TDK will help us all grow

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Look, with the declining economy, it makes a lot of sense to try to build in Coweta before the housing bust, and get that area established. You can get reasonable loans from the bank on development right now. It's going to tighten up later on.

I profit off of development, no apologies. I feed my family and send my kids to college off of construction and real estate development.

Yes, the Chamber and Senator Seabaugh lied about the impact of the development. If they tell you otherwise, they are lying. Their antics make our entire industry look bad. Contrary to popular belief, their are some moral people in the business. The mayor had several conversations with Senator Seabaugh so his surprise about the development outlook is pure fake.

Mr. Reese, Mr. Leslie and Mr. Walker never lied about what their intentions were for the property. No one ever asked them. So blame the newspapers reporters. They always intended to go large scale.

Traffic is going to be bad. Traffic is bad everywhere in the Atlanta area because we are a growing successful place to be. Your commute will take a lot longer, but, remember, you have a job.

The city council made the right decision to make us a regional player in the housing market again.

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Submitted by G35 Dude on Sun, 09/17/2006 - 8:37pm.

I don't want to grow !!!!!! Espically if we have to foot the bill for the roads and suffer from the traffic. Let the developers build the roads if we have to grow. And make sure that they build enough to handle all the traffic !!!!

Submitted by OldSchoolFootball on Sat, 09/16/2006 - 9:30pm.

You may not know this..... but before your planned community of Peachtree City we didn't have a traffic problem at all. Sometimes the Huddlestons and Masks and the Kerlins would all be out at once and you would swear they had at least ten cars on the road, but no traffic problems. Crime wasn't a problem and neither was traffic. I don't like your 'planned' city and I never have. Golf carts are fine on the golf course (if you are lazy that is)but you look really stupid driving them around and when you are in a parking space I want to crush you with my truck like a bug. At any rate, now I have one of those fancy Police Scanners. I think you should get one too. The police in Peachtree City spend so much time on domestic calls and golf cart path crimes (robbery) and in your 'public - section eight- projects' known as "Harmony Village" that they can't even go the Dunkin donut shop in the unplanned shopping center across from 'McIntosh' in front of the trailer park you didn't know was there(did you know he (Cheif McIntosh)was a traitor who was shot on his front porch? He's older than me - I didn't know him). Anyway, my advice is to buy a scanner, then you will know it's time to give up on your dream of a nice little golf cart community where everyone lives in utopia. If you listen to the crime you have NOW, you might not worry about the TDK thingy. Anyway, I'll stay on my 40 acres until the taxes drive me out....maybe I'll die first. I guess I better hurry. Naw..... I'll just stay here and listen to all you city folks and yankees complain about the other city folks and yankees.

Submitted by OldSchoolFootball on Sun, 09/17/2006 - 9:55am.

A city is a city to me. Planned or otherwise. I try to stay away from all of them. If your plans were so great, why were you 'shocked' to see what happened after being gone and why all the fuss now? It's about quality of life. Sooner or later - usually when it's too late - you all figure that out. As for living on the fourty acres - if you could afford to live on fourty acres with a nice pond, you already would. I'll keep watching - you keep complaining.

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Submitted by ExExPatriot on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 8:16pm.

To your specific statements and questions:

- A city is a city to you ... Yep, you don't like cities but enough people live in them that they must have some draw to some people. Planned cities can be worse or better than others, depending on your opinions.

- Why was I "shocked"? Because of the increase in traffic and people all over the United States, NOT because Peachtree City is bad somehow.

- Why the fuss now? Because, as you say, it's about quality of life. I believe that adding a massive amount of traffic to 74 without increasing business in Peachtree City will mean decrease in quality of life.

- As for living on forty acres, you may believe you have it good and thats what is important. I have lived in rural settings (one two-pump gas station on the 40 minute drive to work in nearest city) and I did not like it at all. In fact, when moving here we specifically looked for denser neighborhoods. Just a matter of taste.

- You can keep watching, I don't intend to complain. There is an ever-growing number of people in this country and growth is inevitable. My goal here is to develop and voice my opinion regarding how that growth affects us with the TDK extension. I think this is the kind of growth driven by greed and not by whats best for the largest number of people, and I believe it should be dead-ended.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Sat, 09/16/2006 - 9:49pm.

