious the special teams were horrible. Defensive end John Abraham is questionable for the Arizona game as well. The good news: The Cardinals have QB problems. It looks like former USC standout Matt Leinart is getting is first start on Sunday. I will give the edge to the FALCONS with facing a rookie QB, and having an overwhelming desire to get over the humiliation of the loss to New Orleans.

Staff member picks: Mike Boylan (23-10) - Fayette County, Landmark, OLM, Sandy Creek, Starr’s Mill, Whitewater, UGA, Va. Tech, Falcons.

John Thompson (24-9) - Northgate, Landmark, OLM, Sandy Creek, Starr’s Mill, Whitewater, UGA, Va. Tech, Falcons.

John Munford (26-7) - Northgate, Bremen, OLM, Sandy Creek, Starr’s Mill, Westlake, UGA, Va. Tech, Falcons.

Magic 8 Ball (17-16) - Fayette County, Bremen, Mt. Zion, Carroll, Sandy Creek, Starr’s Mill, Westllake, UGA, Ga. Tech, Falcons

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Spear Road Guy's picture
Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Thu, 09/28/2006 - 7:44pm.

Brown went and jinxed OLM again. Stop picking them dude.

Vote Republican

CCB's picture
Submitted by CCB on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 2:03pm.

I'm going to diagree with Brown, Thompson and Munford and go with Fayette County. I think Whitewater is going to take Westlake too.

The last report I heard said that Kirk Warner was re-selected to start against the Falcons. Warner will pick the Dirty Birds secondary apart.

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