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Wednesday, November 10, 1999
Tigers win crosstown rivalry with Chiefs

Sports Editor

The game had no playoff implications, but that didn't dampen the spirits of either the Fayette County Tigers or the McIntosh Chiefs when they met Friday night. The stadium was packed and the crowd, coaches and players were energized. The game became rather one-sided rather quickly, though.

The Tigers got two first downs on their first two plays and it looked as if they would not be stopped all evening. McIntosh beared down, sacking quarterback Nathaniel Enloe and keeping the Tigers from making an easy fieldgoal. The Chiefs didn't do very much on their first drive and found themselves down 7-0 after the next drive by Fayette County. Wes Clark rushed six yards for the touchdown and the lead.

Luke Wiggs was sacked on the Chiefs next drive and the Tigers recovered a fumble on the McIntosh one yard line. Clark got his second touchdown of the game seconds later with a one yard run. The score stayed 14-0 until the third quarter but McIntosh had trouble driving the ball. The one constant for the Chiefs was the great receiving job by Travis Van Winkle, but the pressure on Wiggs was too great.

The third quarter opened with a fumble by Wiggs, which was recovered by Trevor Bowman. Bowman had two big catches on the drive, one for another touchdown. With a 21-0 lead, the Tigers controlled the game but they kept the pressure on the Chiefs. They ran down the field towards the end of the third quarter with strong runs by Clark and Marcus Hamilton. Bowman caught a four yard touchdown pass to give the Tigers a 28-0 lead and the win.

Fayette County finished the season with a record of 4-6, while the Chiefs went 1-9. Due to realignment, McIntosh will be in AAA next year, while Fayette County will return a good number of players from this year's squad. Like all great rivalries, the season's disappointments fall by the wayside if you can win the big rivalry.

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