ddodge: Police Truck??

Notice that on tonights council agenda is the possible purchas of an F-250 police truck. Why do we need this and why pur

ddodge: police building

Come on already. Don’t spend any more money on the pile of junk building that may never be right. Surly a new building can be found in PTC that will not have the potential problems that the existing building may continue to have. I don’t believe that a new police building has to cost in excess of 5 million as reported. For that much money, we can hire three shifts to guard the “evidence room” that is reported to add to the costs. STOP already and think about it.

ddodge: golf cart bridge impact study

Can I believe what I recently read where the construction of two new cart path bridges are being held up in order to do an air quality impact study? What makes sense here?

ddodge: The Fred

As another old timer, I would like to see something on the order of the old programs once in a while at the Fred. I am in reference to the old "Oprey" style of a program. I miss the cloggers, and new bands that were country related.

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