teetaw: We're going to be alright everyone! GOD is going to give us rain!! THANK YOU JESUS!

It's no matter that we've sorely mismanaged our water supply already, lets just leave it up to God to sort out our situation!

teetaw: "America doesn't torture."

"America doesn't torture." Were the words in everyone's memory as Bush reassured a little girl (and everyone else) in a PR moment that America wasn't breaking Geneva convention, and the United States' own moral code. But a general speaking up in the army recently stated that both Rumsfeld but President Bush as well gave approval of orders for harsher interrogation techniques in Guantanamo. This comes as stark contrast to what the White House and President Bush have fed the American public for the past years, only recently coming out that America was indeed torturing, but the paper trail hasn't led to Bush until recently. Somehow though this comes as less than surprising. Here's another quote of Bush's regarding torture in CIA prisons.

teetaw: Administration launches propoganda campaign to ensure continuing support on "War on Terror"

There's a couple of advertisements now being aired on millions of television sets nationwide by a group called Freedomswatch headed by a former deputy assistant to George W. Bush, Bradley A. Blakeman. In the face of the administration's dwindling support by the general public and Congress, and especially due to the bleak September report on Iraq's government progress, Freedomswatch has been founded to begin airing commercial propaganda to the public to try and bolster support among neo-cons.

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