joyb: Tiny terrorist, with red toenail polish.

Well, John Wayne, you may keep whatever I wrote for whatever purpose floats your little boat. I think you will be hardpressed to find a terroristic threat in anything I said, unless the thought of people knowing what your fetish is all about makes you wet the bed again. If me inviting you to approach me in public and say the same things you say to these folks is a threat, then that's what I'd call a personal problem. I was brought up a proper lady and am not inclined to bloody noses gratuitously in street brawls. It's just that if you want to play mind games with me you are most likely bringing a knife to a gun fight. (Read that carefully; in English it's called a METAPHOR.) Google it. What you lot do is creepy--tearing people's reputations apart for lack of a real life. It ranks right up there with blackmail as a classy pastime.

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