TyroneTerror: Obama

Last night our country made a historic choice,
Washington heard the majority's voice.
Obama!, Obama! , the masses shouted with glee,

TyroneTerror: Which Opportunities have been Denied that Obama will now provide?

American's awakened this morning to a new President elect. The campaign is over, 21 months of two candidates bashing each other and their respective parties' ideology has come to an end. Many Americans feel that they will finally be given the opportunity to make the most of their life. I certainly hope they are right. My question though is this. And I ask this with the most sincerity I possibly can. So JeffC, Hack, Sniffles, David'sMom, Dragnet, and all you other Liberals out there spare me your normal self riteous responses and answer me sincerely.

TyroneTerror: The Obama - Palin Ticket in Harlem

Howard Stern had a piece on his show that exposed what many people already knew. Obama supporters really have no clue what he stands for and are voting for him becuse he's black.

TyroneTerror: A Bail out Plan for Every American

I got this in an E-mail today. I didn't check the figures so don't all you jump on me about them OK. Its Just something to think about!

TyroneTerror: Obama's 143 days of experience ...

Is 143 days of experience enough to be President of the most powerful country in the free world? I think not.

TyroneTerror: BEWARE...Barney Fife (aka the Tyrone Police) Trying to get their Quota....

Not that anyone will be surprised but Tyrone's Finest are out in force till the end of the month on HWY 74. If you are traveling NORTH or SOUTH on 74 between now and Jan 31st BEWARE!!! They are laying in wait for you.

TyroneTerror: The Tyrone Candidates i will vote for are....

any that aren't connected to the current administration. With the exception of Grace Caldwell and Gloria Furr, the rest of them (and their cronies)are going to turn Tyrone into Union City South. And we see where Union City is!

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