Sunday, January 11, 2004

Rain slows lowering of Lake Pye to ease flood concerns

Because Pye Lake isn’t draining as quickly as hoped, Fayetteville officials are planning to use a larger siphon to get the lake level down to protect the public while solutions are sought to the lake’s dam problem.

Stormwater charge to appear on February bills

Water and sewer customers for the city of Fayetteville will notice a slight bump on their February water and sewer bills thanks to the creation of a new stormwater utility to handle maintenance and improvement of stormwater infrastructure.

Brown pushing annexation for Spear Road development

Steve Brown has proposed that a developer wanting to build an estate subdivision off Spear Road and Ebenezer Road annex more than 200 acres of unincorporated county land along the eastern city limits, rather than de-annex about 48 acres now inside the city.

7 of 10 favorite ‘Fred’ performers have committed to return for 2004

Seven of the 10 all-time favorite acts named by regular patrons of the annual Summer Concert Series at “The Fred” have committed to return to Peachtree City for the 10th anniversary season this summer.

Zaxby’s plan to be presented again

Plans for a Zaxby’s restaurant on Ga. Highway 85 north near the Pavilion will be presented again to the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission at its work session meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Police Blotter

Balance is important to the Christian life

In 1982, the people of Rutland, North Dakota, got together and cooked up a 3,591-pound hamburger as part of their centennial festivities. The hamburger was 2.5 inches thick and 16 feet across. The meat donated by local farmers was cooked on a 201-square-foot steel for two hours. At the time, it bested the former “Guiness Book of World Records” holder by 332 pounds.

In search of peace

My wonderful wife ran across a “Focus on the Family” article I would like to share with you.

New Year’s resolutions (again)

Okay, a show of hands: Who kept their new year’s resolutions from last year? Not so many, huh?