Sunday, February 9, 2003

Murder suspect's wife: 'He killed Liddie and Joe'

The wife of accused murderer Carl Millard Patton Jr. testified in court Thursday that she witnessed her husband shoot Liddie Matthews Evans and Evans' boyfriend Joe Cleveland at the Patton's home in DeKalb County over 25 years ago.

Boy still recovering from 'freak' bike accident on cart path

A 9-year-old boy was in good condition Thursday while he recovered from a freak bicycle accident on the cart path near the western portion of McIntosh trail in Peachtree City.

Starved horses make turn for better under care of state vets

The seven malnourished horses confiscated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture from a pasture off Sandy Creek Road Tuesday morning are well on their way to recovery, according to Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin.

Effort underway to collect personal items for care packages to local troops

A little Kool-Aid or some Tootsie Rolls could go a long way toward boosting the morale of Fayette County's military personnel stationed thousands of miles away from home.

Storm damage limited to flooded McBride Road

Little storm damage was recorded by the weather system that struck Fayette County late Wednesday night, according to emergency officials.

The sign of the cross

I always like to share something about Lent with you at this time of year. With the beginning of Lent this past "Ash Wednesday", here's a thought for you to ponder.

An open letter to Hollywood

This was too true to pass up. It is a letter to the "Hollywood Bunch" who snipe our President and our military from their Ivory Towers into the trenches of real Americans. I print it here in it's entirety. The article speaks for itself!!

The truth about the 91st Psalm
Contributing Writer

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to help me find information about the 91st Infantry Brigade of the U.S. Expeditionary Army and WWI. Legend has it that the men of the 91st Infantry Brigade had never seen combat. Their commander, a devout Christian, called an assembly of his men where he gave each a little card on which was printed the 91st Psalm. They agreed to recite the Soldiers' Psalm daily.

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