The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Sunday, November 1, 1998


Taxing Churches
Georgia law exempts "places of worship" from taxes. Some judges and county tax assessors in our state are saying this only applies to places where worship services are held.

God works in strange and mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

Sunday Briefs

Kenwood Baptist Church
It was in 1954 that a small group of people were seeking the Lord's guidance about starting a new church in the Fayette County area. At first they would meet in one another's homes, praying, singing and planning.

Be specific when you pray!
For too many of us, prayer is often a nonspecific exercise; sometimes we're too tired, or too rushed, or too lazy, and we just breathe our little thoughts without a lot of concentration.

Matthew 28
Hein Vingerling, a native of Holland and now a Fayetteville resident, had his first taste of foreign missions in 1989 on a trip to Africa.

God's 'providence' leads to thriving church
When the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church asked the Rev. Jim Ellison if he wanted to start a new church in his home county, he didn't hesitate to say "yes."