The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Sunday, May 9, 1999


Here's your chance to do something about Littleton!!
Have you ever sat back and watched an event unfold right before your eyes and after the event say to yourself, "I sure wish I had taken the opportunity to be a part of that great event"?

A prayer for mothers
What is more important than going to God with our lives, full of joys and sorrows and all that life brings?

First Baptist was truly first in PTC
The city of Peachtree City was only nine years old when the Peachtree City Baptist Mission was launched under the First Baptist Church of Fayetteville. The group first met in homes and in 1973 The First Baptist Church of Peachtree City was constituted into a church.

Sunday Briefs

Day of prayer draws community together
Nearly 1000 residents gathered to pray in Fayetteville Thursday, despite heavy rain and blustery winds.

Retraction and correction