I've never seen any trouble at all. I've gone from Spyglass to Timberlake many times, late at night, never seen anyting at all. Is it perfect? No, what is?

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Submitted by ExExPatriot on Sat, 09/16/2006 - 9:49pm.

Care to make a point?

You don't like the planned commuinty but do you think there is a better way of handling a large increase in population? We know that growth is inevitable - isn't a "planned community" the best way to handle the commuting rats that like to live nestled next to each other? Or should we all live on 40 acres each (it'd make golf carts pretty useless).

You don't have to like golf carts but it sure is cheaper than the fuel you have to put in your truck. Besides, they're fun and save loads of traffic - can you imagine the traffic mess if all of the golf carts at the high school were trucks?
And I couldn't care less what it looks like when I'm cruising around on it.
Of course I gotta agree that the lazy ones are on the golf course.

It is sad how things develop. I was out of the country for 16 years and it was suprising for me to see the jump in traffic and people everywhere.

Submitted by OldSchoolFootball on Sun, 09/17/2006 - 10:05am.

What is YOUR problem? You are complaining about something you did years ago to the rest of us who lived here. Your egocentrism is si obvious that it makes those of us who watched you move in laugh to see you are blind to the problems YOU create. Planned growth or otherwise, growth is inevetible and usually unwanted by those affected. Buy a police scanner, it will put your worries in perspective. Just so you will know, the difference in a yankee and a damn yankee is the yankee goes back up north. Oh, while I have your attention, the economy is good my friend - and growth is accelerated during a good economic climate.

ExExPatriot's picture
Submitted by ExExPatriot on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 8:44pm.

As I said above, I am NOT complaining.

In what way am I obviously egocentric? I am simply stating an opinion shared by many others - a majority according to the poll - in desiring the TDK extension not be built.

- You say you live on forty acres with a pond.
- From your statements about crushing a golf cart like a bug it sounds like have some unresolved issues - but you do have reasons to be in Peachtree City.
- You have posted several times in this blog so you deem it important, yet you don't even live in Peachtree City
- In all of your posts, I still haven't been able to read if you are for or against the TDK extension.

Could it be that - besides your 40 acres - you also own land which would bring you big money if they build the extension or the housing development?

Could you at least specifically let us know if you are for or against the extension?

If you dislike what Peachtree City has become, why do go there at all? Why not Fayetteville or Newnan?

My golf cart is working out just fine and the planning that allows me to get anywhere in PTC on it has been fantastic. It's been so good that PTC has become so popular that everyone with the opportunity wants to exploit it - to the detriment of the current residents.

I appreciate your invitation to have me over to the pond for some brim fishing. I am trying to learn about the local wildlife and I would appreciate the experience. I'm certain you'd offer me a ride in your truck but if not I'd rent something for the trip.

ExExPatriot's picture
Submitted by ExExPatriot on Sat, 09/16/2006 - 8:53pm.

More seedy? Less desirable? Noisier? More polluted?

Growth is fine when conducted in a managed process. Peachtree City was built against an original plan which understood & considered traffic and took steps to manage it. That plan was one of the things that helped PTC make the Forbes list, and such planning should be continued.

74, as the main route to I-85 from PTC and points north, is already overloaded - and not just during rush hours. Throughout the day there is always a high level of traffic.

What I believe the TDK extension will do is take traffic pressure off Coweta County and put it on Peachtree City. For me it is apparent that the community to be built was planned with reliance on PTC infrastructire without adding to PTCs economy.

As I understand the plans, the new developments will have enough commercial area to be self supportive so that - despite how much the Braelin businesses want and need traffic, this extension will not help them.

I appreciate your position as builder and understand you and your family rely on building as a source of income.
However, I disagree with your statement "traffic will be bad". First of all, it is ALREADY bad. Secondly, it will get worse IF improperly planned, but could improve if things are done right.

So let's look for a solution which will allow the TDK extension without stuffing another gajillion vehicles through Peachtree City.

Submitted by OldSchoolFootball on Sun, 09/17/2006 - 10:10am.

Doesn't sound like your golf carts and planning are working out real well for you there ExEx. Maybe I'll have you over for a little brim fishing in the back 29, but you'll need a truck - it's a long dirt road to the pond and I think there is already a couple golf carts in the mud back there - not sure though.

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