Sunday, January 25, 2004

F’ville to retailer: Take down ‘God Bless America’ sign

“God Bless America.”

Avoid smoke from burning mulch fire, officials urge

A smoldering pile of debris at a mulching facility in Fayetteville cannot be extinguished by firefighters, prompting concern for citizens in the area who suffer from respiratory problems.

Suspect in north Fayette chase still at large

A suspect who led a Fayette County sheriff’s deputy on a brief chase late Wednesday morning is still at large, although officials believe they have positively identified the man.

Suspect captured after running from deputy in south Fayetteville

A suspect who ran away from a sheriff’s deputy trying to serve an arrest warrant was caught by Fayetteville police officers after a brief manhunt in south Fayetteville early Tuesday evening.

Infant Padovano twins named ambassadors for March of Dimes

Gerry and Natalie Padovano of Fayetteville haven’t been part of a reality TV show, but they survived a real-life drama when twins Joshua and Emma were born 13 weeks early last year.

Time limit proposed for special exceptions in Fayetteville

A proposal to the Fayetteville City Council would end a perk for developers by limiting the amount of time a special exception for a zoning classification is effective.


Cass Poolman submitted her name in consideration for the office manager’s position at the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater, but withdrew before Tuesday’s interviews were conducted, said City Manager Bernard McMullen.

Maybe we should all go to the dogs
By Rev. Knox Herndon

I, like all of us, get some interesting e-mails. This was too precious to not pass on. I dedicate it to three dog heroes in our family; Bandit, Chloe, & Daisy.

Rose should have stepped to plate long time ago
By Rev. Dr. David Chancey

So Pete Rose finally admitted he bet on baseball. It only took him 15 years.