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Sunday, February 28, 1999
Fayette Bible Church meets members' needs through preaching staff

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The Fayette Bible Church is fortunate to have a group of seven pastors looking after its welfare, Earl Hanners, James Matthews, Mike Redman, Wayne Turner, Bill Vestal, Paul Walther and John Wooten. They are all ordained in the ministry.

Of these, three are staff members: Wayne Turner serves as the preaching pastor, Paul Walther looks after its music and Mike Redman serves as principal of its K-8 Christian school. The school serves about 200 students.

Pastor Walther writes both music and words to his own cantata's for Easter and Christmas and is hard at work creating a new cantata to be given at the Sunday morning worship service on April 4.

The congregation was founded in November 1983 when it moved from Clayton County and met in a storefront in Fayetteville for three years. The current building was built in 1986 and serves about 180 congregants each Sunday morning. It is a non-denom-inational church.

Pastor Turner was born and reared in Louisville, Ky., and served for four years in the Marine Corps after graduating from high school. While attending an off-base church he met his wife, Evelyn, and they have been married for 29 years.

They are the parents of Stephen, 24, who is married to April; and Julie, 21, who is a senior at Georgia State University.

His further education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Tennessee Temple Bible College and a master's degree in business from Georgia State University. He has pastored churches in North Carolina and Georgia.

He came to Fayette County in 1978 when he served a church in the area, joined the Fayette Bible Church in 1988 and became its preaching pastor in 1994.

Sunday School is held each Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. Church worship is at 10:45 a.m. and the evening service is at 6 p.m. Bible study is Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.

The church is located at 355 McDonough Road and can be reached at 770-461-0137.

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