Evil Elvis: Black in America 2

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Davids Mom and I are hosting the Midnight showing of CNN's Black in America 2 at the Waffle House followed by a hot after-party in whichever cart tunnel has the most graffiti.

Evil Elvis: GDOT: Look & Learn

Evil Elvis: Since Fred's silly auto-spam reposter appears broken ...

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I'm sure Fred would have posted this had he been in an active mode:

Fred Garvin Memorial Auto-reposter

Evil Elvis: GDOT = Total Retards

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The orange plastic bollards have been removed from SB 85 before exit 61 after two months, untold accidents, injuries and lost time with neither any work performed nor signs of life at all.

Evil Elvis: W. T. F.

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What's up with the creepy black dude holding a mannequin while wearing a sandwich board with a scrawled apocalyptic message on the corner of 74 and 54?

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