PTC_factchecker: The magic of FUD - one man's frustrations on the world today

I'm really surprised at the amount of FUD we're seeing on the health care debate, and in politics in general these days.

PTC_factchecker: Is Peachtree City slipping in the "Top 100" rankings?

Sometimes I get bored. That's when I come online and read the musings that sometimes are confused with news articles on The Citizen.

PTC_factchecker: I'm tired...

Can we please stop the following?

- Stop calling city officials drunks. It's a cop-out to any rational argument based on facts. Nanny nanny boo boo....find something better to type.

PTC_factchecker: Developers versus Citizens - some thoughts

I want to present some ideas for the blogosphere to pontificate on.

1. Without a developer, 99% of all Peachtree City "citizens" wouldn't have a place to live. Otherwise you are building your house yourself, connecting it to the sewer and water system yourself, clearing the land yourself, etc. There are few examples of this in this town - most every home in Peachtree City was built by a developer, from Garden Cities to PCDC to John Weiland or Bob Adams or someone else. Should we have stopped those developers from coming in?

PTC_factchecker: STEVE BROWN - Just a reminder

So i did a search on Steve Brown here in the archives, and I found a very humorous take on his last political foray.


PTC_factchecker: Benoit Family - ENOUGH!

Are you sick of the media circus surrounding this pro wrestler death/murder?

What is the media trying to do? Is their goal to "find the truth" or find a way to nail wrestling?

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