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Sunday, February 28, 1999

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*Concordia Partners Inc. tomorrow will again present its plan to develop a Barnes & Noble, Linens 'N Things and other shops and restaurants at Pine Trail Road and Ga. Highway 85.

City Council is expected to decide on Concordia's appeal of the city Planning Commission's denial of its development plan for the nine-acre tract. Residents are opposed to the plan, but city officials this past week seemed poised to approve it.

* Fayetteville's Planning Commission will have a special called meeting Tuesday to act on items originally scheduled for its meeting this past Tuesday.

With some members citing business conflicts, the commission failed to seat a quorum and therefore could not act.

Zoning for a medical office complex at 265 N. Jeff Davis Drive will be on the agenda, along with several amendments to the city's zoning codes.

Those items are on the City Council's agenda tomorrow for first reading, with action planned for March 15. Action by the council won't be delayed by the Planning Commission miscue.

Plans for a Steak 'N Shake restaurant on Ga. Highway 85 just south of Fayette Pavilion, and for a Schlotzky's Deli just north of Banks Road on Hwy. 85, also will be on the agenda.

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