The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Sunday, February 28, 1999


The day I picked up the hitchhiker
It doesn't seem possible to hear someone today say they "picked up a hitchhiker" does it? Well I certainly would not, in most cases, do that today, but in the 60s we did it all the time.

Fayette Bible Church meets members' needs through preaching staff
The Fayette Bible Church is fortunate to have a group of seven pastors looking after its welfare, Earl Hanners, James Matthews, Mike Redman, Wayne Turner, Bill Vestal, Paul Walther and John Wooten.

Houses of Worship passes the 65,000 church milestone
More than 65,000 Christian churches of all sizes, representing more than 120 denominations across Canada and the Us, can now be found in one central location on the World Wide Web.


Praising Him in the heights
The Rev. J.W. Wallis of McDonough Road Baptist Church in Fayetteville is preparing for the adventure of his life.