hoppette: Huddleston Pond

Who pulled the plug?? With all this rain you think the dock of the pond would be at least touching the water....why is this not filling up??

hoppette: Huddleston Pond Progress....

The big equipment left over a month ago and this project has seemed to come to a halt. We're left looking at a huge mess.

hoppette: Best kept Peachtree City Secret

Best kept secret in Peachtree City….

I’m sure many of you have noticed this office on your shopping excursions in the Braelinn Shopping Center. During this time of year when everyone is plagued by colds, flu, sore throats and other wintry ailments and trying to fit into your doctors schedule its nice to know that there is a walk in doctors office that has a very pleasant staff, very short wait time and is very clean and new. This place is the Health E Station in the Kroger Shopping Center. I was so impressed with this office I have recommended it to several of my co-workers who have also gone on to sing it praises to others.

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